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The haiyuu boys as fathers and losing their kid during a storm. You chose whomever you want. :D

I’m just gonna choose the karasuno first years!

Kageyama was absolutely frantic. He dropped his umbrella when he realized his son was no longer holding onto his jacket. “H-Hayato?!” He whipped around, his hair becoming intensely disheveled as he ran further into the storm instead of running for cover. “Hayato! Where are you!?” He yelled, pulling at his hair in frustration. 

“Papa?” a tiny voice whimpered. He jerked to see the small boy hiding under a bench a few meters away.

“Oh thank god.” He sighed, running over to scoop the child into his arms, “Never run off like that again! Do you hear me?”

He nodded against his dads jacket and clung to his neck.

Hinata gasped when there was no longer tiny footsteps splashing in puddles beside him.

“A-A-Ayame?” He stuttered, bending down to look around his legs. She wasn’t there.

He was about to panic but clenched his fists and forced himself to stay calm. Natsu always ran off too, he had some experience. He made his way off the side walk and climbed onto a bench to look from above the swarm of people.

He squinted to see through the pouring rain. He caught a glimpse of the duck rain coat she was wearing in the crowd and practically launched himself off the bench. “Ayame!” 

He reached his child sitting on the ground, her duck bill hood was covering her eyes but he could hear her sniffling.

“Ayame, don’t cry! I found you, daddy’s here, it’s okay!”

Tsukishima was down right petrified. It was cold so the feeling in his hand was a bit compromised but he still couldn’t believe he hadn’t felt his son letting go of his hand. He stopped walking in the middle of the road, people bustling around his as quick as they could. 

He clutched his collar in fear and spun around, the sharp edge of someone’s umbrella cut his cheek as he turned back the way he’d come at a dead run. “Akio!” He yelled, frustrated that the rain splatter on his glasses made it even harder to see.

“Damn it.” he hissed under his breath then shouted at the top of his lungs “Akio!”

A soft thud hit his leg and he took a sharp breath before glancing down at the child clinging to his leg. “Daddy, you came back!” He sobbed.

Tsukishima realesed an amazing sigh of relief and wrapped his arms around his son. “Of course I did!”

Yamaguchi let out a miserable squeak when his daughter was no longer standing beside him, he turned around for a better look and someone ran into him. He fell to the ground. The person continued on while Yamaguchi looked around the feet traveling quickly by him trying to see if he could pick out the green rain boots he’d bought her.

People were moving by too quickly for him to get a decent glimpse and he scrambled back to his feet and began to run around in search of her. 

“Sachiko! Sachiko where are you!” he cried, not even bothering to apologize to the countless people he’d ran into. “Sweetie!”

A hand grabbed onto the back of his jacket and tugged lightly. “Daddy?”

“Sa-” he dropped to his knees and pushed his daughters hair out of her eyes, “Sachiko, don’t disappear like that, sweetie! Oh I’m so glad you’re safe.”

Karasuno reactions to: Tanaka taking his shirt off /again/.


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Ryunosuke (With his shirt off):

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Yams buys Tsukki Dinosaur oven mitts since he does most of the cooking and he comes home one day to find Tsukki using them to perform a dinosaur puppet show for the cat. He applauds when Tsukki's done and Tsukki tried to hide but Yams just hugs him and pushes him onto the sofa because he's so cute and Yams just need to give him so many hickies so everyone knows this cute tall nerd is Yamaguchi's.

cute tall nerd… omg…

my fave is dork tsukki doing dork things when he thinks no ones watching and then getting all flustered and embarrassed

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do u have some tsukihina or tsukkiyamahina headcanons? im DESPERATE

Tsukihina: by admin staples

  • Tsukki crushing on Hinata, and thinking - KNOWING - that it’s hopeless, since he made such a bad first impression and hasn’t made any effort to improve things.
  •  The longer he pines, the softer he gets, until he just can’t help himself anymore. Behaves pretty much the same with everyone except Hinata. Doesn’t mock him anymore, ruffles his hair when Hinata’s done something well. Or just whenever he’s close enough.
  •  He sees the change in his own behavior, though, and starts trying to implement some… remedial tactics. Starts trying to throw in a couple of mean comments here and there, but everyone can see how halfhearted they are.
  • Yama HAS to have a talk with him. Points out how lucky he is that Hinata’s pretty dense about this stuff - he notices Tsukki acting strange, sure, but doesn’t put the pieces together.
  • Yama gives him some tough love, pushes him to do something about all these repressed feelings. Suggests a gradual approach - work his way slowly from point A to point Boyfriend, which is what Tsukki tries at first. Soon realizes that subtlety just won’t work with him. Decides he’ll try to be more… Direct.
  •  Offers to help Hinata with his schoolwork - at his house. Hinata is a little hesitant, because duh. Poor boy needs all the help he can get. So he accepts.
  • They decide to walk to Tsukki’s after practice one day. It’s a little awkward at first, but Tsukki wants to know more about Hinata, and Hinata can talk easily with just about anyone, so it ends up working out pretty well. So they’re relatively comfortable with each other by the time they reach Tsukki’s house.
  •  Settle in his room with some tea - Tsukki’s using a dino mug - and set to work. Tsukki tries VERY hard not to get too frustrated with Hinata for his lack of focus - but that meant short, frequent breaks. A couple minutes’ distraction every once in a while. And they settle into a pattern - Hinata asks a question or two every break. Stuff like “what’s with the dinosaur figures?” and “you hang your jersey? So you DO take this pretty seriously!”, gradually breaking down Tsukki’s walls from the inside.
  • At some point much later, they’ve been at it for a while, so they can call it a night, but they both just… don’t. Hinata sticks around and Tsukki lets him.
  •  Hinata asks what Tsukki’s always listening to, so they lay back beside each other on the floor and go through Tsukki’s favorite playlist - Tsukki’s telling him things about the lyrics or the artists, points out who he’d like to see live. And they’re gradually moving closer, their shoulders pressed together. Hinata has his hands folded on his chest. Tsukki reaches a hand over to brush his knuckles against Hinata’s, testing the waters. He turns his head to the side - Hinata’s blushing, and looking ANYWHERE but at Tsukki, who decides, well, this is as good a chance as any. Slides his fingers into the spaces between Hinata’s and runs his thumb along the back of his hand. Hinata still won’t look at Tsukki, but now his eyes are locked on their clasped hands, following Tsukki’s thumb along its path. Still follow, as Tsukki pulls Hinata’s hand closer to lay soft kisses on each of his knuckles.
  • And um, and uh, they lived happily ever after! ❤️

[I am truly sorry that I don’t know how to shut up but well, there ya go]

Tsukkiyamahina: by admin tornado (one of my fave ot3) 

  • Yama pointing out how cute Hinata is and Tsukki staring at how cute Hinata actually is but not wanting to admit it. 
  • Yamaguchi and Hinata going shopping together for Tsukkis birthday Hinata getting him something absolutely ridiculous for a laugh while Yama goes ahead and buys him something sweet. 
  • Tsukki ends up being really good at doing hair and yama asks Tsukki to put his hair up while Hinata asks him to braid his hair. 
  • Ok ok ok so Yama has freckles right? he’s probably had to go through some pretty bad sunburns. Imagine the three of them going to the beach and Tsukki and Hinata end up getting really bad sunburns. Yama told them to reapply the sunscreen but they didn’t listen. so Yama makes sure to treat them and tell them not to touch it. They don’t listen and lets just say it drives Yama a little insane. 
  • Classical Au: Yama playing the violin and Tsukki playing piano then you have Hinata i see him playing the flute and they all cheer each other on at concerts and idk where i’m going with this. 
  • These three camping Hinata being so excited and Yama nd tsukki laughing at him. Tsukki setting up the tent with Hinata but Hinata has no idea wtf he’s doing. Yama just stands back watching his boyfriends argue while he cooks the dinner. 
Summer sleepy time headcanons

short post to make up for not updating!! I’m going to be busy starting tmo but I’ll try to to keep up. thanks for ur patience <3

just super short stuff I found while going thru my diary haha so it ended up being my biases. if you want more, I’ll try to open up requests soon!!

Iwaizumi: I think his body temperature would naturally be warm, so in the summer it’s a little uncomfortable for either of you to be super cuddly or even pressed up against each other in bed. Since my body temp is almost like a furnace - for other people anyway - I headcanon’d s/o as having warm body, too, if only so Iwa-chan gets hot enough that he can sleep shirtless ha ha. I think he’d just wear boxers that stop right above his knee and I like to think by himself, he sleeps on his stomach, on top of a hugging pillow that ends up on top of head later in the night/early morning. But, with you, he’d sleep on his back, one arm thrown over his face - he just likes to have his face covered!! - and his other arm thrown out, so that even though it’s too hot for you to press up against each other, you can still at least pillow your head on his perfect bicep. I imagine him to be a little more of a restless sleeper, even though he mostly stays in the same position. Like he probably thrashes his arms and legs once in a while, plagued by annoying dreams of Oikawa. Poor guy can’t escape. Always stressed lmao. His thrashing most likely wakes you since you’re on his arm, so you gently massage his forehead and kiss his jaw until he tugs you against his chest and falls back to sleep. However, the two of you end up rolling away again because it gets hot again lol.

Tsukishima: Compared to Iwa-chan and s/o, I think Tsukki has cooler body temperature. So you’d be able to curl up against his side, but he’d end up being a little uncomfortable. Since he doesn’t get so hot, I like to think of him in an old t-shirt and boxers that stop mid-thigh…so he ends up looking kind of erotic without meaning to be lmao. He’d sleep on his side, facing you, with an arm up by his face and the other arm loosely thrown over your waist. When he sleeps alone, he still sleeps on his but with a hugging pillow…which he also throws a loose arm over and it’s too similar to the way he sleeps with you to be just a coincidence!!!!!!! Aaaahahaha please casually bring this up to him so you can embarrass him I live for that. I think he moves around a little in his sleep, too, so if he starts on his side he may end up on his other side or even on his back. Sometimes his shirt rides up but not too high, so that a margin of hipbone is exposed. You pull his short down and pat his hip, or when the mood strikes, you walk your fingers against the skin, watching goosebumps rise until he’s tickled enough that he shoots up, flustered and shoving your hand away!!

Karasuno in the Maze

Haikyuu!! x Maze Runner AU

*This includes TMR spoilers/terms/slang

  • Daichi, Asahi and Suga would be three of the first batch to be sent inside the maze. They wouldn’t really trust each other since they have no memory before they even woke up. The other boys would attempt to go out of the walls once they opened, but seeing that they never come back is a mere sign that it’s not safe to go out no matter how strong or clever they think they might be.
  • Daichi would be confused and frustrated at first, like everyone else. But he would try to compose himself and would find a way to know where on earth are they and what are the walls for. Soon he’ll make a strategic way of leaving the walls to find out answers. Though he’s not that fast of a runner at first, but he’s efficient enough to map the maze and follow it’s patterns. He has a good memory and strong built.  He’ll be a Keeper (head) of the Runners since he is a natural leader and he’s clearly fit enough for the job.
  • Suga would be so helpless and afraid that he’ll cry every night but won’t show it to the others. He would be equally curious like the rest of the group and would attempt to go out of the walls too. But he won’t last very long at the maze and figures out that he’s not fit enough to be out there. He’ll soon find his place inside the walls thinking that he should make himself useful at least. So he would be in charge of the order inside the maze. He’ll be the Leader that directs the rest of the boys (including the newcomers) to their respective jobs and will divide The Glade into sections to keep everything in order.
  • Asahi would be so frightened that he would be the guy who you can hear frequent sniffs and sobs when you’re around him. He would not attempt to go out of the walls or even think about being near the doors. He’ll soon gets a grip of himself and finds himself working under Suga’s orders. He would be a great worker and finds himself building structures around the Glade. He would be the Keeper of the Builders.
  • Ennoshita would be as frustrated but is open-minded. Sure, he won’t trust these people easily and be afraid to do so, but it will take him time to learn the ways in the Glade and be a part of decision-making with the older boys. Since he somehow knows how to handle injuries and sickness which seems to be a connection from his past, so he’ll be joining the Med-jacks (doctors) and be the Keeper of it. 
  • Tanaka would be angry and confused on his first day but will try to sink in everything at once. He would be afraid of the creatures lurking behind the walls but he’ll try to suppress it and toughen up. He will soon find himself working around the Glade even though he has still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the maze. He would be someone who is reliable when it come to keeping the Gladers in their job. He’d jump between a Builder or a Bricknick (maintenance) - whatever the situation calls for.
  • Nishinoya would be very angry and frustrated that you’ll find him shouting at everyone at his first day. He would have several attempts to leave the walls but failed to do so because he’ll be stopped by the older boys (aka senpais). Soon they’ll be able to get a grip of him and calm him down because he’s too fired up. They’ll have Tanaka as his Glade buddy and so to make sure that he’ll not do anything stupid. They’ll get along well and they would be inseparable, but despite Tanaka’s protests, Noya would still want to go out to the maze so he decided to be a runner with the help of Suga’s electing him to the Gathering.
  • Tsukishima would hate every single day of being in the Glade but end up abiding the rules because he has nothing else to do. On his first day he’d be confused and accuse everyone in the Glade. At first he’d be working in the Gardens, because it is the job that is the less stressful and people there seems to be nice and they don’t talk too much. But when a situation comes up where there was a minor accident happened, he ends up knowing first-aid and medical stuff. Ennoshita recruited him after the incident and he ends up being a Med-jack. He seem to be the guy who rarely talks and just friends with one or two people (Yamaguchi, probably)
  • Yamaguchi would feel lost, confused and terrified. But once he’s settled down, he’ll work earnestly in the Gardens (together with Tsukki before he got transferred). He would be terribly afraid of the Maze that he wouldn’t dare go near the walls. Every time he would be assigned to fetch water in the woods, near the walls, he would always ask Tsukki to accompany him. But now that Tsukki is transfered, he’ll ask another Glader to come with him or sometimes he’d build up the courage to go by himself.
  • Hinata at first, would be so helpless that he’ll cry a lot on the first days weeks. But he’d mostly cry because of the frustration of not knowing anything besides his name. As soon as he adapts to the life around the Glade, he’ll find the Runners to be ‘so cool’ and he would admire them so much that he’ll aspire to be one of them. The problem is, he cant get into any other job inside the Glade that’s why he ended up being a Slopper (dirty tasks). He’s to weak and clumsy to be a Builder, he cant cook, he’s stomach’s not strong enough to be a Slicer or a Bagger (deals with dead bodies) and he end up messing everything around the Gardens. He’d work hard to prove himself that he has what it takes to be  a runner.
  • Kageyama would not trust anyone and would get angry all the time. He would isolate himself too much that everyone would worry if where he’d gone. It is most likely that Suga would help him the most since nobody really wants to. Suga would have him tag along with his fellow Greenie - Hinata. Kageyama doesnt really like hanging out with him because he’s too rowdy but Suga is keeping an eye on him. He’ll be dragged with Hinata’s pace that eventually he’ll also aspire to become a Runner. 
Karasuno reactions to: Oikawa Tooru


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Bonus! Oikawa’s reaction to: The Karasuno team:

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