She was the hero,
the one to bring them all together. 
She was the villain, 
the one who lost all she ever had. 
She was the child, 
the one breaking apart under everything
     (i never wanted any of this)
—  and the lonely lost girl crumbled into dust (lost in the ravages of time) || e.q.

The comments section under the Forces Of Destiny trailer is full of butthurt misogynist pieces of garbage and it’s infuriating.
Having the nerve of asking about “a boy version” when the first 6 movies, a bunch of comics and books and 3 more animated shows literally all have a MALE lead is honestly ridiculous, sad, arrogant and stupid.

Yes, Star Wars could use more diversity that’s a fact and that’s for sure.
But apparently men care about concepts such as “equality” and “diversity” only when they’re not included in something. They feel the need of tearing down positive female role models just for the sake of their fragile, fragile, ego because they’re incapable of appreciating characters for who they are like women were forced to do for literally centuries. This is just starting to change and here they are ready to yell their awful, ignorant, “opinions” about how “this is not fair”, “this is sexist”, “this is discriminating”. Using these words that have such a deep, powerful meaning for all minorities all around the world to support their senseless arguments must be one of the cringiest things I’ve ever had the displeasure to witness to.

That said, if you agree with any of this bullshit unfollow me right now.
I’ve had enough of making myself smaller to make these childish idiots feel less threatened.

Day 6 - Parent/Parenthood

“She-she’s got your eyes!”
“She laughs just like you, Black Star! But in a cuter, ‘baby’ way.”

My sister and I have this headcanon that if ever Black Star and Tsu-chan marry and have children (or in this case, a daughter), they’d name her Katherine.

Weird Cravings

This is part of my WP AU. And yes I did post it earlier but I wasn’t sure about it so I deleted it. I’m sorry. There will also be another cravings fic that comes before this one.

Soul slammed the refrigerator door and placed the jar of tomato sauce on the table. “Star,” he said into the phone nestled between his ear and shoulder, “you don’t even know, man. Maka’s cravings have gone from watermelon at three in the morning to dipping sardines in tomato sauce. It’s really gross and the smell is even worse.”

“It’s not gross,” Maka mumbled as she rubbed her protruding belly.

“You are literally eating stinky little fish with sauce you put on a pizza.”

“I think you’re forgetting that some people actually do eat pizza with sardines as the topping.” Maka popped one of the fish in question into her mouth and swallowed it whole.

“But they don’t exactly eat it without there being crust or cheese or anything else that goes on a fucking pizza.”

“I’m pregnant, Soul! These things happen!”

He groaned and left the kitchen. “Why did I have to marry a hardheaded woman?”

“I heard that!” Maka yelled.

“You were supposed to!” Soul retorted before speaking back into the phone. “So can you come over, and help me with fixing the plumbing?”

“Don’t worry, Soul! Your god will be over there asap! And by the way, leave me out some things to try that fall under Maka’s cravings,” Star told him.

Soul made a face that the other man couldn’t see. “Are you sure about that, Star? Some of the things she’s eaten lately don’t really look, uh… appetizing.”

“Hey, if Maka can eat while making another person in her stomach, I can eat it just fine!”

“Whatever you say.” Soul rolled his eyes. “So you’ll be over in fifteen?”

“Yep,” Star said and then hung up. The man was never one for casual goodbyes.

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