I was thinking of testing them out on some shrink flim and turn them into little charms! (and stickersss)  Hopefully, I can start making them this weekend. ;v;  (I’ll make sure to take pics and post them when I do!)

There are soo many more characters that I wish I could draw, but I decided to just go for the main peeps. (although i still wanna add in Digby)

I think it’ll be cute to make one for my mayor too <3 


So these have been technically done for at least of week already, but I forgot to post them, shhhh. Here are my Link and Midna finished charm previews! I really liked how they came out *//v//* 

I’m just hoping Zelda and Skull Kid will come out good as well. (Zelda is giving me such a hard time right now … I can’t make her cute enough ;3; ) 

But I hope you enjoy these babies! <3 


Wahh omg I finally finished some concept outfits for Tsu..Been working on these for a few weeks in between work/school and other things…oh and Pokemon go not working for me lol. I got stuck a few times too, and I don’t even know if these are 100 % finalized but these are the types of things I envision her to wear in game. Model based on my reference sheet: http://tsurusamajor.tumblr.com/post/146160659403/tsubi-uru-ahh-so-for-my-latest-project-ive

1)     Her common/everyday outfit. A gift from Nicco when she moved to Grid :>…more details about that later. The earring design seen are also designed by @niccodai (based off the baron earring set) so kudos to Nicco for that! This outfit is also makeable in game, so if you ever see me in game being casual you’ll most likely see me in it!

2)      Her ‘travel’ outfit, a sort of thing she’d wear for long trips, as its function is meant to be durable during harsh conditions while also managing to keep her presentable. Inspiration comes from the Midas Chestpiece, and Melfina’s outfit from Outlaw Star.

3)      Songstress outfit – Tsu herself is a singer, and eventually stars to perform publicly. Though I don’t feel her songstress look is defined to just one outfit (I imagine her changing garbs depending on the song/scenario) I wanted a defaulted songstress look for her. This outfit gave me the hardest time personally, and it went through many changes. I initially based it on the in game expeditioner’s set cuz of the in game sash, but the final version just didn’t look right, so I scratched it and started over. Took some inspiration from ffx-2 outfits and Macross influences as well. I hope to work on more songstress/singing type outfits in the future!

4)      Training/Combat outfit – While her main in game ‘job’ is Astrologian, she wishes to become stronger physically, and decides to start training on Nicco’s tutelage while living with him, though more into knife wielding than hand to hand combat. Based heavily on my current ninja outfit in game, though I removed the overly large pauldrons generally found on that shirt. Also added bandages (bandages when se?? and not just for mnk pls). Also yeah, a bandana too, cuz yeah w/e gotta get all Narutoe up in hereyah. I may come back to this someday and edit it a bit, Idk…