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Amazing Experience (Play with me)

Just let your imagination go and make a list of 3 or 5 things you will like to experience if you where in any book, mythology, movie or TV show you like.

The rules are:

1. It has to be for an X period of time, human years, months or days.
2. You cannot replace an already existing character.
3. You cannot affect or change with your presence the original history or event that outcome as written on the world/movie/TV show you choose.

My list:

- To live for an entire year in Rivendell among the elves as a human.
- Work for a season on one of the shops in the Diagon Alley.
- Get plugged in first The Matrix movie just to learn how to dance all kinds of rhythms and competition dances while at the same time I learn all the styles of martial art techniques.
- Be part of a paintball game in Community.
- Be a clerk on a hunter’s supply shop in Supernatural on Season 8.

I’m tagging people who may want to try this in this long hiatus upon us.
But if you see this post and want to come along please be my guest and tag me so I can read your amazing journey.
Have fun.

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If you like to tag more people is up to you. I do this for fun and because I’m curious. 😉

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Some people has been acussing littleskrib about art thief for her last artwork.

There is a thing called coincidence and that’s what happened.

We used the same anatomy reference:

And she had the bad luck to do it after me.

Same pose

Same ship

But now you can enjoy it from two different points of view.

We solved this without any problem

So DON’T send her any hate, you hear me?

Tsuki out~

anonymous asked:

can you tag some of your fav/funny spn blogs?

oooh yes of course!! there are SO MANY THOUGH i dont know if i can list them all here but I WILL TRY MY BEST TO BE AS INCLUSIVE AS POSSIBE

art blogs:

fic blogs:


OBVIOUSLY THATS NOT ALL but those are the people that i can remember from the top of my head! if anybody else would like to recommend me more blogs then you are more welcome to! i hope this list helps you out on finding the precious gems of this fandom. cheers! <33