tsukino usagi cosplay


Usagi tsukino coser:  Mirin_見零 on weibo

Chibiusa tsukino coser:  吙柴贩子 on weibo

Ami Mizuno coser:  冥月Susie on weibo

Rei Hino Coser:  莱汀Rei on weibo

Makoto Kino coser:  飘凌Ryouha on weibo

Minako Aino coser:  Natsuno_ on weibo

Haruka Tenoh coser:  洛离-rl on weibo

Michiru Kaioh coser:  乙戌x on weibo 

Setsuna Meioh coser:  橙木_貓咪RiRi on weibo 

Hotaru Tomoe coser:  百草银雀 on weibo

📷:  肥牛先森Jocz &  开心d啦_表弟


My swimsuit Sailor Cammy Mashup cosplay. Made this entire thing in like 3 hours literally at Colossalcon the morning before. Idk how, but I’m not mad at the turn out. I’ll be shooting this same Mashup again with Cammy’s original bodysuit design soon ❤️


⭐️ Magical Girl 🌙

hello❣️Here’s a compilation of my sailormoon inspired outfits. It’s quite hard looking for screencaps so thanks @sailorcivilian!! You’re blog was a big help. Also, thanks to everyone who supported me & gave me positive feedback about this. I actually don’t know what I’m doing and I’m just doing this for fun aaaaa but I’m glad that you guys liked it. 💓💓💓

Eliza 💖

ig: elaychi 💞

guys I’m developing a serious problem here. I’m also super proud of myself cause this piece only took me about an hour from start to finish to make like is this what they call improvement??
also I forget how amazing the original sailor moon anime was. I’m like an entire 2 episodes in and I felt my life force become restored 🌙️