Beyond the Boundary CE from Sentai: Details from AX 2015 Panel

I don’t know if anybody else has posted this information or not, but I recently watched parts of the Sentai Filmworks AX panel from 7/2/2015 courtesy of YouTube user Sahvin Panichpong. The video is below.

Director of the English language version of Beyond the Boundary, Christopher Ayres, presented live unboxing of the Beyond the Boundary Collector’s Edition.

The video is 360p and taken from a distance so I’m guessing on the artwork being used in comparison to the Japanese releases so take my personal “looks like” comments with a grain of salt.

The set includes the following:

  • Chipboard box featuring key visual art.
  • All 12 episodes + Episode 0 OVA.
  • 2 amaray cases with both BD and DVD w/ double-sided covers.
  • “Companion book” featuring 96-pages. Looks to have the same content as the “Shibahime” booklets included in the Japanese releases.
  • Extras Box containing the bonus items which features artwork that looks to be from the Japanese BD/DVD covers.
  • 4 double-sided character cards. Looks like the “megane cards” included with the first-press releases from Japan.
  • Foil sticker with the Beyond the Boundary logo in “blood red foil” and is double sided with artwork on the back.
  • 2 metal pins: Blue bucket that Mirai “kills” in the first episode and Mirai’s blood sword.
  • Idol costume Mirai sticker.
  • Lenticular ruler.
  • Replica of Mirai’s iconic red glasses.
  • 13" x 19" double-sided poster featuring key visual artwork. Looks to be the same art as on the chipboard box.
  • Red Lanyard with art “inspired by Mirai’s blood clan.”
  • Authenticity certificate card.
  • Exclusive Good Smile Mirai Kuriyama Picktam! Strap with reversible face.

The Collector’s Edition has an MSRP of $179.98.
Release date is set for 10/13/2015.