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since you've talked about kimono, what are some of your favourite obi that you've seen geiko and maiko wear? I'm a huge fan of the beautiful piece from Tama that Mametoyo and Mamefuji wore on their misedashi walks, I'd love to hear what you know/think about it too!

That’s such a hard question since there’s no real “ugly” obi (lol). To make it fair to all of the areas I’ll pick one at least per kagai as I could easily skew the list favorable to one area instead of another due to seeing some more than others. So, they are:

Gion Kobu
Tama’s Karabana Obi
One of the highest class obi ever, it pre-dates Tama itself! It once belonged to another okiya whose name has now been lost, but Tama had the threads of the old okiya’s kamon taken out and had theirs put in. It was likely made by using the tsume tsuzure (nail weaving) technique, which is considered one of the highest quality weaves with each row being painstakingly threaded by hand. This obi likely took a few years to complete!
Tie: Kaida’s Hanabishi Obi
The motif is a stylized form of their own kamon, but the colors and detail are just out of this world.
Honorable MentionOdamoto’s Morning Glory Obi
Morning glories are one of my favorite motifs, and the rainbow colors in this obi are just spectacular.
Honorable Mention: Nakagishi’s Goldfish Obi
It’s an obi with goldfish. I don’t think I need any words to describe its beauty.

Tanmika’s Fire Obi
I’ve written about that one in detail before, so click the link to check it out.

Nakasato’s Phoenix Obi
It’s a beautiful obi with multicolored phoenixes. What more can I say? ^^

Miyagawa Cho
Takayoshi’s Oiran Obi
They have since given it to a henshin studio to use, but it’s absolutely stunning and brings to mind the obi that maiko used to wear back in the 1920s.
Honorable Mention: Komaya’s Segaiha Obi
It’s just so chic and I love the colors! Segaiha are waves.

Gion Higashi
Okatome’s Wisteria Obi
Wisteria’s one of my favorite motifs, so seeing it in such a painterly fashion makes it one of my favorites overall.

I’d add more, but it’s really early in the morning and I need some sleep ^^;