tsubasa chronicle: tokyo revelations


OT3, а что такого… Додай себе сам, если в оригинале твой любимый персонаж появился на минут так… 5 ._.

Чем мне [не]нравится цубасовский Субару - это своей унылостью-страдательностью. Какой-то микс из Х’овского Субару (по Характеру) и токийского (возрастом-внешностью). Это как-то странно, не могу определиться в своём отношении к нему. 

А вот Камуи перемены к лицу, прям мужЫг, а не фиялка какая! Ну а Сэйширо везде хорош <3


Eye Loss tw animated gore tw arm loss tw animated self inflicted injury tw (please ask if you need any other warnings mentioned for stuff like this!)

Dangan ronpa 3 future arc spoilers mirai hen spoilers

And I guess

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles- Tokyo Revelations Spoilers and Shunraiki spoilers

Phew okay so after watching episode 11 of the future arc, I finally realized why I liked Munakata and Juzo so much as a couple.

If you’re not familiar with Tsubasa, it’s a work by CLAMP. I much prefer the manga if you’re interested, but I know the OVAs so well it was easier to get screen caps for them.

The two characters in it that parallel Juzo and Munakata are (respectably), Kurogane and Fai. Their similarities are… Honestly to the point that I wonder if Kodaka knows about tsubasa.

They have almost the exact same plot lines, they look similar, and there’s some strikingly similar dialogue as I’ve shown in this post.

It’s amazing that it’s down to the injuries, with arm loss and eye loss specifically.

Also of note is that Kurogane is a ninja from feudal Japan, and basically ends up being Fai’s “bodyguard”.

It took forever to get all of these screencaps on my phone, all the danganronpa ones are from episode 11 of future arc, and the screencaps from tsubasa are from episodes 2 and 3 of Tokyo Revelations and episode 1 of Shunraiki!

If anyone wants me to talk more about the parallels, just ask! This post is honestly very basic, I just wanted to throw out this comparison before someone else did. Tsubasa is kind of my thing…