Introducing a new family in the au : Mitarai & Tsumugi !
Have a few infos about them.

  • Mitarai is (of course) an animator and lives alone, no one knows what show he makes though : he keeps it a secret. Like everyone in the 77th & 78th class (+Hajime) he volunteers to help taking care of the orphans and abandoned kids of the Tragedy. He eventually decided to adopt Tsumugi hearing her sing Hare Hare Yukai (or some other anime song) at the daycare. He is the biggest fan of her cosplays and has tons of photo albums of her.
  • Tsumugi was adopted by Mitarai when she was 4-7 (despite the last pic) idk yet. She is never seen wearing anything else than cosplay or school uniforms. She takes care of Mitarai since he doesn’t take care of himself.