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Scenario: What do the GoM (including Kuroko) do when they discover their s/o has sneaked a kitten onto campus that she found in the morning so she could take it to a shelter after school?

GOM and Kuroko with kittens? HELL YEA!!

Just notice, some will be longer than others.

Akashi (Rakuzan)

“Good Morning, (F/N)” Akashi said as he approached you by your locker.

Startled by the sudden voice in your ear, you jumped and turned to look at him. “H-hey Sei-chan,” you replied with a sheepish grin on your face. “I have to get going to class-”

“Where’s my morning kiss?” He pouted, raising his eyebrow.

You really couldn’t resist it when he pouts; it was actually a very rare sight to see the emperor of Rakuzan pout. You quickly kissed him and when you broke the kiss, you quickly grabbed your bag and started to walk away. Sadly, he was quickly able to hold you back by grabbing your upper arm.

“(F/N), why do you have fur on your blazer?”

You shuddered, you didn’t like the way his tone of voice sounded-very demanding. Usually, when he uses that tone of voice, it was never a good sign.

“I stopped by a friends place to feed her cats. She’s visiting her grandparents and they live out of town,” you replied-unaware that your bag was moving.

“….What’s in your bag?” he questioned.

“Nothing!” You quickly replied. Before you could grab it and pull it closer to your body, Akashi had a hold of it and swung it over his shoulder.

“Sei-chan,” you whined, as he led you down the hall, “Be careful with that.” Before you could ask where he was taking you, you found yourself suddenly inside the student council office; specifically Akashi’s.

He released your arm, but made sure he had your bag. He placed it on the coffee table and unzipped it.

The bag started moving again and he raised an eyebrow. “What do you have in here, F/N?”

Before you could reply, he quickly had his question answered; a white head popped out of your bag and stared at him.


“Why do you have a cat in your bag…More importantly, why in school?” He questioned, looking at you. “You know pets aren’t allowed.”

“I know,” you replied, picking the kitten up and placing it on your lap, gently stroking the top of his head; the kitten itself was no bigger than both of your hands put together. “It’s just-she’s a baby and was abandoned; kittens don’t survive long on their own when they’re strays.”

Akashi just continued to stare at you with his arms crossed, waiting for for you to continue. “I was going to bring her to a shelter during lunch. I would keep her but our dog doesn’t get along with cats.”

“That’s why I don’t like dogs,” he mumbled, “They don’t get along with things.” He looked at the cat as it looked back at him. What Akashi noticed was that the cat had one blue and one green eye.

“While her eyes are different colors, she reminded me of you and your eyes.”

Akashi pinched the brim of his nose. “Leave the cat here and get to class,” he said, holding his hand out for you to hand him the tiny kitten.

Giving the kitten one last hug, you handed the small animal reluctantly, finding it quite cute that the kitten was only being held in one hand. “Please don’t set him loose, Sei” you whimpered as you walked out of the room.

The moment he heard the door shut, he held the cat out in front of him and examined it.


Sighing, Akashi put the kitten down, and it went immediately for his shoe laces. “Oi, cut it out.”

The kitten looked up at him and with wide eyes, let out another soft ‘mew’ and rubbed against his leg.





Letting out a yelp, you jumped in surprise at the loud voice from behind you.

“Kise you idiot,” you growled, slapping him over his head. “You could have given me and Kuroo a heartattack.”

“Waaa! Don’t hit me, (F/n)-chii!” he whined, only to pause his crocodile tears as he realized something. “Who’s Kuroo?”

Realizing that you let a secret slip, you sighed and, after looking around at your surroundings, you unzipped the bag in your hands, and out popped the head of a black thing, which startled the blond.

“Meet Kuroo,” you said, as the kitten in your bag let out a meow of content. “I found him on my way to school and I’m planning on taking him to the shelter after school-”

“Waaah!! Kitty!” Kise took Kuroo out of the bag and spinning around in a circle with him. “So cute!!!” he said, rubbing his cheek against Kuroo’s; in response, Kuroo hissed and scratched his face. “Waaa! (F/N)-chii! Kuroo scratched me!”

“Good kitty,” you cooed, as you quickly shushed the blond and took the cat back. “Shut up. Pets aren’t allowed on school grounds, and I can get in trouble-”

“Don’t worry, (F/N)-chii! I’ll help you hide Kuroo-chii until after practice!”

You smiled at your boyfriend and placed Kuroo back in the bag. “Be good to Kise, Kuroo,” you whispered into the bag as you handed it to him. “Where are you going to hide him?”

“Somewhere no one will find him,” Kise beamed.



“Kagami! Kuroko-kun! Morning!” you exclaimed with a smile on your face as you approached your school’s light and shadow duo.

“’Mornin (F/N)/-chan,” they said in unison.

You walked up to the duo and gave your boyfriend a quick kiss on the cheek.

“I’ll-I’ll see you in class,” Kagami said uncomfortably, walking off while waving to you over his shoulder.

“What’s in your bag?” Kuroko asked, wrapping an arm around your waist.

“Ha? Just books-”

“Then why is there a cat sticking it’s head out of your bag if its just books?”

Widening your eyes, you looked down at your bag and saw it was opened, the content missing. “How did that ope-”

“It’s not nice to hide secrets from your boyfriend, (F/N)-chan. I’m hurt.”

Looking behind you, you saw that Kuroko was holding the tiny kitten that used to be in your bag.

“I’m sorry, Tetsu,” you whispered, as you took the orange kitten out of his hands. “I am planning on taking him to a shelter after school-”

“You were planning on keeping the cat in your bag all day?”

“…Don’t you do that with Nigou for most games?” you questioned back.

Without uttering a word, he took the kitten back and smiled; the kitten reminded him of a tiger-its fur being orange with black stripes.

“I know where to keep him for the day,” he replied, as he grabbed your bag and gently placed the cat in there. “I’m going to be a few minutes late to class though.”

“Where are you going-Tetsuya!”



“Oi, (F/N),” Aomine said as he opened the door to the roof and approached you, as you were eating your lunch.

“What’s up-” you paused when you found your boyfriend holding your sports bag in his hands. “Where did you find that? That’s my bag-”

“Okay, first off, it was in my sports locker. And second, why is there a cat in it?”

With your gaze shifted away from him, you replied,”I found it on my way to school and I plan on taking it to a shelter after class-”

“You’re not keeping it?”

“I want to, but my brother is allergic to them. Unless…”

Aomine’s eyes widened as your voice trailed off, immedietly knowing where you were going. “No. I will not-”

“Please, Dai,” you begged.


“I’ll have Satsuki help me burn your porn collection.”

“She already did-”

“Your backup collection,” you smirked as you folded your arms over your chest, making sure they were under your breasts, making them seem bigger.

“….That’s playing dirty, (F/N),” he mumbled, as he looked at the yellow cat, who was currently looking up at him with big eyes. He sighed. “Fine. As long as he doesn’t interrupt any of our alone time, I”ll take him-”

“Thank you!” you exclaimed, as you tightly hugged him.



Shutoku’s carrot was in the gym once again, working on his formless shot.

“Shin chan!” you exclaimed excitedly, causing the male to miss his shot.

Frowning, he looked over to the source of the voice and saw you walking towards him, with Takao following behind.

“You’re here early, Shin-chan,” Takao said, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“I wanted to get some practice in before classes, nanodayo.” He pushed his glasses up him nose, and raised an eyebrow. It’s true that there are days where you two walk together, so he was not surprised that you two arrived at the same time, but early? He knew something was up. “I think the real question is, what are you two idiots, doing here this early?”

“So mean!”

“You’re always late, Takao and (F/N), you hate waking up early and you barely make it on time to class, so why are you two here, nanodayo?”

“You tell him.”

“No way-he’s your boyfriend. Plus he’s nicer when you’re around.”

“Both of you. Tell me now!”

You both sighed, looking at each other. “We found a kitten and we brought it here.”

“Takao and I are planning on taking him to the shelter later after practice.” You walked up to him and using your permanent lucky item-your puppy pout-you pleaded. “Please don’t tell the teacher’s Shin-shin.”

Pinching the brim of his nose-which he was doing mostly to cover the blush on his cheeks- he merely nodded.

“Thank you Shin-chan!” You exclaimed, giving him a hug.

“Shin-chan is the best-”

“Get off Bakao!”



“Another day, another practice,” you mumbled, as you placed your bag on the bench, before grabbing the towels and folding them neatly. “At least I can let you stick your head out to breathe for a while.” Turning to your side, you unzipped your bag, expecting something to pop out right away, but one look and you found it empty.

“Fuck,” you exclaimed, as you began crawling on your hands and knees, trying to find the missing culprit. “Here, kitty kitty.”

“What are you doing, (F/N)-chan?” A voice said from above you.

Looking upwards, you were staring into a pair of grey eyes-er-eye. “Himuro-kun, hi,” you said sheepishly. “I’m looking for my contact that I dropped.”

“I didn’t know you wore contacts.”

You nodded. “Yup! I don’t like to wear my glasses so-”

“Haaa? (F/N)-chin has glasses?”

You knew the owner of the lazy voice. Looking up, you saw a familiar titan rubbing his eyes

“Sushi,” you exclaimed excitedly, rubbing the back of your neck. “Yea, I do. You just haven’t seen me wearing them. Hehehehe.”

“Did you just wake up from a nap?” This only got a nod from the titan.

“Anyway, I think you’d look cute with classes,” Himuro said with a smile, which only caused Murasakibara’s eye to twitch.

“Muro-chin,” he growled, as he wrapped his arm around your waist and bring you closer to him.

“Now, now Atsushi, I’m not stealing her from you,” he said calmly. “What snacks did you bring today?”

Instantly, he let you go as if you were an empty candy wrapper and began digging through his bag, while letting out a yawn. “Potechi tops, maiu-bo, chocolate….Nerunerunerune-” he paused when his hand touched something he didn’t recognize.

Noticing the confusion on his face you spoke up. “What’s wrong, Sushi?”

“I don’t remember buying a bag of marshmallows,” he stated, grabbing and holding up a bag of marshmallows.

Himuro blinked, having to do a double take on the bag he was holding. “Atsushi, those-”

“Kitty!” you exclaimed, immedietly yanking the thing out of his hands and cradling it. “How did you escape? You had me worried.” Your voice instantly changed to one that sounded like how a mother talks to her baby.

“Those are my marshmallows-eh? My marshmallows turned into a cat?”

“Why was there a cat in the bag in the first place?” Himuro questioned.

“You see,” you started, “I found a cat on the way here and I figured I’d keep her in my bag until school’s over to bring her to a shelter, but I guess she escaped somehow.”

“Maybe she can be our mascot!” you exclaimed excitedly, breaking the silence that was between you guys. “Kinda like how Seirin has that dog.”

“….I’m sure coach wouldn’t mind that much,” Himuro replied, scratching the cat under its chin.

“Sweet!” you exclaimed, hugging the kitten.


BONUS (only for a select few)


During your lunch break, you quickly made your way to Akashi’s office to pick up the cat, only to find that it was not there.

“Where’s the kitten?” You exclaimed, looking at your boyfriend- whom was working on some sort of paperwork- with trembling eyes. “You said you wouldn’t let it loose-”

“I didn’t,” he said getting up and facing you. “You don’t have to worry about skipping lunch. I called my driver to pick her up. After making some calls, I found her a home.”

Reaching into his pocket, he took out his phone and held it out to show you a picture.

A gasped escaped from your mouth as you looked at it.

In the picture was the cat, wearing a red collar bedazzled in gems, with a blank silver name tag on it. What really got your eyes watering was the words written on  chalk board that stood in front of it.

I, ______ the cat am proudly owned and love by L/N F/N.

You looked at Akashi with a dumbfounded expression. “Sei? What is this?”

“I’m going to have the cat stay with me for the time being, until you’re able to have her in your hou-”

You interrupted your boyfriend by jumping into his arms, tears of joy in your eyes. “I love you so much Seijuro! Thank you!”

He smiled as he returns your hug, kissing the top of your head. “You’re welcome love.”



“Oi, (F/N),” Aomine said, as he opened the door to his room. He found you on his bed, reading one of your favorite mangas, Ao no Exorcist. “I thought you finished that series?”

“Yea, but season 2 is coming out and I want to refresh my memory before it starts.”

Nodding, he walked into his room and took off his shirt. “Where’s that furball?”

“Kise’s in the closet-”

“What is that blond doing in my closet!” Storming over to the door, he opened it hoping to find the tall idiot, only to find the tiny cat sleeping on paper. 

The cat stirred at the loud noise and with a yawn, opened it yellow eyes to look at the male. 

“Way to go, Aho. Kise was taking a nap,” you said, walking over to them, picking up the kitten. 

“Why did you name it Kise?” he growled, as he took out a clean shirt. 

“I found her trying to play with the basketball in your closet.”

“Eh? An athletic cat?” His tone changed to one of amusement as he used his finger to scratch the cat under the chin. “I think I like this Kise better-” he paused when he smelled somethinf funny coming from his closet. “What’s that smell?” 

Trying to find the source, he stuck his head in and screamed, which immensely startled you and the cat. 

“That damn Kise peed on Mai-chan!” he exclaimed, frantically looking through all of the magazines. “It soaked through them all!?!”

You watched the scene in front of you and smiled. “Good Kise,” you chuckled, causing a content meow to escape from the cat’s lips. 

“Oi! Don’t encourage him!”



“Where’s the cat?” you asked Kise, as you walked into the gym. 

“Don’t worry, (F/N)-chii! I have her in a good and safe place-”

A loud scream echoed through the gym, startling everyone. 

“Was that Kasamatsu?”

As if on cue, the hot-headed captain stormed out of the storage closet. “Why the hell is there a cat in the storage room?!” he exclaimed. The cat immedietly jumped and started climbing on his back, eventually sitting on his shoulders. “Oi!”

You glared at Kise who just had a smile on his face. “I’m so sorry, senpai,” you said, bowing apologetically. “I asked Kise to hide him until I was able to take him to a shelter after school-”

“Senpai! You found Kuroo-chiI!” he exclaimed as he excitedly ran towards his captain. The moment Kise was about to approach his captain, Kuroo hissed and lashed out at Kise, once again scratching him-this time on his shoulder. 

“Kuroo-chii! Stop that! I’m a model!”

“…..(F/N), don’t worry about taking Kuroo to a shelter. I’m going to keep him. He’s a Kise repellent.”

“Senpai! Mean~suu!



“You guys almost done?” you said, poking your head into the locker room, to find your boyfriend and his light gathering their things. 

“Yes, (F/N)-chan,” Kuroko replied with a smile. 

“I just gotta grab my bag from my locker and-” The moment he opened his locker, he let out a scream and flinched backwards. “Why is there a cat in my locker?!”

Walking towards the locker, you couldn’t help but laugh; the wall separating the inside of the locker from the other was missing, and was used as a ramp to connect the top shelves to the bottom. Towels were lined on the shelf and there was a bowl of food and water in the corner. 

“Is this why you were late to class, Kuroko?”

“I wanted (F/N)’s cat to be comfortable, while it waited to be taken to a shelter.”

“Y-you’re planning on taking it to a shelter?” Kagami asked, once he got his heart rate back to normal. “And who said you could convert my locker into a cat apartment?! How did you even do it!?”

Noticing the shorter male ignoring him, he took a second look at the cat. Holding his hand out, the cat walked up to it and rubbed his cheek against it. A soft smile appeared on Kagami’s lips. “I’ll take it home,” he said, causing the conversation you two were having to come to a halt. 

“You don’t have to Kagami-”

“It’s fine,” he smiled, “Besides, I’m more of a cat person. And he reminds me of a tiger.”

“Thank you Kagami!”

“So Kagami-kun’s a cat lover?” a surprise voice said, startling the three of you. Looking behind, you found the rest of the team standing there laughing. 

“Shut up!”



–After School and Practice–

*walking towards the rickshaw*

Midorima: Where did you guys keep the cat, nanodayo?

Takao: In the one place no one would consider looking

*the three enter courtyard and find the rickshaw in the shade*

Midorima: Why is the rickshaw here?” *pauses in realization and sprints over to it*

(F/N): *looking at Takao with a smile* 3….2…..1…




“Does she have a name yet?”

“I-I haven’t really thought of one.”

“Nerunerunerune,” Murasakibara said, as he took a bite of that said candy himself.

“That’s kinda a mouthful, Atsushi.”

“How about Maibou?” you suggested. “It’s short and its food related so Sushi can get along with her.”

“I think that works for now. Maybe the team can help decide-Atsushi! That’s not real Maibou!”

Holy crap-I’m sorry if this was rushed. It’s kinda hard to think of different scenarios at times, so I quickly wrote this. It’s very choppy but I’ll edit it friday (I’m off work then.) And I got lazy and thats why Midorima’s bonus is in script form -_-

Vandead Carnival Subaru Sub Scenario w/Shu Translation

Prologue   Chapter 1   Sub Scenario w/Shu   Sub Scenario w/Yuma   Sub Scenario w/Ayato   Chapter 2   Sub Scenario w/Ruki   Sub Scenario w//Reiji   Sub Scenario w/Azusa  

-Scene: Saint Nore Park Streets-

Yui: Shu-san… …Shu-san?

Shu: … …Nn… …

*Shu Gets Up*

Shu: … …What? I was sleeping.

Yui: I thought maybe you were sick or something since you weren’t moving down there… …

Subaru: Actually, how the hell can you sleep when it’s so noisy here?

That’d be impossible for me.

Shu: … …Well, yeah, but you get used to it.

Subaru: Really? I’d strain my ears trying to block out all this noise… ..

Aghhh… …it’s so loud! I hate this carnival!

Shu: Hmm. It doesn’t seem like you hate it.

You have a map in your right hand and popcorn in the other… ….

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it was friends day… these are not excellent doodles but s/o to my best friend gabriel … it’s 9 years now i think

even tho i live in a different country now for school i dont think we ever miss each other …we’re always texting each other all the time LOL and just making plans for the next time we’re together

he likes cooking and playing piano and doing math/chemistry… idk somehow we’ve been compatible for this long LMAO


Starring Gray “Tsun Face” Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser, with accompanying “one eyed expression to pretend I don’t care” and “blush of the ages”.

Don’t miss this summers blockbluster about a man in denial of his feelings… and his quest to keep other men from eating Juvia’s buns.