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I feel like we don’t talk up the weapons enough. I mean, no offense to the meisters– they’re brave and badass and awesome as hell, but I feel like we don’t talk about how equally amazing the weapons are?

From first glance, it may not seem that the weapons do much at all except lay stagnant in the hands of their Meister but dude?? They’re out there. They’re on the front lines. The Meister may be soft and squishy but the weapon is the one who takes the blow. They protect and they guard and they are selfless to the point of giving me cold sweats.

Also, resonance? Yeah, they amplify and help stream it and that is a huuuuuge thing. That is super cool and amazing and they do such a great job. Good work guys.

And I think the weapons may also have some sort of sway on accuracy and precision, judging by the practicing Soul and Maka did, and how Spirit’s actions seemed to have consequences on Stein and Shinigami-sama’s battles (“Senpai, don’t move”/ spirit screaming as they attack Asura) and think how VIGILANT. How much CONCENTRATION that must take. One mistake and your partner’s life could be at risk. God, what a monumental job.

The Meisters are awesome but I feel like they kinda get most of the glory– let’s give it up for the weapons.

okay okay okay

so I reread soul eater over the last week because I love that manga a whole lot and of course a bnha crossover idea popped into my head. because I have too many things already in the works to actually, yknow, write it, here’s my basic outline:

-midoriya izuku wants to be the world’s greatest meister, just like all might-a meister who can wield any weapon- but his dreams are crushed when a doctor tells him that his soul wavelength is unusually weak and that he’ll likely never be able to resonate with anyone

-hes still childhood friends with bakugou btw and ofc that boy has been able to transform into a weapon since he was like four…he and izuku cant resonate at all, despite trying…bakugou has trouble resonating with p much anyone (a point we will return to LATER!)

-but ANYWAY! Izuku still meets up with all might when he’s in middle school and all might p much tells him his soul is too weak for him to a meister…until bakugou is attacked by a kishin and, despite the fact that it burns is hands horribly, izuku does his best to wield him and ends up beating the kishin

-all might finds him again and agrees to help him become strong enough to attend UA (Japan’s version of the DWMA)…it’s pretty much the same physical and mental training as in bnha canon (because a sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body)

-so after a year of that izuku gets into UA and starts considering potential partners (and here is where we meet our lovely weapons and their equally as lovely meisters)

-kaminari is a shortsword that can electrify people…his meister ends up being jirou who is adept at reading and sensing souls through sound

-bakugou is a bazooka that sends out fairly strong shockwaves when firing…his meister kirishima is one of the few people who can withstand them because he’s physically strong and has a v dense soul

-todoroki is a set of gauntlets attached by a chain that are hot and cold…he was created by his meister father to be an ultimate weapon, but he refuses to resonate with anyone…he tries to fight on his own, but during a fight with the villain alliance midoriya ends up wielding him and their souls resonate…they form a tentative partnership

-iida is the latest in a long line of tenyas who have fought without a wielder…idk what his full weapon form would be yet…maybe a chainsaw? but that doesn’t seem quite right for iida…hmmm. i’ll think on it

-hagakure is a multiform weapon (think tsubaki from original soul eater) who is invisible in her human form thanks to an encounter with a witch when she was young…ojiro is her meister and they resonate together very well

-uraraka, yayoruzu and asui all attend UA, but study in the general classes and (spoiler alert) all three are actually witches interested both on spying on UA and on improving witch/meister relations

-I don’t have the rest quite figured out, but I know I want sero to be a tape-gun, for ayoyama to be a laser belt and for mineta not to fucking exist

-but anyway! Those are the children (such good kids I love them)

-so the antagonist here would be the villain alliance, but instead of being villains, they’re weapons who feel slighted by the system…I have less specifics figured out here, but I know that theyre all weapons who take turns wielding each other and hate the idea that weapons always need to be prepared to die for their meisters, ect. ect.

-stain is a separate thing…he’s a kind of pre-kishin who uses madness a paralytic…those with bad soul perception (like Deku) wouldn’t be as impacted by people like Jirou who do have strong perception

-and beyond that the sky’s the limit, I guess! I think the plot would be mainly about the societal tensions between meisters, weapons, witches and ordinary humans…eventually the witches at UA would be found out and class 1-A would have to decide if they’re gonna stand with their friends or the school, that kinda thing

-I dunno! it’s something that I might write someday, but for now its just an idea…let me know if you want to hear more! 

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I've thought of this when I saw ur Soul Eater art (love it!), South Park X Soul Eater! The South Park characters in Soul Eater! Thank you if you notice me! T-T

also i think cartman would be as black star with butters as tsubaki and craig’s weapons as ummm… tweak and tomas

Let's talk about

Young Soul who is first learning about using his weapon abilities and understanding the whole meister/weapon thing.
Young Soul who goes to Tsubaki to understand the whole being a weapon thing since she’s known it her whole life.
Young Soul who listens to Tsubaki talk about weapon problems that he’s beginning to understand.

Tsubaki who mediates between Soul and Maka as they all grow up together.

Basically Soul grows up in Death City after being admitted into DWMA with Tsubaki as his big sister.

/Big sister Tsubaki and little brother Soul Eater Evans/

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Hey have you ever thought of a Royai Souleater AU? and if so what weapon is part of the pair?

Why yes, yes I have. Let’s go down in this rabbit hole, shall we? I would’ve answered this earlier today, but I got it while I was at work, so it gave me some time to think about it. (A LOT OF TIME. PREPARE.) I got really caught up in this AU, so it’s going to be more than just Royai. Let’s have it for a full-on FMA/Soul Eater AU.

Roy is a Meister and is known as the strongest Meister to have ever graduated from the DWMA. He’s a bit of a legend, known for having killed not just one but two witches when he was trying to turn his Death Weapon partner (Riza - because I am predictable if nothing else) into a Death Scythe. Everyone is kind of in awe of him. He’s one of the few Meisters that actually comes back to the DWMA often after graduating, as he works closely with Lord Death. He’s got a knack for politics and is often the one that helps coordinate missions around the world when the DWMA has to track down rogue souls, Kishin eggs, or witches.

When he was younger, he learned early on how to manipulate his soul wavelength and eventually others’ wavelengths, even to a certain ability if he’s not connected with them. He used the ability as a teenager to mess with his fellow classmates and persuade teachers to let him off easy. It also helps him have an easy way with women, whom he’s very popular with. Roy is, of course, a huge flirt and he’s incredibly charming, wavelength control ability aside – but then he never seems to be dating anyone either. With his ease to be compatible with most Demon Weapons, he likes to say that he’s merely a free spirit and doesn’t like the idea of being tied down. (He’s most definitely tied down.) His soul resembles a blue bonfire if seen through Soul Perception, which you know this asshat has.

Roy was happy to travel around the world after graduating, but he doesn’t like to admit that he missed his old Weapon partner. His first year and a half at DWMA, he went partnerless, working on his ability to manipulate his soul wavelength and even use it as a weapon a la Soul Menace (like, you guessed it, Stein), except instead of electric-like shocks, his comes out looking more like flames. He was compatible with most Weapons, but decided against a partnership every time. And then came along Riza. Some Demon Weapons are able to partially transform and attack on their own, but she was new and had difficulty controlling her ability to transform into a Weapon. When she was younger and first started at the DWMA, she was only able to transform into a high caliber rifle capable of shooting out soul wavelength blasts. She wasn’t compatible with anyone and things seemed rather hopeless.

Never one to back down for a challenge and considering his natural compatibility, Roy partnered up with her. It felt like fire the first time they resonated with one another. Roy had never met any Weapon with as much untapped power as Riza. She was shocked too since she thought Roy was just some arrogant snot. From that moment on though, they became partners and practically inseparable. As they got older, Riza learned that she was capable of transforming into different gun weapon forms, an ability passed down through her family. She’s able to turn into a handgun, semi-automatic rifle, sniper rifle, and even a damn rocket launcher. No matter who wields her, she is nearly always 100% accurate with her shots. To say that she and Roy were an exceptionally dangerous pair at the DWMA would’ve been an understatement.

Upon turning Riza into a “Death Scythe” and graduating from the DWMA, they parted ways, as most Meisters and Demon Weapons do. Neither of them wanted to, but they had separate jobs that they had taken and both were too stubborn and shy to admit that maybe they saw each other as more than just partners and best friends. Riza became the Death Scythe overlooking Oceania while Roy basically became the face of the DWMA and master of politics, jumping into battles as needed. He was compatible with any Weapon, so he didn’t need for it to be Riza. He just… well, he definitely missed her. Very few Weapons held a candle to Riza, in his opinion.

Cue years later. There are some particularly gifted yet troublesome students at the DWMA that Lord Death wants to keep an eye on and cultivated. Thinking it’s a good idea (and honestly, just for funsies, because Lord Death is ridiculous), he convinces Roy to take a position as a professor at the DWMA. He’s spent a lot of time traveling the world, but Roy misses Death City, so he decides to return. For the past two years or so, he’s been partnered up with a specific Demon Weapon, Maes Hughes, who can transform into a curved sword that is capable of being thrown and return back like a boomerang. At first, Hughes joins in, planning on probably bouncing back to Europe, when he meets the school nurse, Gracia, and falls absolutely head over heels. Roy has since then been forced to listen to Hughes who goes on and on about his stunning wife and adorable daughter.

Life was great. Death City was fun. His job was good. His best friend was annoying, but still his best friend, despite their differences. And then six months into his job teaching at the DWMA, the second part of Lord Death’s absurd plan came into motion. He decided to move some of the Death Scythes around. Hughes was taken on as Lord Death’s official “Death Scythe”, which left Roy without a full-time Weapon partner. Another Death Scythe wanted to take the Oceania position to be closer with their family, and so Roy came to the DWMA one day and ran right into Riza, who was transferred to Death City, both of them unknowing that she was to be his Weapon partner again. When questioned about why they weren’t told that they were going to be paired up once more, Lord Death claimed that he “forgot”. Of course. He’s old; his memory isn’t quite what it used to be. (But he knew damn well how amazing Roy and Riza were together as partners and even that they pined after one another.) As you might not know, Meisters and their Weapons typically live together, so Riza moved in with Roy shortly after. His place was the epitome of a bachelorpad. So many people wonder how she can stand living with him, what with all the females that he entertains, but she is one of the few people that knows that his foster mother owns ChupaCabra, a gentleman’s club, and that those women aren’t actually his dates. Hughes knows that Roy is head over heels for Riza and constantly makes jokes about them shacking up together and starting a family.

Oh - and those troublesome yet gifted students? You bet your ass one of them is Edward. He and his little brother Alphonse are unique in the fact that both of them are able to transform into Demon Weapon forms (both scythes, although Ed’s is sharper), but instead of being paired with other people, Ed took on the role of Meister while Al is his partner as a Weapon. Al is capable of wielding Ed in Weapon form (like the Thompson sisters) should something happen, but it’s obvious that Ed is best used as the Meister, considering his strong Anti-Demon wavelength ability. Winry is a Meister as well with Paninya as her Demon Weapon partner. Everyone is, of course, amused by the fact that Paninya turns into a wrench – that is until they get wacked over the head by her. Winry also has a talent in Soul Perception, although it’s much weaker than Roy’s since she’s so young and not used to it.

Ling Yao is also a Meister, partnered up with Lan Fan, who is able to transform into multiple ninja weapons (like Tsubaki). Ling and Edward often butt heads with one another, as Ling is older and taller and likes to tease Edward for being so short, but they often work together on missions and hang out a lot in and out of class. (Both of them have received detention multiple times for attempting to sneak into the kitchen after hours together.) May is a new Meister student at the DWMA. She and Ling generally stay away from each other, as they don’t like people knowing that they’re half siblings – but Ling is secretly and absurdly protective of her, to the point that he’ll find ways to attach himself to any mission she gets sent on if he deems it too dangerous. I’m still trying to figure out who her partner would be, although I’m thinking she doesn’t have one yet and is similar to Roy in the fact that she’s able to use her soul wavelength as an offensive weapon. Everyone is stunned at how powerful of a punch she packs, Roy included. She turns into a squeaking blushing mess whenever Alphonse compliments her skills and basically runs away.

Other notable people would be Olivier Mira Armstrong, one of the most feared Death Scythes. She was able to turn herself into a Death Scythe on her own, without the help of a Meister. (Apparently the ability is passed down through the Armstrong generation.) Needless to say, she’s a legend and people are properly scared of her. She often intimidates and scoffs at Roy, calling him useless without a Weapon (which he’s not). The two of them banter with each other all the time – though it’s never friendly. Roy enjoys getting a rise out of her. Hughes has learned to stay clear of the DWMA when Olivier is around because Roy will undoubtedly set her off. She has been known to say that Roy isn’t worthy of being Riza’s Meister.

I’ll think of where Team Mustang fits into this somehow. I like the idea of Havoc being a Demon Weapon, like a long range crossbow able to shoot out wavelength arrows, and maybe Rebecca is his Meister, something which confuses everyone because they always seem to be arguing, even in the middle of missions and on the battlefield. (It’s a good distraction technique obviously.) If you think of anyone else for this AU, let me know and I should be able to figure out a spot for them. As we all know, I am WEAK for AUs. (I believe Shay aka @the-flame-and-hawks-eye wrote a Royai Soul Eater AU one shot as well!)

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Tsubaki and BlackStar, broken

He killed the thing with his bare hands, but he feels no sense of accomplishment in the act. Instead he sits by a bed in a small tiled room and waits, insides in knots, heart somewhere around his toes. He can’t let go of her hand, the only part of her that’s bandage-free.

It’s been this way for thirteen days. He hasn’t been coming to class, but Maka’s been bringing him work (and the answers) because she knows exactly what he’s going through. Sometimes she joins him, sitting teary-eyed by the bed for hours at a time. Soul comes too, of course- they’re never far from one another. Black*Star feels a pang when he looks at them, Soul’s hand resting on Maka’s shoulder. Kid, Liz, and Patti sometimes drop in too, telling stories to try and make him feel better. But eventually it peters out, because of the fact that Tsubaki is asleep, and perhaps will never wake.

One day, Nygus tells him she may not be able to transform again.

Bullshit!” Black*Star shouts. Somehow he’s on his feet, fists clenched at his sides. “Bullshit!

Still, he waits, thoughts chasing each other in aimless, awful circles. By sheer force of will he keeps the looming doubts from gobbling up his mind, instead chanting wake up wake up wake up under his breath and focusing intensely on her face. It’s strange, actually. She’s never kept him waiting this long before.

She comes to at two forty-three in the morning. Black*Star is woken by her hand in his hair. At first, he thinks he’s dreaming, but beneath the bandages he can see her smile, the glimmer in her indigo eyes. “Hi, Black*Star,” she says (he’s really missed the sound of her voice).

His shout of her name sends Nygus running.

“Black*Star, you’re going to reopen all her wounds,” says the nurse tiredly, prying the overexcited meister’s arms from around his weapon. Tsubaki smiles. “It’s okay,” she gasps, even as she massages her side.

“Tsubaki,” says Nygus. Suddenly her voice is sharper. More alert. Something in it makes both freeze. “Yes?” Tsubaki says hesitantly. “Get up,” says Nygus, ignoring Black*Star’s splutter of outrage.

For a long time, nothing happens.

“Tsubaki, you heard what she said! Get up!”

When she replies, Tsubaki’s voice is very small. “I can’t.


The wedding is small. This comes as a surprise, because Black*Star is prone to big, wild bashes that go on until three o’clock in the afternoon the next day. But the simplicity appeals to Maka. She recognizes her friend’s touch, mellowing her soon-to-be husband’s vivacity.

When Tsubaki’s father wheels her down the aisle, Maka cries unabashedly. Soul exhales loudly, a sound probably meant to be a snort but didn’t quite make it. Even though it’s been five years since, the former pair has kept their relationship strong. Black*Star can’t wield her any more, but to him, that made no difference. It was only at her urging that he got a new partner, a man whose name Maka doesn’t care to remember at the moment.

Their status as a weapon and meister may be broken along with Tsubaki’s back, but their relationship is quite certainly the opposite.