Having been transcribed as so, it is actually not “tsuman-ne” but “tsumanne” and this came from “tsumannee” with one more e long-vowel sound. I think they dropped the last long vowel for a stylistic reason, making it sound more robotic or artificial.

The translator understood this as “tsuman (boring)” and “ne (right, confirmation),” but “tsuman” does not mean boring or anything. But “tsumannee” does mean “boring” by itself. This is a different speech style from what we have in class, used in a very casual and a bit rough speech.

The short form (used in normal casual speech) of “tsumaranaidesu” is “tsumaranai” (desu will be dropped from everything). The “NAI” at the end also changed into “tumara nee” to make it sound even more casual and gangster-like. So, if I would translate it, it is going to be “fxxking boring.” lol

—  My Japanese professor sent this email to me after I sent her a Vocaloid video/song called Tsumane.

“美ちなる方へ (Michinaru Hou e)” by Shinsei Kamattechan

It’s a difficult thing, quickly describing what Shinsei Kamattechan sound like. My immediate reaction is to take the stupidly simple comparison route (“They’re like an ambient Pixies with Cyndi Lauper hooks!” or something) but, as they say, comparisons are odious. Even if they weren’t, it’s not like they would do any good. While one could find reference points to other artists in Shinsei Kamattechan’s sonic vocabulary, such sounds are combined in exciting ways and pushed in unusual directions, carving the Kamattechan niche. To put it simply, they wrap the jangle of post-punk in downy, ethereal synths to explore uncharted dream pop territory, occasionally diving into tangents of lacerating noise.

Among the many straightforward pop songs in their catalog, “美ちなる方へ” is possibly the best. It’s uptempo and upbeat and has a climax that hits like a shot from a cannon yet it still retains that weirdness, that bizarre, childlike aura that keeps Shinsei Kamattechan suspended between the world of rock music and the warped day-glo netherworld from which they seem to have emerged. 

FUN FACT: This song almost won Shinsei Kamattechan the “Best New Artist” award at the Japanese MTV Video Music Awards but, in the end, they lost to Justin Bieber and his video for “Baby”. Whatever, dude.


SCANDAL; J-WAVE ROCKS!-SUMMER at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo (Tweets translated) →

  • HARUNA: “Thank you very much to everyone who came to J-WAVE ROCKS! ~SUMMER! I’m happy that so many were gatheredー! I love J-WAVEー!
  • TOMOMI: “Thanks so much to everyone who came for J-WAVE ROCKS! ~SUMMER! We got to do a collab with TRICERATOPS’ Wada Sho-san for「Pin Heel Surfer」. Wada-san’s guitar was way too cool😭❤️Love it!
  • MAMI: “Those who came to view J-WAVE ROCKS! SUMMER, thank you very much!! SAKANAMON and TRICERATOPS, it was the absolute best to have appeared with these 2 groups! A good night!! And then,『Pin Heel Surfer』with Wada-san was way too fun…😫😫😫♥
  • RINA: “J-WAVE ROCKS! 〜SUMMER, thank you very much! It’s really been a great night! To have watched SAKANAMON-kun’s fierce live, I’ve became a TSUMANNE as well. And then, that TRICERATOPS which I love. We performed「Pin Heel Surfer」with Wada Sho-san! I’ve gone numbー! Kuuー

Bonus (Haruna ver.) →

Do you drink black (coffee), Haru-chan?(˙ỏ˙)?💓: “Recently, I’ve been the black (coffee) type.

Bonus (Tomomi ver.) →

Recently, it’s seems that I’ve come to use emojis on Twitter, so it’s easier to express my feelings✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️” / “I’ve been following all kinds of people by accident lately! It’s like my fingers have gone on some rage. Sorry🏊🏊🏊🏊🏊

Photo by @fumilife & SCANDAL’s official FB HERE, all tweet translations by fyscandalband.