Inseong has been nominated as a potential participant for the second season of Girl Spirit which appears to have decided to open a male group as well as the female stars.

For those who don’t know what Girl Spirit is, it was designed to show off the vocal talents of 12 female vocalist from rookie groups who have yet to achieve mainstream success. They could perform one English song and bring on a “featured artist” too. 

It is unclear if the same format will apply to the male group but this would be an incredible chance for Inseong to showcase his vocals through this show. They also are given gurus who give the artists feedback and help them to perform at their best so it would him to improve his vocals even further.

Please vote for Inseong here: http://auditionzine.com/season-2.  Scroll down to the third poll (Mobile)/the poll on the right(PC) and find his name, fill in the captcha and click vote!! 

The poll should be called:  JTBC 걸스피릿 시즌2에 추천하는 보이그룹(Boys Group) 메인보컬은? (only 1 선택, 1일1회 (after 24 hours)) and his name is under as “ Inseong from KNK”

Youjin has also been nominated for the JTBC poll! Feel free to vote for either him or Inseong! Just follow the same instructions as above

Jihun has also been nominated for Hit The Stage season 2 which is also a poll on this website. Either the first poll (Mobile) or the one on the left (PC).

[!] MONSTA X and other groups to appear on Running Man!

Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, and I.M are together in Haha’s team. Shownu and Jooheon are together in Kim Jongkook’s team. Episode to be broadcasted on October 2nd!