tsu tsukihiko

“Gather at the secret base
The summer days that we laughed together
"Maybe we can recall them someday, and meet again”

Hi everyone! With only a few hours left before the anime release, we have reached the final day of this festival, mekakucity actors day! It’s been a really fun time to see everyone’s contributions towards the festival. Between the entries for last year for mekakucity records and the ones of this year we’ve reached over 800 submissions from everyone!

Given how this may be also the last time to look forward to something new in Kagerou Project like this, this is also the last festival. Or well, maybe someday we could try doing it again!

I also wanted to thank everyone for their support and help towards this festival. This is a special mention to the tumblr users that contributed towards the festival this year, there is no specific order to this, but you are all amazing and made these days a really fun festival!

porfonto-porifin | mel-kun | waffuri | absurdchaan | krourou2
jinorin | queenoblivia | m-e-i-chi | kurokonoha | usausa-art
yui-matsunagi | kogami-sketchbook | cerudayo | blurockshooter
somebodyudunno | shrimpaca | hynori | lipt-97 | kuroharii
thetrueoverlordbear | kagerouyears | fuumika | setosuu
mekakuchildren | totomaroll | yuunachi | sekai-seifuckyou
whynotwrybread | bloodstainedteatime | kujojotat
takane-ene-dennougirl | ehlsavarin | shinigakukoeru | ellieosegueda
shinsekaiwodaikirai | yatsugare | knighttalesdeceive | konoharu
haru-uuu | shiegoya | facets-and-rainbows | mikudere
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destroyerofcheese | fuyuyuu | bana-kun | yuseirra | ayanetateyama   askchocograham-chan | theredscarfofheros | pipeline-chan

Since it’s now Mekakucity Actors day, you are now free to submit anything about any kagepro character, or preferably group pictures with everyone in it! Go all out today! Submit as many things as you want and anything you want, let’s celebrate mekakucity actors day and finish this festival with everything we’ve got!