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It’s time for Marisa’s horoscopes! The genius magician has come up with her own innovative method of fortunetelling by combining traditional astrology with her own brand of danmaku fortunetelling. Simply get hit by these danmaku to receive incredible luck for the rest of your life. Marisa is not liable for any damage incurred while getting hit by danmaku.

Aries: Flying Sign “Flying Head” (used by Sekibanki)

When you’re struck by this, your head will go flying just like the user. Apparently you’re still conscious for a few moments after that, so that’s pretty lucky.

Taurus: Deva Sign “Knockout in Three Steps” (Yuugi Hoshiguma)

She punches you right in the gut. Normally you’d die, but it’s a spellcard so you don’t. Lucky you.

Gemini: Strings “Storm Ensemble” (Tsukumo Sisters)

The nightmare melody causes you to lose your sanity as you die. Those with musical experience will be able to extend their life. Normal luck.

Cancer: Transformation “Bunbuku Hot Soup Bathtub” (Mamizou Futatsuiwa)

When you’re hit by this you’re forcefully boiled into a delicious soup. Even your bones become soft and edible. Nothing is wasted, so you’re pretty lucky.

Leo: Nue Sign “Danmaku Chimera” (Nue Houjuu)

Anyone hit by this danmaku becomes unidentifiable as they die. Being able to become unidentifable without drinking? Lucky!

Virgo: Instinct “Release of the Id” (Koishi Komeiji)

When hit by this, your heart opens up as you die. Most people live their entire lives with their heart closed, so that’s actually pretty lucky.

Libra: Glint “Seventeen Articles Laser” (Toyosatomimi no Miko)

Get impartially struck by lasers. Naturally, you’ll die, but you’ll die 17 times. Pretty lucky if you ask me.

Scorpio: Poison Sign “Poison Breath” (Medicine Melancholy)

This isn’t danmaku so much as just poison. Obviously you’ll suffer and die. But if you do manage to survive, that’s pretty lucky of you.

Sagittarius: Light Sign “Earthlight Ray” (Marisa Kirisame)

Gotta say, being pierced from below sucks. Especially if you get pierced by so many of them that you die. But still, at least you got to meet me so that’s lucky.

Capricorn: Forbidden Danmaku “Starbow Break” (Flandre Scarlet)

It’s not every day you run into a rare character like her. In all likelihood you’ll meet a cruel death, but hey, at least she actually used danmaku this time. Lucky you.

Aquarius: Horror “Tsurube-Otoshi Apparition” (Kisume)

You get hit in the head and die of cerebral hemorrhage. People with thick skulls will live, but will have such horrible head injuries that they’d wish they hadn’t. Aren’t you lucky you died?

Pisces: Hellfire “Infernal Essence of Grazing” (Clownpiece)

Caught between the frying pan and the fire, you’ll be cooked to well-done by the end of it. Hellfire is pretty rare though, so you were lucky to see that.

Tokyo Ghoul AU

Originally posted by manganimae

  • Rin and Yukio were both born half ghouls
  • Rin’s kakugan is in his right eyes while Yukio’s kakugan is in his left eye
  • their mother was a human who died giving birth to them and their father was a ghoul
  • Shiro (a human) took them in to protect them from the CCG and has been raising them ever since
  • both of them have the Bikaku and live at Anteiku
  • Rin is slightly stronger than his brother
  • Yukio blames himself for their mother’s death
  • both of them have masks similar to Kaneki’s that cover their respective kakugan eye

Originally posted by okumurarincute

  • the Kyoto Trio are all full ghouls
  • Bon has a koukaku, Renzou has a rinkaku, and Konekomaru has an ukaku
  • they all come from pretty powerful ghoul families
  • Renzou is secretly helping the CCG with ghoul-related activity but hates it
  • knows the whereabouts of Kamiki Tsukumo
  • Koneko doesn’t like being a ghoul - he doesn’t want to kill people, not to mention eat them
  • Bon is a hotheaded ghoul that hates when others hunt on their territory
  • Renzou loves flirting with girls at Anteiku during his shifts
  • he has a dragon mask, Koneko has a cat mask, and Renzou chose to have a raven mask

Originally posted by programincomplete

  • Shiemi spends most of her time at her family garden or helping at Anteiku
  • she doesn’t like killing so she’ll have Izumo or one of her friends help out with that
  • she’s a clumsy waitress bu the customers love her
  • she has an ukaku but rarely fights
  • she switches between masks a lot - she’s had a bunny and a bird one the most

Originally posted by rubyblackmoon

  • Izumo is a ghoul who lost her mother to the CCG and had her younger sister (Tsukumo) taken from her
  • works as a waitress at Anteiku and is close with Shiemi
  • she’s hotheaded and hates the CCG for taking her family from her
  • she wants to get revenge on them and hopes that her sister is still alive
  • she has a bikaku and her mask is a fox
  • earned the name “Nine Tails” from her ability to spread her kagune into nine pieces while fighting

Originally posted by aoexdaily

  • Shura helps the twins with their eating habits
  • knew their mother and promised to care for her sons
  • she treats the twins like her little brothers
  • hangs around Anteiku every now and then
  • the male customers love her because of her looks (chest)
  • she doesn’t like the taste of coffee so she doesn’t drink it often
  • she has a rinkaku and her mask is a snake

Originally posted by the-garden-of-amahara-blog

  • Shiro founded Anteiku and adopted the twins after their mother died
  • took Shura in when she was young
  • he has a koukaku but rarely goes hunting because of his age
  • he often stays behind at Anteiku when the others look for food
  • he drinks coffee the most out of the ghouls

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Rizumo childhood friends head canons? 👀

Yess always! Let’s pretend Izumo’s family is fine and Illuminati didn’t get them tho right?

- Rin and Izumo going to the same school and start talking bc Izumo is “the weird girl who can see domes” and Rin is “that demon boy Okumura”
- Izumo immediately tells Rin he isn’t a demon bc she knows what real demons look like and that’s kind of how they become friends
- Rin gets into less fights bc Izumo just straight up talks bullies down
- Rin and Izumo learning how to cook together and often both families eat together
- Shirou has to spill the beans a little early bc Izumo accidentally reveals that he’s an exorcist
- Really really accidentally as in she just wanted to know how to get rid of a lot of goblins and he’s a priest so he must be an exorcist, right?
- Rin and Izumo often go outside to play in parks because both rather enjoy being outside then inside
- Izumo’s little sister Tsukumo adores Kuro so when Izumo has to look after her sister bc her mother is busy, Rin and her put her with Kuro
- Rin and Izumo playing pranks together because mischief is fun and yeah their sweet kids and couldn’t hurt a fly but half demon and sb with relations to kitsune?? No way they wouldn’t play pranks
- Surprisingly the more “cruel” one is Izumo who is very sure of herself while Rin has more doubts
- Yukio is kind of terrified and amazed by Rin & Izumo’s friendship and as they grow up he just prays that they will never find a reason to prank him
- Shirou trying to help Tamamo out because he knows that attending your duties and raising kids at the same time is hard. And, when Shirou is out for a mission, Rin & Yukio go over to the Kamikis
- So lots of sleepovers basically
- And lots of game nights
- Mike and Uke don’t like Rin at first simply because he’s a boy
- He grows on them tho
- Yukio and Paku as the Voices Of (more) Reason(able) Behavior
- That one time in which Rin is revealed as Satan’s son and Izumo glares at everyone

I’m sorry this is such a mess I just wrote down everything I could think of :D

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The teens as ghouls? ( Tokyo ghoul ) :)

Rin and Yukio:

Originally posted by schneewittchen9795

Rin and Yukio are both one eyed ghouls, they were born this way and since their mother died giving birth to them, they were raised by their father. They always were kept hidden away to protect them, both from the CCG and from other ghouls who may wish to consume them. Their father would go out and bring meat back for them, but one day he was killed by Mado. 

From there Rin and Yukio took shelter at Anteiku, they’d visited a few times in the past when they were young, and were told to go there if anything ever happened. Shiro Fujimoto, manager of Anteiku, gave them both jobs there and looked after them. Rin really loved working in the cafe, and even started baking cupcakes and other little snacks for the customers. People from all over Tokyo came to the 20th ward just to try his food. Everyone was totally surprised and how a ghoul was able to create such delicious food. Rin get’s really upset when he thinks how he can’t taste his own food - but it cheers him up seeing how much the customers love it.

Yukio grew resentful over time because of how his brother seemed so much better then him in every way, he was stronger, faster, more powerful…he even brewed coffee better then him. He eventually decided he wanted revenge on the CCG investigator that murdered his father, so he joined Aogiri Tree to grow stronger, and one day get revenge.

Their kagunes are like Kaneki’s but are covered in mysterious blue flames, and their masks cover all their face, apart from one eye, which is also often ablaze by their flames.

Shiemi Moriyama:

Originally posted by funkybuttnuggets

Shiemi was raised by her mother and grandmother, who were both ghouls who also chose to hide away from humanity. As a result of this, she is incredibly shy and finds it hard to socialise. After the death of her grandma by the hands of a dove, her mother brought her to Anteiku, there she made a few friends such as the Okumura twins. She doesn’t understand much about the human world, and as eating human flesh is the only way for a ghoul to eat she never saw it as anything wrong. However, overtime she began to speculate, and wished to stop eating humans, believing it was wrong. 

She attempted to starve herself for as long as she could, but as a result she almost attacked a young girl, the daughter of a customer who’d gotten lost. Shiro managed to persuade her to start eating the meat they provided, as this was the best way she could help protect humanity.

Her mask covers half of her face, and is a flower.

Kyoto trio:

Originally posted by lovingfucks

They were originally members of the CCG, but after a mission gone wrong (Ya, Renzou fucked up…)they were ‘saved’ and turned into artificial ghouls. Their families are first class investigators, and extremely respected, so they knew they couldn’t return home. Konekomaru and Ryuji thought of suicide, and how it would be better to die then to become the monsters they once hunted. Renzou convinced them otherwise and brought them to a gang of ghouls he knew of. Renzou admitted how he’d been a double agent, being paid of by this gang for information on the CCG’s next moves. 

Konekomaru and Bon were furious and shocked, but eventually got over it. They despise themselves more then anything and hate this way of living, they eventually stray away from the group and join Anteiku for a more peaceful way of living, Renzou follows them. 

Ryuji can’t deal with doing nothing and leaving his parents and the organisation behind, so he sends them annoynomous letters giving them tips when he hears other ghouls are planning something big.

Konekomaru’s mask is a cat, Ryuji’s is a Dragon, and Renzou requested his to look like a pair of thongs - instead he got a pig.

Izumo Kamiki:

Originally posted by naiadswaterprison

She’s a waitress as Anteiku, after the CCG captured her mother she took her little sister, Tsukumo and fled. She knew of Anteiku and knew they could offer protection and food, currently she lives there with her sister and has no plans for the future. She often argues with Shiemi, and was the one who gave Shiemi the ‘wake up call’ to start eating again, plus she didn’t want her little sister starting to think in the same way.

Yukio teaches Tsukumo how to write, and read kanji and he also teaches her other subjects too, like some maths and history - she really loves learning!

Izumo’s kagune is split into nine pieces and in the shape of a foxes tail, which has earned her the name ‘Nine tails’, her mask is also a fox.

Nemu Takara:

Originally posted by tsukkilatte

Badass ghoul who totally eats everyone, never been caught he’s that good, super cool and scary. He’s a gluttony/binge eater and has totally tried to eat Rin and Yukio more then once, he is a friend of Mephisto Pheles’, another gluttony who is a member of a high ghoul society. He was a regular attendee to the Ghoul restaurant.

His mask is a puppet, and his kagune is like puppet strings.

matiasalbcam  asked:

Sorry to bother you, but in the new book they mention the prismrivers, exactly why? I've heard they were going to dismantle or something, but the sources are dubious so I'm curious.

Okay, there’s like a little story told here over multiple articles spread throughout the magazine. First:

The Prismrivers make the surprise announcement that they’re breaking up due to creative differences. Lyrica is going to go solo. Next:

The Tsukumo sisters take over as the next big thing. However:

Surprise surprise, the Prismrivers announce that they’re reforming! But also adding a new member, Raiko! It’s the Prismrivers 2.0, finally with some percussion.

And then there’s a little interview with Raiko which I haven’t actually looked at yet. And Doremy Sweet selling a good night’s sleep (warning: results may vary).

The whole magazine is structured very chaotically, with a lot of little subnarratives happening at the same time.


Double Dealing Character: Part 1 - Playable characters | Part 2 - Bosses. By Rihito.

Shinmyoumaru Sukuna | Cirno | Wakasagihime | Kagerou Imaizumi | Sekibanki | Tsukumo sisters | Seija Kijin | Raiko Horikawa.

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Izumo Kamiki [Profile]

Name: Izumo Kamiki (神木出雲)

Birthday: October, 11

Age: 16 years old

Height: 1.65 cm (5′5")

Blood Type: B

Occupation: Exorcist and Student

Relative(s): Soji Inami (father); Tamamo Kamiki (mother); Tsukumo Kamiki (sister)


🍒 Her pastimes and talents are: collecting clothes and trinkets, studying, reading girls’ manga & novels, and going shopping.

🍒 Izumo hates the way she gets a crease between her eyebrows when reading, studying, or thinking hard.

🍒 Her average bath time is 50 minutes.

🍒 Her favorite music genres are: Pop, Rock and Japanese.

🍒 Her favorite words are “Evening calm”.