okay, but look at this height difference from when they were really little:

now look at them:

like they both got taller, but percentage-wise, yamaguchi really got taller

do you think there was ever a point where Yamaguchi was just growing like a weed and Tsukki was completely terrified that yamaguchi was going to be taller than him

because i like to think there was

A list of very important canon facts about Tsukiyama:

  • Tsukiyama once spent a whole day looking at his reflection in the mirror.
  • Tsukiyama owns at least one pair of heart-patterned boxers.
  • Tsukiyama is so good-looking that Kaneki’s first impression of him was that he looks as a model.
  • Tsukiyama was so popular in high school that his fan girls were bullying Hori for being so close to him.
  • Hinami calls him ‘Flower Man’ because he often brought bouquets of flowers to Kaneki’s apartment.
  • Tsukiyama coughed awkwardly after seeing Kaneki shirtless.
  • Chie teased Tsukiyama about trying to win Kaneki’s trust by using money and pretty much called him a sugar daddy.
  • Tsukiyama plays the piano so well that he can make a decent living out of playing in jazz bars.
  • One time, Tsukiyama got drunk with Yomo and ranted about eating Kaneki. After that he started rambling about how Kaneki is “different” and “amazingly incredible”.
  • And yes, Tsukiyama is a very loud and emotional drunk.
  • Ishida Sui suggested that Tsukiyama may have made Kaneki’s battle suit for him.
  • Tsukiyama wanted to live with Kaneki and his group.
  • Tsukiyama once stuck a flower on Banjou’s head.
  • When Tsukiyama was little, he used to play Chopin while screaming at the top of his lungs in order to calm himself down.
  • Tsukiyama has called Kaneki his “master“ on numerous occasions.
  • If Tsukiyama ever had the chance to dress Kaneki up, then this is probably what he would make him wear.
Some AUs ive been thinking about
  • my friends and i are having a contest of how obscenely we can eat our icecreams when you walk past, and you’re really hot and im really embarrassed au
  • ok so yes im checking all the parking meters to see which has the most time left on it dont judge me im a poor uni student au
  • me and my friend are bitching about this girl and you overhear im sorry i didnt know she was your sister
  • “So how did you end up in holding? And what are you wearing”
  • so im in the supermarket, minding my own business, and im so close to reaching my favourite hot sauce on the top shelf, and you’re the asshole just walks over and takes it off the shelf for me you bast- oh you’re actually pretty hot- WHO YOU CALLING MIDGET?!?!??? au
  • im the brother to the bride and you look really good in that groomsman tux au
  • I don’t know you but we’re both in the principals office because they think we vandalized the school chapel and it wasnt me so just fess up already this is going to ruin my perfect record au
  • “you know, my brother only puts out the salad dressing when someone important is over for dinner”
  • yeah cool we bought a mattress but why couldn’t you have just paid the fee and let them deliver it and spare me the ordeal of riding in the car with our queen size strapped on the roof au
  • we’re both in the line for an autograph of this person i know way more about than you do fight me au
  • so i work at this cafe and you come in, sobbing so hard you can barely order your chocolate caramel frappe dude im going to have to wipe that table when you’re done crying on it au
  • where have i seen you before? au
  • you crashed your skateboard into a lamppost right in front of me lol do you want some help au