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I realize how much tsukishima hates asking for things. He hates asking for anything. It’s like a mix of him believing that people won’t react well to him asking them and being too embarrassed/prideful to ask. The fact that he hates approaching people and hates needing help probably also has a bit to do with it. Tsukishima was embarrassed and hesitant about asking his volleyball coach for help with volleyball. He waited 6 games and a set before even tentatively asking for permission to time the blocks. He asked hinata to spike for him and immediately followed it up with “im not twisting your arm so you don’t have to or anything” as if hinata, of all people, was going to be offended about being asked to practice some more. He had to ask permission to ask bokuto and kuroo a question. And then was completely taken aback when permission was granted like? It’s a single question? You really don’t even need permission, just ask? Literally any time he’s asking anyone for anything, he’s as awkward as he can possibly be about it. He’s visibly nervous too, he’s hunched over and twiddling with his thumbs more often than not. He honestly acts like he 100% believes that they’ll all refuse to even hear him out. 

(PS: the only tsukishima’s shown confidently approaching someone with a request was with akiteru when he was younger (come show me some moves” “can I come to your games?” “why not?”) So… do with that what you will)

headcanon that tsukishima kei is a low key brat at home

okay. i know it’s canon that kei is this mature, well behaved kid but hear me out on this:

  • kei is the youngest in the family. he probably got a little spoiled as a child
  • guess who spoiled him the most. that’s right. AKITERU
  • probably almost always gets what he wants. and if he doesn’t get it at first ask, he probably has wayS to get them.
  • lbr. this kid probably had everything his way/got everything he wanted provided their parents think it won’t do him harm
  • he’s mostly a brat around Akiteru because he knows his nii-chan will always give in
  • he mellowed down as he grew up (especially after the thing with Akiteru) but he’s still a brat…mostly to their mom because he knows he’s her favorite
  • kei always making his brother treat him food. kei going to extra practice with akiteru’s team and always needling him into treating him to food. sometimes (most of the time) it’s not the healthy kind
  • kei making akiteru help him with his receives on the weekends even though akiteru doesn’t want to because “it’s hot. i’m tired. ugh, kei. no.” it turns into a “dammit. fine” when kei gives him a look. 
  • kei eating the last pudding/ice cream bar that he knows akiteru is saving because he ate the last strawberry poptart and kei is petty
  • faking something/giving excuses just so he can get out of doing chores and their mom would make akiteru do it
  • “I’m telling mom” threats
  • consequently, bargaining. “i won’t tell mom if you buy me two strawberry short cake on that shop near your workplace” “but that’s so expensive!”
  • kei offhandedly mentioning akiteru’s love life when he’s winning at teasing and annoying kei. he mostly does it around their mom and smirks at akiteru when he succeeds at having her hound him about bringing home someone (which is always)
  • it gets worst when kei mentioned tanaka saeko to get back at him for watching the shiratorizawa match even when kei told him not to. akiteru turned a vibrant shade of firetruck red that had their mother’s eyes glinting in intrigue
  • kei can also be a brat around yamaguchi but yamaguchi handles it better than akiteru and doesn’t take any of kei’s shit…most of the time
  • just
  • tsukishima kei being a high key brat at home!!!

I think yamaguchi would def be the type to just start screaming out of frustration. Not screaming at anything, just a steady aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH that slowly gets louder when he’s studying or something. And the first few times tsukishima was all concerned like wtf? What’s the happening? What is it? After like the sixth time it happened he just gave up. After the fourteenth, he started joining in. I mean, if u can’t beat them join them. But ofc he does it in his dry, quiet deadpan. So while yams is steadily increasing in volume and urgency, tsukki’s just going “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” quietly in the background. And neither of them even bother looking up. Imagine akiteru walks in on them doing this one day and is like ??? What? Is this what is cool with the kids nowadays?

tsukishima kei is not still angry at his brother

with akiteru’s new appearances in season 3, I wanted to clear this up

  • first off, tsukki wasn’t even as mad as all that in the first place?? 
  • yes, he was a little ticked off that akiteru lied. yeah, he might have been angry for a while. But no way in hell he was mad for years. We’re talking maybe a month or two, at most
  • So why did he lose his passion for volleyball? Because he was scared, not mad or spiteful. He was terrified of his volleyball career ending up like akiteru’s. He was terrified of it ruining him like it did his brother
  • And if there was any spite? It was towards the sport. He might have hated volleyball a bit for doing that to his brother, who he looked up to and adored
  • So why did he avoid akiteru? Why didn’t they talk until recently? Because it was awkward, because it was emotional, because after a while I don’t think he knew what to say to his brother any more and akiteru didn’t either
  • also, under normal circumstances, tsukishima’s not a conflict driven person. there are exceptions, but usually even when he teases he tries to avoid anything actually serious. his method for dealing with conflict or a hard choice is usually to avoid it. He is not going to be the one to tackle the elephant in the room
  • also, this all happened between the ages of 11 to 15 for tsukki. kids around then naturally pull away from their families a bit. add on that extra layer of awkward and voila
  • and let’s not forget that akiteru left for college that same year too. the two of them weren’t given much time to reconcile tbh
  • essentially there was just this huge awkward space between them that they both thought they had to dance around and neither of them wanted to bring it up
  • tsukki joining the volleyball team at the same school gave akiteru an opening. tsukki admiting to himself that he was passionate about volleyball made him want to ask akiteru about his experience. otherwise, neither of them were going to willingly bring up what happened. they didn’t for a long time
  • Tsukishima doesn’t blame akiteru for anything
  • tsukki still loves his brother
  • HOWEVER, it is important to note that akiteru believes tsukki’s still mad at him sometimes. And akiteru 100% blames himself for “ruining” volleyball for tsukki
  • this is a tragic case of miscommunication, but neither of the brothers are angry at one another at this point

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Omg 😂 I was the Regular Show anon 😂😂 but um, the reference is fairly easy 😁 can you try drawing Akiteru asking Tsukki for some "sugar"? (As far as I know, sugar means a hug in that one episode 😂) if you don't want to then it's fine 😂 you can delete the ask 😁😁 but it would be hilarious though 😁 // Thank you for your time ❤️✌🏻️

“grow up” says Kei, while playing with his toy dinosaurs

I feel like tanaka and tsukki should form a club. The “my older sibling is embarassing” club and essentially they avoid akiteru and saeko together. Well, not together exactly but whenever they are avoiding their siblings, they always end up in the same place so they just kinda accepted it and now they hang out? The rest of the team is v confused but happy they’re getting along?

So I was re-reading Haikyuu!!

And ofc chapter 86 gives us our first glance at the broken tsukishibros

wow such sad. Very angst. But look at the details Furudate put into this scene

I mean

It’s obvious that Akiteru threw his volleyball trophies

And ripped down his posters because of the guilt he felt towards not only betraying his baby brother but also the fact that his dreams of being Karasuno’s ace were crushed under his feet.

And let’s not just focus on the fact that teenage Akiteru had a meltdown, let’s also look at the smaller details most of us overlooked

What looks like a family photo?

More photo frames???? I wish I could make out the details but it is what it is

tO Y diNO Asurs



These little details in this scene really emphasize not only Akiteru’s absolute love for volleyball but also his common interests with Kei and how much he loves his baby brother. Speaking of megane-kun,

He’s clearly not angry, I don’t know anyone who makes that kind of face when they’re angry. If anything, it’s dejection. It’s “you’re not the hero I thought you were.” He looks sad. Kei looked up to Akiteru as a role model, a hero, and seeing his brother break down like that impacted him just as much as it impacted Akiteru.

The next panel shows Kei remembering what he saw five years ago, and the look in his eyes is not only that same dejection but also fear of feeling the same pain his brother felt.

Kei loves and adores Akiteru, like any younger sibling (speaking as a big sister), that’s plain as can be. He’s just afraid of making the same mistakes he did when he was in high school. He believes that if he puts his heart into something, it will only end up crushed in the end.

Wow, I didn’t mean to cry this much but these two are my absolute weakness.



i know i already drew something, but i wanted more kei appreciating his niichan

also this was my hq_69 entry

im a little upset cos this could have been so much better and more profound but i’m limited in so many ways. but i should take a page from akiteru’s book and just keep trying, hm? 

tsuksihima akiteru is my hero, too!