tsugumi sendo

Territorial Marking (Tsugumi x Daryl)

Series: Guilty Crown
Pairing: Daryl x Tsugumi (STRAIGHT COUPLE)
Rating: 16+ ish. There’s no porn.

Notes: Because someone whined endlessly about no Daryl x Tsugumi Smut. This is the closest I’ll go to because I refuse to porn up a straight couple I find pure. Y n Y 

I also refuse to write their names in okay.


Sitting on him, he kisses her forehead as one hand combs through her hair gently. She looks downwards into his bare chest, flushed with embarrassment. As she was about to lift her head, he then pushed her down, mounting top on all fours. Continuing in combing her hair with one hand, he kisses her in a consistent line; the forehead, cheek, neck, collarbone… He then pulls down the collar of her shirt half way down popping off some buttons, kissing right above where her breast was. Slowly unbuttoning her shirt, his lips continue onto her midway, then to her navel, then to her legs. At this point she was able to feel the heat of his lips all over, unable to stop the fever, she was afraid to voice the desire she felt from his gentle touches. Using the hand which previously combed her hair, it then shifts to caressing the leg he just kissed, and lips now at her neck again. Slowly nibbling, he slightly sticks out his tongue, licking her while his lips places down onto her skin. As he continues on the second kiss, he stops, and instead of moving his lips away, he sucks on her skin; at first gently, then becomes harder by the second. Unable to control, she let out a small whimper of sensitivity, “S-Stop—“. Stopping, he grasps onto her with both his arms, head nuzzles into her neck, and whispers deeply, “Not until you’re completely marked as mine

That’s all I’m writing okay. You guys can hate me all you want. Y n Y;;