20 Anime Challenge                                                                                  6) Favorite Anime Couples (some are pretty canon, others are my own OTP so please don’t get mistaken or pissed at me)

  • Soul x Maka (Soul Eater) [seemed pretty canon yet again might just be my OTP]
  • Rin x Shiemi (Blue Exorcist) [yeahhhh. pretty canon]
  • Rin x Haruka (Free!) [LOL this is pretty OTP buttttttt the dicrectors can say otherwise XD]
  • Inuyasha x Kagome (Inuyasha) [CANON AS FUCK!]
  • Hikaru x Haruhi (Ouran Highschool Host Club) [well… its not canon, but the directors made this shippable therefore i ship it, my OTP]
  • Tomoe x Nanami (Kamisama Kiss) [CANON AS SHIT]
  • Yato x Hiyori (Noragami) [pretty canon]
  • Naruto x Sakura (Naruto) [yes my OTP.. i dont have to say anything if you read the last chapters of naruto.]
  • Eren x Mikasa (Attack on Titan) [idk about it being canon. it seems like it but i ship it ether way. and eren x levi too ;)]
  • Aoba x Noiz (DRAMAtical Murder) [the fact that they made this scene i quess we can call it canon. but again this is my OTP.]
The Composition of a Soul [Resbang 2014]

Summary: Soul is a man-made demon, built from lost body parts of other demons. His life has always been a game of cat-and-mouse. Then he met Maka, a human with a strange soul, and everything both came together and fell apart. [The Recipe for Gertrude AU]
Character death, violence, self-harm (non-detailed).

Word count: 28k

Fanfiction.net link: here

A huge thanks to wingsof-flame and amberlehcar for being amazing and patient artists, and an equally huge thanks to professor-maka, who beta’d this monster even as I drew close to the last minute (and who put up with my fangirling over The Recipe for Gertrude!). You are all amazing, and I couldn’t have done it without you!! <33


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