anonymous: “DID SOMEONE SAY REQUESTS?! (。♥ ∇ ♥。)  I’d love you forever if you drew a sad shiro with tsukiyama and banjou comforting him in their own way? (LOVE your art btw! hhhhhh!)”

omg i know you sent in this request a long time ago…. :”D i loved it and i couldn’t get what i wanted for it! I still have other ideas. Anyways, it’s so cute! thank you! I think they probably know when to give him his space, and when he needs an outing.

Tsukiyama: *whispers* blink if you love me.
Kaneki: oblivious to everything, reading.
Tsukiyama: *blows into Kaneki’s eyes*
Kaneki: *blinks*
Tsukiyama: DOLCE