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Hi!! I'm hoping you can help get the word out about this. Theres a person on the site Redbubble, username charmangel who has stolen peoples artwork & is selling it, I've tracked a few artists down & informed them but I'm having trouble finding others. Im not very visible in the fandom myself so i fear if i just post about this on my own blog it won't get as much reach which is why I'm reaching out to others in the fandom.

I just warned to tsuki nekota I don’t know the others, If you know them let them know about this, please (  ´ Д `)ノ   

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Hi. User charmangel on Redbubble has a bunch of stolen SPN art that they are selling. I've managed to contact a couple of the artists who work was stolen but not all, I'm trying to get the word out so I'm messaging loads of SPN blogs/artists in hopes that someone recognizes the artist(S) I've not been able to reach & so the community is aware of this person.

charmangel on Redbubble



Unfort I can only recognize 2 artists here who are @lettiebobettie and @tsuki-nekota ;A;

If anyone else can recognize artists and warn them please do so that a little bit of justice can go through the world!!

2014 in review: my favorite blogs (in alphabetical order)

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dudewheresmypie , fallencannibal , finedininganddestiel , foolmeetwice
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can you tag some of your fav/funny spn blogs?

oooh yes of course!! there are SO MANY THOUGH i dont know if i can list them all here but I WILL TRY MY BEST TO BE AS INCLUSIVE AS POSSIBE

art blogs:

fic blogs:


OBVIOUSLY THATS NOT ALL but those are the people that i can remember from the top of my head! if anybody else would like to recommend me more blogs then you are more welcome to! i hope this list helps you out on finding the precious gems of this fandom. cheers! <33

(I did this really quickly so I know I’m gonna be forgetting a bunch of you, also if you have questions about the picture I don’t know don’t ask)

aesthetic-supreme andwooscott arminarlerted authoriting batgirl9713 castiel-is-his-gay-thing closet-sherlockian crocherlicious countfruit daisyavalin  dantecricco deansass diminuel dynamics-of-an-asteroid elsannafondue estherlune fabstan fallenangelwiththetardis falloutmoriarty fancookie fandomkeeper fivepipsandflowers floccinaucinihilipilificationa fricklefrackle-itsjensenackles fuck-kirk 

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