tsuke obi


Long ago photo (8.5 years?) from when I started daring to wear kimono out while running errands! From checking my blog entry, this outfit was just to run to the post office to pick up some supplies.

This was also the first time I wore wool out, which converted me into a non-silk kimono lover! I also fell in love with this navy blue and green combination, though I rarely wear it.

You can’t really see from this photo, but the Obi (which is actually a 2-piece reversible tsuke obi) has multicolored embroidered dots on it.


How to tie a TSUKE-OBI

  • someone asked earlier, so here’s a YouTube video showing how to do it. the only thing is that in this version she ties both ribbons on the upper side of the sash, I find it more comfortable to tie the sash with the ribbons facing down.