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Here’s Tsukomi. Because I have a thing with creating asshole parental figures. 

This guy is a demigod of sorts, part of a trio that were created for an event in an RP group that never happened. I hung onto him because he’s fun to draw lmao. 

Obviously he’s a zoroark gijinka. He had a mask that he normally wore and a lot more animalistic features compared to my other gijinkas. 

Tsukomi was the kind of guy who was rather ‘free’ with his partners, often going from village to village and ‘mating’ just for the sake of creating offspring who he believed would be some kind of super powers. 

Which is sad because one of his daughters died of Tuberculosis lMAO. 

He’s a giant assbag, hunts people for sport, and is extremely full of himself. He is among MANY of my very much retired pokemon gijinka characters. 

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OMG i can't believe you tsukomied Sayanee so many times, you are my hero. You should become a manzai couple.

Hahahaha thank you, love! I tsukkomied her only one time, tho. the rest of the time i only boked her. it was super fun nonetheless, tho. thank you!

Interview with Tominaga Yoshihiro (producer) and Asano Naoyuki (character designer) from Osomatsu Roku Nensei.

I was looking through my half-finished translations and I found this from the Roku Nensei/ Sixth Graders magazine. No idea if anyone’s translated this before or not. The first few questions are asked by the sextuplets while the rest are just general. At the end are some comments from Asano on the origin and features of the sextuplets design.

Asano Naoyuki – Animator. Was involved in character design, animation direction and the story boarding, direction and animation direction of the opening for the TV anime Osomatsu-San.

Tominaga Yoshihiro – Born in 1978 in Miyagi Prefecture. Joined Sunrise as a production assistant in 2001. Currently a producer at Studio Pierrot after working for Manglobe. Works include Yona of the Dawn (2014), etc.

Todomatsu: Erm, which of us do you think you are the most similar to?

Asano: I lean towards Choromatsu, perhaps. Like I don’t really need any friends. Well, I try not to show that kind of darkness on the outside though. Tominaga is Osomatsu! The way he stays calm even in a tricky situation and says it’s probably alright has kind of an Osomatsu feeling.

Tominaga: Hehe, well, it’s part of my job. Inside I’m panicking. How I get carried away when I drink alcohol is probably similar to Osomatsu.

Ichimatsu: When making the anime….did you feel…..pressure or anything like that?

Asano: You know how the ending changed after the New Year? When I was making that, everyone around me was expecting a lot, so I was under pressure. I didn’t know what I’d do if they said the first one was better. I thought about changing my name if I failed.

Tominaga: Nothing much was expected from us to begin with, or rather, we were told that anime with cute character designs doesn’t sell, so I didn’t feel any pressure in particular. It was an environment where we could pursue what we liked, without sensing any obstacles.

Asano: And as a result of pursuing that, it became popular, so we were like “In your face!”

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Fes Matsu-San'16 Programme Translation Part 5 - Kamiya Hiroshi Interview

If the show were to continue, what episode would you like to see?

Even if there was to be a sequel, would we really be able to better what we’ve done already? That’s what I think but the staff hate doing things half heartedly so they’d probably make something amazing. Anyway, I’m fervently wishing for a continuation made by the current staff.

What character other than the sextuplets do you like?

Hatabou. His way of thinking is like, “We’re friends aren’t we?” It’s cheesy but it pulls at your heartstrings. Hatabou’s, “We’re friends so it’s ok!” also touches on this but I get a sense of craziness and two sidedness at the same time and I feel some danger there. I was scared.

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Sho: What speed (should we throw at)?

Masaki: Hmmm… about 10… 15km/h I guess.

Sho: 15km/h?

Masaki: 15km/h!

Kazu: What’s with ‘15km/h’?

Satoshi: [tries to hide his giggles] fufufu~

Result: Sakuraiba pair hit a near-spare outcome and bask in mutual adoration.

Itou-san: Matsumoto-kun, wasn’t that exciting?


Kazu: (after Sho is crediting Masaki for their strong performance) Eh, just now… just before you started, what was with the ‘15km/h’ talk?


LOL at Nino’s tough love.  Member-ai for Sakuraiba ne~

gifs created from video uploaded by Tiger (VS Arashi 18.09.2014)

I noticed some little things......

Okay, so, 3 days for The Last release huh 2 if we take in consideration japan time.
Well, even though, I’m going to show you guys some weird things I noticed in the traillers and clips.
First, there's The Moon.

Okay, everybody is talking non-stop about that damned naruhina kiss on the moon. But have you people noticed something? On the first seconds of this video, we see something being destroyed in front of earth. Perhaps a meteor like the ones Nagato and Madara were able to use? I tell you that’s the moon.

The localization, format, size, coloration and especially the context about what the moon means in the Naruto universe (illusion, genjutsu, infinite tsukomi) make’s me believe that this is indeed the moon.

But if the moon is destroyed (I think this happens on the start of the movie) then how are Hinata and Naruto kissing each other in front of it?

There are many options for this, such as that Tooneri fixed it after being defeated or that this is just Hinata’s dream, a genjutsu.

Now, Naruto’s Scarf.
Other thing I found very peculiar is how in this scene Naruto take’s of his scarf and puts somewhere on his lap.

Where the hell does he put his scarf?

He get’s up, but the scarf is no where to be found. (This happened when Hinata tries to give him her scarf but fails.)
But then, when we see him chasing after her, the scarf is back on his neck safe and sound.

Naruto had a lot of time to be able to follow Hinata AND put his scarf back. Also, when Tooneri and his servants shows up, Naruto is with is scarf, but that’s not so peculiar.

The strange thing is, Naruto is far away from Hinata, he’s running when Tooneri appears and kidnap’s her. Also, Hinata is holding her knited scarf.

And when Naruto finally catches up with them we see Hinata holding the red scarf.

My guess is that this event happened right after Naruto started to chase her.

There are many weird things in this movie, but in a couple of days will be able to find out if these are only hella dumb mistakes committed by a 5 year old (no wait, a toddler would be more capable to write a decent storybord) or if were experiencing the biggest troll of our century.

Bonus: This is just something that I noticed but in this moment Hinata’s animation just stops working and she freezes LOL (It’s better to watch the video to notice it.)