OH MAN! THis takes me back!

Caitlin and I totally did this collab back in the day of a Highschool AU for the KH2~ She did Sora, Kairi, Roxas, Axel, Demyx, Xigbar, the girl half of prom and our OCs Vixeah and Xannami while I did everyone above!

Oh man this was so much fun! Marluxia had a gang that was Lexaeus, Zexion, Roxas, Axel and Larxene. I think Caitlin drew Demyx, Roxas and Axel in a band together~ Vexen [who another DA artist was helping us out…Ameyh?] Luxord, Xaldin, Xigbar were the teachers! Sora, Riku and Kairi were like the popular/preppy kids~ We had the idea of Xemnas being the headmaster but I dunno if we got that far

Man, these were fun lol

Also that Punk!Larxene is my most stolen piece of artwork! So many people posted it or traced it without credit lol

More Kingdom Hearts 3 OCs from back in the day~ Still got 3 more after this u.u

So far: (Nanami and Lila) (Xoret and Omnix) (Vixeah and Xannami)

This is Kilixia and Aixilik–the ladies who got turned into Kielana and Alerra. Kilixia has the power of metal and summons a giant lazer cannon or pistols to battle with. Aixilik has a staff ans the power of ice. They were brought into the Organization to replace Xigbar and Xaldin after those two joined Vixeah and Xannami against Xemnas. Kilixia was sent to assassinate Xannami and Aixilik was sent after Vixeah to try and tear them down. They both end up getting their asses kicked and returning to Xemnas’s side. After a bunch of shit that goes down–Xoret tried to kill Kilixia which got her leaning towards joining the others and when Aixilik learns that Lexaeus had fallen, she looses her ambition to help Xemnas since he let so many of his Organization member die and didn’t give a shit. Also Kilixia ends up with Xigbar and they were fucking awesome <3

I totally forgot I was doing these Kingdom Heart 2 style challenges so gettin’ back on them. 

So far: (Nanami and Lila) (Xoret and Omnix)

This time is is Xannami, the ‘nobody’ of my character Nanami and Vixeah who was my friend Caitlin’s OC. These two were the main characters of the RPG we did. They’re besties <3 Xannami actually has half a heart because when her heart was taken, her heartless attached to her. Her friend Lila defeated the heartless but couldn’t get all of Nanami’s heart back–the wing is left over from her heartless. So the Organization XIII finds her, brings her amongst their ranks since she is in a way a nobody but Xemnas also discovers she has an interesting relationship with nobodies, the heartless and Kingdom Hearts. Vixeah has the power of illusion and protects Xannami from being used by Xemnas once they become close. Our RP had some weird shit goin’ down in it lol 

Still got about 4 or 5 folks left to do~

[edit: Xannami’s head is HUGE x_x she looks like a child]