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anonymous asked:

ok but imagine, tsubaki and the melancholy squad doing the harlem shake, while sakuya and lilac are in the background, confused and/or horrified

OH MY GOD, OMG, anon, I’m laughing X’D Just imagine, it would be SO glorious~ Tsubaki and Beru would be getting super into it and Shamrock would try too hard to please his master and fail and Higan would just do whatever because he can’t remember the moves, and OH GOD imagine Otogiri doing the Harlem Shake with that super blank expression of hers, it would be GOLD! And background Lilac looking super confused what’s going on and Sakuya really really wishing for a long break on a deserted island, far, far away from these idiots. I’m SO down for this idea! Fandooooom, somebody please draw thiiiiis~? *puppy-dog eyes*