Just a Soul Eater AU that I’ve been itching to do. It’s an AU where the gang are college students and anime otakus. This idea most likely has been done somewhere before, but oh well. 

Here’s the basic idea:

The bright and diligent Maka Albarn is a hardcore anime fan who has been in love with the genre for as long as she could remember. Unfortunately, her love for anime caused her classmates in her private high school to be rather awkward around her and/or to spurn her existence, leaving her with no “true companions” by the time she graduated. In an effort to avoid a repeat of her high school years, Maka made a vow that she’ll keep her otaku habits to herself as a college student. 

This means no talking about anime, no listening to anime music, and not having any anime merchandise that’ll make her stand out (excluding the hair ties with the logo of her favorite show, of course. Those are limited edition and not worth hiding in a box!) 

The plan seemed easy enough, and was made even easier when she moved into her father’s home on the other end of the country to attend Death University, giving Maka an all new blank slate to restart her image. 

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War is upon us. All havoc will break out any day now, I can sense it. I roam around the halls of the DWMA and see students trembling in wake of the upcoming battle. They are scared, and quite rightly too. I am, however, optimistic. I will be fighting beside some of the greatest fighters I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Together we have never lost and we won’t lose this battle either. So, buckle up my friends, it’s time to show Deimos and Phobos the price of messing with my planet.
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Soul Eater Characters as Mom's

Soul: cool mom B)
Maka: Nerd mom, will do your homework for you by mistake because all you did was ask for help on one problem tbh
Black Star: that one mom that will probably fight the other moms at the pta bake sale
Tsubaki: the mom that will spoil you
Death the kid: Pageant mom, like straight up in the audience doing the dance to make sure their child is doing it right
Lord death: that one mom that’s trying to be cool and makes “fun pizza”
Liz: Shopping mom. If somethings wrong they will take you shopping until you drop
Patty: the “I have no idea whats going but I can roll with it” mom
Crona: stressed but well dressed mom
Excalibur: that mom that always goes “when I was your age”
Spirit: Cougar mom
Dr. Stein: that mom that googles what you could be sick with instead of taken you to the hospital
Medusa: Mid-life crisis mom