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5'10 girl request for Kuroo and Tsukishima here 😂, maybe they hang out after practice and the people in their team are like goals but they also tease them and such. I suppose they would probs support each other a lot with matched and such + because they're all middle blockers help with the *cough* broken fingers hahaha and a lot of fluff and a lot of tiredness

I might’ve changed this a little bit, sorry about that! I still hope you enjoy it though!


“Aha! I finally beat you!” You cried as you threw your arms up in accomplishment as Kuroo walks up behind you and slings an arm over your shoulder. “Great job babe, you really beat me,” Kuroo says as your smile grows larger.

“Did you guys hear that! I beat Kuroo!” You yell in the gym as the team was slowly gathering for practice. “What! I never beat him before!” Lev whined as you chuckled at him, “One day Lev.”

Practice started a few minutes after and like always you sat on the bench watching your boyfriend and his team play. To your surprise, Lev was getting a lot better, and quickly too. Your favorite moment was coming; Lev running in for a spike, Kuroo getting ready to jump for a block.

And the powerful sound of the spike being blocked by Kuroo’s hands, but this time it sounded a bit strange. Looking up and focusing on Kuroo, you saw him gently shake his hand to the side as he gave Lev a grin. “You okay there?” You call out as he turns to look at you with a nod before raising his injured hand up, “I’m fine! My timing was a little off!” Kuroo shouts back as you gesture him towards you.

“Come over here, I’ll tape them to help you!” Kuroo excuses himself as the team continues and jogs over to your side, watching you pull the tape out. “Lev’s spikes are getting better,” Kuroo says as you pull the tape and wrapping it around his fingers, “Yeah, I saw. He’ll be a great player in no time.” You respond as you use your mouth to rip the tape.

“Does it hurt when you move it?” You ask as you look up at Kuroo who stood up and bent his fingers. “It’s better, thanks babe.” Bending down he kisses you on the cheek before jogging back to the court.

“You’re so lucky you have a girlfriend who takes care of you like that!” Lev whines as Kuroo gives him a smug grin, “She’s the best isn’t she?”


As the boys were taking their water break from practice, a loud voice calls out from the gym doors, all head turning to find the source.

“Hello~ I’m here today!” You call out as you popped out from the large doors, giving the team a wave. The boy’s faces all lightened up as they waved back and greeted you, some nudging Tsukishima and teasing him on his girlfriend.

Tsukishima’s face dropped as he saw you at the doors, he always told you to not come watch practice because he thought it was embarrassing with you watching and even cheering sometimes. “I’ve come to watch you Kei~” Hinata laughed at him from the first name basis, “Oh Tsukishima, already there?” He joked before running over to Nishinoya.

Suga smiled politely before ushering the team away from the two of you. You shrank a little as Tsukishima walked over towards you, towering over you, “Hi Kei.”

“I thought I told you to not come watch me at practice?” You give him a smile and a little shrug before looking up at him, “What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t come watch?” His cheeks flushed as he looked away, pushing his glasses up slightly. “You’re so annoying.”

“But you love me! Come on! the team’s waiting!” Taking his arm, you drag him over to the team before greeting Yachi and Kiyoko. “Yeah! Get ‘em!” You shout as the team continued to tease Tsukishima. You were always there to embarrass him, but at least he knew somebody was always there to support him.

I realize how much tsukishima hates asking for things. He hates asking for anything. It’s like a mix of him believing that people won’t react well to him asking them and being too embarrassed/prideful to ask. The fact that he hates approaching people and hates needing help probably also has a bit to do with it. Tsukishima was embarrassed and hesitant about asking his volleyball coach for help with volleyball. He waited 6 games and a set before even tentatively asking for permission to time the blocks. He asked hinata to spike for him and immediately followed it up with “im not twisting your arm so you don’t have to or anything” as if hinata, of all people, was going to be offended about being asked to practice some more. He had to ask permission to ask bokuto and kuroo a question. And then was completely taken aback when permission was granted like? It’s a single question? You really don’t even need permission, just ask? Literally any time he’s asking anyone for anything, he’s as awkward as he can possibly be about it. He’s visibly nervous too, he’s hunched over and twiddling with his thumbs more often than not. He honestly acts like he 100% believes that they’ll all refuse to even hear him out. 

(PS: the only tsukishima’s shown confidently approaching someone with a request was with akiteru when he was younger (come show me some moves” “can I come to your games?” “why not?”) So… do with that what you will)