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haha hah a h ha… i haven’t posted in a while but honestly i haven’t really felt like drawing at all lately so here’s just a dump of old sketches from my sketchbook. theres so much bullshit and unfinished projects in my sketchbook that only like 5% of it is postable im sor ry\(•u•)


uhhhh twitter doodles i guess

sorry for being such a tsukishimacest loving fuck………….

After All These Years - A Daisuga Fanfiction

Title: After All These Years
Word Count: 1053
Warnings: It’s kinda porn without plot, but not overly graphic.
A/N: Late for the Valentine’s Party - sorry. 
A/A/N:  Few months ago I had a twit convo with tsukishimacest about couples who’ve been together a long while, so … this is for you.

He is heavier now, with the frame expected of one who spends his days chained to a desk and not at practise. There’s still muscle definition and tone to his arms but he’s less limber than he had been, and not as quick on his feet. The twice-weekly practise is for fun as well as fitness, but it’s hardly a necessity. There’s no goal involved besides the joy of playing, and the need to burn off the calories consumed with unhealthy snatched lunches and the beer at weekends.

These days, Daichi Sawamura lies in bed on Saturdays, enjoying the peace. His younger self would have been up at daybreak, out for a run (becoming his excuse for an illicit meet-up) only adding to his need to get out of the house.

But these days there’s no need to escape, but more there’s a burning need to stay. To stay warm, wrapped up, cocooned in blankets and…

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Skype group

a tumblr user by the name @latenightyaoi was thinking to start up one, or possibly several, skype chats for people who ship any of the ships that they ship, like: Reylo, RunGou, Tsukishimacest, and blmatsu, just so there can be a circle of people to chat with or just to have a safe space with, which honestly, is not a bad idea. plus, it’s kinda cool to meet people from different parts of the world and bond over one thing.

If that sounds like an idea that you’d like to be involved with, please message @latenightyaoi.

this was a fic that anon sent to me via my inbox and i asked if it was okay to compile them all in one post. so here it is, some fluffy, almost not-so fluffy tsukishimacest for y'all by mysterious anon who seriously made my day, i can’t thank you enough.


Nii-chan forgot his shirt.

By the time I woke up he was gone, he’d knocked on my door early in the morning to say goodbye and I groaned back at him. I went to practice, went to school, and when I came back, his shirt was on my bed.

Mom says I should add it to my laundry load. Maybe I should. Maybe I should put it away. I take it. Hold it. We’re roughly the same size, but he seems to fill it out much better. Without thinking, I put it on. The sleeves are so loose. It’s all awkward and big…

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send a number (or 2) and a pairing and i’ll try and write a drabble or ficlet

since you sent it as fanmail i had to screenshot your request and put it in a post heh

sorry for taking so long to write this, but i hope you like it. i had trouble with the ending, but i hoped it turned out okay.

4. Irresistible

18. Bite

WARNING: Contains Incest. Please refrain from reading if you are uncomfortable.

It was addicting

This insatiable sin between them.

They’re not sure how it even started. Kei’s sure he’s the one who started it all, while Akiteru blames himself. But what they do know for sure is that they can’t stop.

They’re well aware this is wrong, that this was not right. That this was sick, depraved, immoral.

They were brothers after all.

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anonymous asked:

for your ship meme: it's too early but it's never too early for tsukicest

it’s never too early for tsukicest

  • Who is louder?

kei. even though he tries to hold back a little, akiteru makes it impossible for him to keep it in.

  • Who is more experimental? 

akiteru. he likes finding out more and more things about his precious little bro

  • Who takes more risks? 

again, akiteru. kei tends to stay in his comfort zone a lot so he needs niichan to take the lead sometimes

  • Do they fuck or make love?

make love mostly. but they tend to have have desperate and possessive fucks from time to time. especially when they havent seen each other in a while. they can vary from gentle and very slow, to hard, rough and fast.

  • Lights on or off?

kei prefers lights off but akiteru wants lights on so he can admire his brother’s grown up body.

  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?  

akiteru. he got too used to living alone in his single bachelor pad (his tiny apartment)

  • Who comes first? 

kei, and akiteru would make sure of it. he refuses to let himself come before kei does.

  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it? 

akiteru is VERY GOOD, INCRECIBLE EVEN but kei is ALMOST JUST AS GOOD if anything he just lacks experience. kei prefers performing it a little more than akiteru does, and akiteru really loves it having performed on him so it’s win-win.

  • Who is more submissive? 

kei. he likes to tease but akiteru has a larger and more authoritative presence. that said, kei has niichan wrapped around his finger that if kei asked for it, akiteru would deliver without hesitation. he spoils his little bro.

  • Who usually initiates things? 

akiteru tends to hesitate (conflicting morals holding him back etc), so kei usually initiates things

  • Who is more sensitive?

kei. always. especially under niichan’s touch who always just knows where and how to touch and kiss him