Pairing: TsubakixBlack*Star [Tsustar]
Word Count: 592
Mood Music: [First chunk] [Second Chunk]

The pair had intented to get to sleep early โ€“ really truly. They had meant to. Though as soon as Black*Star crawled into bed with Tsubaki there was a different story. What started off as a fit of giggles and poking at eventually turned into a pair of hands being held, curling up beside one another, testing to see how close they could get to one another while still staying comfortable.

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Resbang 2015 summary masterlist

Weโ€™re heading into the last stretch of 2015โ€™s Resonance Bang! Here for everyoneโ€™s browsing pleasure is a compilation of the amazing collaborations that you can expect to be seeing once December hits! Weโ€™ll also be queuing up these promos individually for the length of November โ€“ we hope you like and reblog and keep getting pumped for Resbang!

One of the things we encourage is to self-promote. All the cool kids are doing it. When you see your promo post, reblog the shiz outta that sucker. And donโ€™t let public summaries be your only form of advertisementโ€“ make some hype for your resbang! Youโ€™ve probably already seen the gif memes and aesthetic posts. Get creative! (Just remember not to post any actual content from your project before your assigned date.)

Other things:

  • Be sure to check out the Soul Eater Review Squad!
  • Catch the mods and other resbangers on Discord
  • Resbang 2015 schedule: 2015

Got a question?

  • Email the mods at resbangmod@gmail.com
  • Send the mods an ask on @resbangmodโ€‹

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