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Tsubafamily & bonus babbo Ashura☆ Have lots of random selfies taken by myself and Kuro-chin during AnimagiC Saturday including the whole family getting ready, Fai without ponytail (right before Wanwan did my hair övö), Kuro-run’s “I love my flower crown”-face, mr watermelon-sama and “family-dinner-parlor-game” evening (which ended with Kuro-tan, myself and a bottle of sake while the children went to sleep already > v >) - also known as one of the BEST days ever! ♡ I’m still so incredibly happy and looking forward to the photos too! …and psh but Kuro-sama and myself took our first angsty-free couple pictures hnn ////

Kurogane Week: Coming Soon!!

A whole week dedicated to everyone’s favorite ninja dad will be coming to a dimension-hopping destination near you very soon. However! In order to make this a success we need your help, the lovely fans. This blog is now accepting suggestions for daily prompts. They can range from anything like “Favorite Moments” to “Magical Girl AU” - almost anything goes!

Here are a few rules:

  • Please only send three (3) or fewer prompts. Anon is on so we’re trusting you all to be honest
  • Keep in mind prompts must be able to be filled in all kinds of ways (fanfic, fanart, edits, photo/gifsets, AMV/MMV, etc) so we can include everyone
  • Keep the prompts neutral so that it does not exclude shippers (i.e. we’re not going to have a “KuroFai” Day because that’s not fair to all the other shippers)
  • Hate will not be tolerated. We’re here to have fun and celebrate Kurogane