Protest Too Much (19): Comfort

“You should have worn a jacket,” Shizuo tells Izaya almost before he has the door open to let the other in. “You’re going to freeze if you keep wandering around town like you have been.”

“Merry Christmas to you too,” Izaya says, but he’s quick enough to follow Shizuo into the entryway that Shizuo bumps against him as he lets the door swing shut again. “It’s fine, it’s not even that cold.”

“It is cold,” Shizuo tells him, reaching out to press his palm against the wind-chilled air clinging to Izaya’s shirt. At least it’s thicker than the ones he sometimes wears; those leave him shivering so badly he can barely speak coherently for minutes after he makes it to Shizuo’s house. “What do you have against being comfortable?”

“I’m fine,” Izaya says, and he’s pulling away before Shizuo can reach out to stop him, moving to sit at the edge of the entryway as he pulls his shoes off. “It just makes me happier to be here.”

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“You tsundere ass biotch”

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Flowers from fans for DRRR!! Seiyuu Event「DRRRash!!」6.18 -  Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke interjecting a fight between Izaya and Shizuo 

Among the many flowers for Izaya, Shizuo, and other casts, there’s this huge flower stand that depicts an illustration of Kamiya Hiroshi (Izaya’s voice actor) and Ono Daisuke (Shizuo’s voice actor) trying to stop the fight between their characters.

FYI just in case: Izaya and Shizuo’s seiyuu are known among their colleague, and even among fans as very close partners. In the industry, they are professionally regarded as each other’s strongest counterpart, or otherwise known in Japan as the the “Golden Duo” for anything these two touch is guaranteed success. I believe the popularity of both Izaya and Shizuo as characters (and themselves, together), is in no small contribution, thanks to their seiyuu.

Images posted here courtesy of @hakotaee.


Fan reports of the DRRRash!! seiyuu event: 

Right now im anxious for BD/DVD announcement, lol.