Cover and extras from Vol 31 of Haikyuu!!

3rd image: (Referring to the ones Nishinoya does in Chapter 270)
Kageyama (Thoughts): If it’s fingertip push-ups, I won’t lose…!
Sawamura: Don’t worry about that.

4th image:
Grandma: At first, I wanted to do it in English, since English is cool.
Kita: Okay.
Grandma: But then, I thought it’d be hard with so many letters, so I did it in kanji.
Kita: Okay. …It’s cooler in kanji.
Grandma: Really~?!
Kita: Yes.
Grandma: I wonder if Tokyo’s cold~ It’d be great if it was cold~
Kita: Yes.
On sweater: Do your best Shinsuke

6th image:
Kuroo: Damn it… I’m irritated by how it seems like Bokuto could really save the world if he tried his best…
Tsukishima: You seem like you’d be in a secret society scheming to take over the world, Kuroo-san.
Kuroo: …Tsukki, you seem like a person who’d be feeling conflicted and questioning your behavior while performing excellently as part of an evil organization. In the end, you lend your strength to a hero of justice, resulting in you losing your life, but even so, you die with a satisfied smile on your face.
Tsukishima: …Huh???
Ennoshita: …Can we shoot that next?

7th image:
Inarizaki is a school located in Hyogo Prefecture, but this location which appears in Chapter 274 is actually located in Oita Prefecture. The photos I took when I went there one summer, “Let’s go!!! A forced trip through the night and morning to Oita (without any plans)”, were good, so I used them as my reference. The sea bream chazuke (cooked rice with green tea poured over it) that I ate near this place was the best.

8th image:
Ojiro: Put your arms through your jersey’s sleeves! The way it looks like it’s going to fall off really bugs me. Are you an actress?!!
Kita: …It gets all crackly.
Ojiro: ?
Kita: I can’t stand it when it gets all crackly when I put it on and take it off.
Inarizaki 2nd Years (Thoughts): Static electricity!! Kita-san’s weakness is static electricity shocks!! But it’s useless even though we know that!!

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So Tsukishima has the authority over anyone else to talk about Lev. He was in the 3rd gym with him. He was wirh him and Kuroo training. He knows what Lev is capable of.
So yes, he calls Lev amazing. He has seen the growth. But he also knows how new he is.
So yes, he is badmouthing him and giving factual commentary. That is like, Tsukishima’s whole personality: brutally honest sass

Haikyuu!! Chapter 298: Guide

At the end of the last chapter, Yamaguchi is IN! And Tsukishima declared his intention to win with Yamaguchi help. Kuroo and Tsukishima’s exchange continues…

That honest, almost self-depreciating statement, coupled with the title of this chapter… makes you wonder… (and that’s such an adorable confused face! (。♥‿♥。))

And Tsukki’s trust is rewarded,


Karasuno’s first service ace comes not from Kageyama, but from YAMAGUCHI! (lololol at kageyama’s expression, then hinata’s is like… i don’t think i’ve seen that expression on his face before, nekoma is just genuinely impressed instead of annoyed, except kuroo) After thinking so little of himself, really these two childhood friends… But the best reaction comes from:

Yamaguchi’s own teacher, Shimada! He’s so proud of his student that even Takinoue asks whether Yamaguchi is his kid. Seriously, all Karasuno first-years have wonderful teachers to guide and help them. (awww, there’s a time when tadashi calls tsukishima kei-kun? i wonder what makes the change? it must feel nostalgic for akiteru to see both his brother and yamaguchi on such a grand stage) 

On the second try… Nekoma picks it up.

Yamaguchi doesn’t think it’s enough, but Tsukishima thinks it is.


(kenma’s expression lololol, seriously he’s so expressive! why only now we see him like this?? both kuroo and daichi look impressed, hinata, why do you look so horrified? are you actually afraid of kuroo and afraid of tsukki being kuroo 2.0?)


MY GOD. I’M NOT CRYING. YOU ARE. This is what Yamaguchi has been aiming for. This is what Yamaguchi (and Tsukishima) wants. All the third gym (plus training camp) celebrates the successful serve and block, Lev is no exception (guys, please don’t forget the third gym involves hinata and lev, and that tsukishima is seen having an amiable exchange with lev, and he also calls him tsukki! this makes akaashi the only third gym not calling tsukishima tsukki)

Furudate-sensei… How could you…

How dare you make me cry????????

It’s just… I don’t think we realize how beautiful this is. It’s not just a matter of how these two have grown so much or how their relationship has developed. This is a wonderful portrayal of two people so closely intertwined that one is rarely seen without the other, that their identity is almost defined by the other that eventually learn to take a different path and learn to become their own person separate of the other, and yet… as they take that different path they never forget each other, ultimately they find their way to each other and become the best people they can be for themselves and for each other. It shows how deep their bond is, how important they are to each other.

A guide. All this time we’ve only seen Tsukishima through Yamaguchi’s eyes. We see how highly he regards Tsukishima, he is his best friend, his idol and his guide. But the truth is, from this chapter, Tsukishima thinks the same of Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi is no less a guide for Tsukishima.

Honestly these two boys ( Ĭ ^ Ĭ )

Oh my god, Furudate. This chapter is too much for my heart. All the relationships are wonderfully portrayed. And all of them are equally wonderful and important.

This is the most honest exchange I’ve ever seen between Kuroo and Tsukishima, the two characters who tend to use their words to irritate other people, and yet neither of these two does such thing. Kuroo’s question is genuine. Look at his smile, look at how he pays attention and waits patiently for Tsukishima’s answer. It’s not a sarcastic question. And Tsukishima knows this, he gives an honest answer. He doesn’t evade, he doesn’t deflect. At least not so much with the once in a blue moon statement. But his expression, his words… He acknowledges Kuroo, Bokuto and Akaashi’s roles in his growth and in his passion for volleyball. For Tsukishima this speaks so much of how much regard he has for his teachers. For Kuroo, this further proves that Kuroo is truly a kind person, despite how he (and Furudate) makes it as if it’s a laughing matter. He cares that Tsukishima grows and find fun in volleyball. That’s why he asks because he sees how differently (more invested and passionate) Tsukishima is, to confirm that it’s no longer a club for Tsukishima and the realization makes Kuroo happy for him.

In conclusion, whoever you ship Tsukishima with, acknowledge the relationships he has. Tsukishima who doesn’t open up to many, who keeps to himself… whoever he chooses to do otherwise willingly is important to him. So now the list includes more than just Yamaguchi (and akiteru, but it looks like it’s still work in progress), it’s also the rest of the third gym: Kuroo, Bokuto, Akaashi, Hinata, and Lev, followed by Karasuno and youth training camp. Do anything less, it’s the greatest disrespect to Tsukishima and his character growth.  


Hella proud and excited crows. Even Kageyama is impressed. Both the coaches look no less proud and impressed.

Fukunaga is so precious. Please let him be referee-san. I cannot help laughing at the side eye (in Yakkun’s case, kick) both Kenma and Yaku give Kuroo. I am immediately reminded of Bokuto who was given the same treatment at the feint Hinata pulled off. However, unlike Bokuto, Kuroo doesn’t look or feel guilty at all. That response shows how highly he thinks of Tsukishima’s skill. He thinks that Tsukishima, with or without his teaching, will eventually learn how to block as well as he does. And I don’t disagree. This Tsukishima will definitely learn what he does wrong, and he has the example of good blocker right in front of him, he will learn from Kuroo from the match and immediately apply what he learns. But at the same time, it shows that he doesn’t think much of his role in Tsukishima’s growth. And wow… seriously? This gives me another proof that Kuroo is really that nice (and mature despite his capability to be such a dork lol).

anonymous asked:

Out of the blue question but is 'third gym' only consists kuroo,bokuto,akaashi, and tsukki? Some other fans include hinata and lev. Soooo, who's really a member of "third gym"?

Hi anon!

I think it really depends from which perspective you look at things? The original foursome that were training in the 3rd gym were kuroo, bokuto, akaashi and tsukki (lev was usually found lying in the corner haha)

But later on when they had the mini match between team tall and team short, both hinata and lev joined the squad. 

I guess it’s a matter of personal preference? I double-checked the manga and the ‘3rd gymnasium’ sign shows up both when it was just the four of them and when hinata and lev joined. Go with what you want! :D 

Things i love about Haikyuu!! chapter 299

1. StageMom!Yaku

2. Dork!Lev

3.SourLoser!Kuroo (Kenma, cut the poor guy some slack)

4.Narrator!Kei (Poor Lev)

4.Kuroo using poetic words (i have to look up what cognizant meant really)

5. and last but not the least, the introduction of The King of the Court who’s taking the spotlight next chapter

B O I! Kageyama’s back in the spotlight, this better be good.


“its tsukishima.”
“let’s play a three-on-three okay?”

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i cant get the idea of a stressed tsukki hunching over on his bed with his head in his hands looking down and his gf just coming up from behind him and wrapping her arms around him and kissing his the back of his shoulders just a scenario with tsukki not being a salty shit and for once genuinely showing himself being upset and his s/o comforting him or cheering him up being an absolute goofball which is her normal persona

I did my best trying to work with an upset Tsukishima and a goofy significant other. It ended up extremely difficult to picture him being vocal and very visibly upset whilst she’s cracking jokes and everything, so I attempted to reach a happy medium. I hope it’s still faithful enough to what you wanted, and I hope you enjoy.

His mother lets her into the house first. Their walls are well built, but the ceilings were hollow enough for sounds to pass in and out freely and Tsukishima can catch every footstep that pads against their waxed floors. He doesn’t hear much exchanged between them downstairs; perhaps a nod, or an understanding expression that he can picture without much effort.

He considers berating his mother for doing something unnecessary again—he wasn’t old enough to pay taxes, but he most certainly was capable of recruiting his own emotional support brigade on his own, thank you very much—but he recalls the worried twist to her lips when he’d returned home after practice with obvious strain in his voice.

Tsukishima wasn’t going to kid anyone. He was fully aware that he was a terrible son most of the time, and a terrible brother. He only wishes that he could be not-so-terrible a lover, if that was the only thing he was to accomplish. But she walks up to his door, socked feet planted carefully on the opposite side of his room and taps her knuckles against it.

“Kei?” Her voice wafts in, muffled by the thick carpet that fills in the bulk of his bedroom. “Can I come in?”

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