The NEW original Star vs the Forces of Evil monthly comic book series comes out today!  I’m SO excited! These comics are wonderfully written by Zach Marcus and beautifully illustrated by Devin Taylor! Both work on Star! Ask for them at your local comic book store, or order them directly from JoeBooks!  Store.JoeBooks.com

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[eng subbed] 160926 Star Show 360 - EXO (yt)


last four requests, all the requests were such a fun to draw! thank you a lot, guys! :3

Sam and Sam for mrblanchett (who wanted Sam Vimes but did not specify, so here are both because I love them so much ♥)
Ran and Hibi for iracher (sorry I don’t know anime Slayers, but I couldn’t refuse request for drawing my favorite manga, there is lot of them though, but Ran to Haiiro no Sekai is certainly one them <3)
Luke for Anonymous (I’m so glad I’ve finally got opportunity to draw him, I have always been so in love with him :D)
and the book scene where the trio goes to visit dog Sirius during their hogsmead trip for zoosemiotics :3

I’m so sorry to all of you whose requests I didn’t manage to draw, maybe next time ^^

The first of issue of the Star Vs The Forces of Evil comic series comes out today!  It seems like it was only yesterday over half a year ago when Devin Taylor (my immensely talented artist) and I started working together on it.  I’m very lucky to have him to turn my words into beautiful comics and jokes.

Check for it at your local comic books shop, or wherever dope comics are sold.

Cat Locks in Star Trek ‘Tribble’ Costume for Halloween

It’s not quite October yet, but Stanley, a local cat, has already decided on his costume.

“He’s a huge Star Trek fan, especially the original series from the ‘60s,” says Carol Salinger, a source familiar with the situation. “So he’s going trick-or-treating this year as a Tribble.”

The famous fictional aliens from the Shatner-led show made their first appearance in an episode titled “The Trouble With Tribbles” in 1967.

“They’re basically little balls of fluff,” explains Salinger. “The best part is, Stanley doesn’t even need to buy a costume. He’s just going to scrunch himself up into a little ball.”

via Noerdy