While watching Haikyuu!! 3x10:

[Episode starts]

Me: *inhales*

Volleyball: *touches the ground*


Why doesn't Tsukki Smile

‘Hey Yamaguchi! Why doesn’t Saltyshima ever smile?’ Hinata yelled.

’ What? He doesn’t? ’ Yamaguchi asked, confused.
‘Yeah! You’re his best friend, tell us why!’ Hinata shouted.

'But he does smile?’
'No he doesn’t’

'Fine I’ll prove it’ Yamaguchi decided.
’ I bet I can get Tsukki to smile in ten minutes or less!’ He challenged Hinata.
'You’re ON! Wait, what are the stakes?’
'Pork Buns for a week!’
'REALLY? Sure!’ Hinata yelled.

'Hey Tsukki, get over here!’

'Huh? Oh okay’

Tsukishima jogged over. 'What?’

What Tsukishima did not jog over expecting, was this.


Yamaguchi pushed him to the ground, straddling him.
'Tsukki, smile, you look nicer’
And with that, Yamaguchi’s lips were on his.
Kei did not expect this. He also didn’t expect to be able to kiss his crush back. On top on that, on top of HIM, Tadashi was shifting his body a little to- and wow, that sent blood running.
Tadashi nipped at his lip and all Kei could do was open them, letting Tadashi kiss him harder.

About two seconds later, Tadashi stopped. Kei didn’t whine. He didn’t. Shut up. You’re a liar. He didn’t whine. Nope.

Yamaguchi stood up, pulling Tsukishima up with him, who funnily enough, was beaming. Full on beaming, like a moon ray.

'That work for you Hinata?’
Hinata nodded, kinda scared at their outburst.

’ Wait this was a bet’
Yamaguchi nodded.
'Oh there’s no way I’m not getting you back for that!’
'Wha-’ Tadashi was cut off as he was pushed against the wall, and all of a sudden, Kei was kissing him, harder than either had even been kissed before.
After a couple seconds, Kei nipped at his lips gently, while at the same time pulling him closer, his hands everywhere, and Tadashi moaned, his lips opening.

'All right , all right, stop that right now. Stop. STOP’ AT Daichi’s final yell, they broke apart, and Yamaguchi would have fallen to the floor ( he feel for some one else instead) had Tsukishima not caught him.

'Sorry’ Yamaguchi murmured. 'Just go get changed you two. We’ll deal with punishments later’. ———- 'Wow’ was Tsukishima’s one emotion for the next day. //////////// I’m so sorry this is my second ever fic and the only one I’ve put lots of work into!! I’m so sorry.
Synchronized attack (Haikyuu!! 3x10)

“Volleyball is a sport of height. It is an absolute that tall players are strong. Strengthening each player is a strength, and so is finding a new way to fight. That’s why there are so many different attacks and defenses today. There are truly various kinds of strengths. The geat coach Arie Selinger once said, -There is no reason to believe that there will be no development or changes in the future-.”