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Dry your eyes now, baby
Broken wings won’t hold you down
You’ll take flight soon, baby
You’ll be lifted up
And you’ll be there

I found out about the death of one of my favorite artists, Monty Oum, today. I have been watching his animations and growth for many years now and it was a big shock to me. The rooster teeth and art community suffered a big loss today.
Thank you for everything Monty, thank you for inspiring me to draw and animate. Thank you for making me believe that it’s never to late to try to achieve your dreams.


Finished Dragon Age Inquisition chibi set!~ <3 I gotta say, I really love all their designs <33

I’m so ready for this game!!
They are available as stickers in my shop! So check em out!

November 18th please come quick…

EDIT: I fixed Cullen’s eye color ^^;

Commission me/Patreon


AU where after Shepard saves the universe, she ends up in a coma and when she wakes up she has amnesia. Garrus and the others try to get her to remember things little by little…..
Deep down Shepard’s heart remembers but her head cannot.

A little prompt I had in my head for a long time and had to get out, it’s short but I hope it’s understandable???


The ladies of DAI are finished <3 I wanted to wait and put up all the boys too, but one of them (*coughIronbullcough*) decided it was okay to get corrupted!
They were so much fun to do~ I made them all varying heights and tried to make them different I hope they still look as cute.

You can preorder the stickers HERE!
Or you can wait until all the boys come out *u*

bioware we need more ladies!

“It’s been a while Shepard. How are you doing? I wore that suit I wore on our "first date”. Though I’m probably not as handsome in it as I was years ago. Happy Birthday….I love you.“

My headcanon is that Garrus and Shepard live together for many many years after the war. Shepard passes before Garrus, but Garrus never remarries or falls in love again, and visits her grave with Grunt on special days like her birthday.

I was listening to THIS and the tears were flowin.
this is the worst happy birthday art ever


Updated commission sheet for the upteenth time, but with better references, and chibi prices raised. ;u;

This is going to be my full time job while I deal with some stressors and going into my last semesters at school….

-Smut/Sex Scenes
-Yaoi, Yuri, or Hentai
-Just about anything, just ask.

-Gore,Vore, or any extreme fetish.

If you’re interested, send me an ask! or email me at Tsukahime15@gmail.com

Payment is due BEFORE I start on it, and I’ll send you WIPS in between.
My other work is in my ART TAG or my ART TUMBLR. I also have a Deviantart under the name Tsukahime.
 If you have any questions or concerns, then feel free to message me on tumblr as well.


DAO bookmarks are done and are up for preorder in my shop!
Preorder orders will be sent out 30th-1st of June, and each bookmark is $5.

Each one will be laminated and I have the option of front and back bookmarks for $2 more.
Order them here!

Dragon age 2 bookmarks are next and then onto Dragon Age Inquisition!


The party set for DA2 is done! ♥♥ I had a lot of fun with these guys, I really like the way they came out.

EDIT: I got them in sooner than I thought I would so they’re all up for regular order now! Buy the entire set HERE!

Or you can order them individually HERE
(Alternatively you can buy the DAO party set HERE!)
Onto Dragon Age Inquisition!!