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I love everything Natsume you've written, especially the ones tagged with Natsume protection squad, cause it's great to see them being protective of this adorable cinnamon roll. And a prompt: takashi isnt feeling well, but remembering how being sick has burdened his past fosters, he's reluctant to let anyone know. Bonus point for including nishimura and kitamoto.

“Na–tsu–me,” Nishimura says too brightly. “I have a question for you!”

Sensing danger, Natsume lifts his aching head slowly and eyes his classmate with all the wariness he deserves. “What is it?”

“Well, I was just wondering why you told Touko-san you didn’t have a fever,” he says, still oozing with that false sense of cheer, “when it’s pretty obvious that you do?”

“Nishimura,” he starts, realizing too late where this is going. Nishimura doesn’t give ground.

“I get the feeling that whatever you’re about to say isn’t some variation of ‘you’re so right, Nishimura, and I was so wrong!’ so I don’t really wanna hear it.”

“Since when are you Class Two’s mother hen?” another student asks with a grin. Her glance at Natsume is worried, though, because yeah, he looks that bad. Honestly, who was he trying to kid?

“Since sensei had Tsuji go run an errand,” he replies airily, waving a hand. “Natsume, seriously. Let me take you to the nurse’s station.”

“I’m fine,” he says – unconvincingly, since it comes out more of a wheeze. “The school day is half over, anyway, so – “

“So it doesn’t matter as much if you just take it easy.” Nishimura softens despite himself, leaning over to feel Natsume’s forehead with the back of his hand. “I mean – you’re kinda scaring me, you know? What if your fever fries your brain, or you dehydrate and pass out, or – “

“Nishimura,” Natsume says again, wearily, “none of that’s going to happen.”

“You’re so sick you can’t sit up straight,” he shoots back. “And you’ll faint on a good day! Sorry if I’m a little worried about you!”

His tone has Natsume lifting hooded eyes to meet his, and they’re hazy so it takes him a minute to parse the words – but then his brow wrinkles, and his mouth tugs into a frown, and he pushes himself up on his elbows from where he’d been draped bonelessly on top of his desk. 

“No, it’s not – “ he starts, and then loses the words. Frustrated with himself, he tries again. “It’s not that I don’t appreciate it. I just – I didn’t want you to worry in the first place. I take up so much of Touko-san and Shigeru-san’s time already, and you guys – “

Nishimura wants to shake him. As it is, he leans over and grabs Natsume by the shoulders, as hard as he dares.

“Don’t you think we worry more when you push yourself too far without telling anyone and make yourself even sicker?”

“I know,” he mutters, “I know, Nishimura, you’re right.”

“I know I’m right,” he replies smartly. “Are you ready to go to the nurse’s station?”

Because Natsume is probably the most stubborn person alive, his answer is a glance to the side, toward the window, and no verbal response. Nishimura shakes his head. 

“I thought so. That’s why I called in reinforcements.” 

“Nishimura, you didn’t – “

“If you won’t listen to me, I have no choice,” Nishimura says, spreading his hands apologetically. But he isn’t very apologetic at all, and it probably shows on his face if Natsume’s scowl is anything to go by. “Hey, you played yourself. You should’ve just come along nice and easy.”

The classroom door rattles open, and Tanuma’s framed in the doorway for all of a second. His eyes find Natsume across the room almost instantly, and his expression morphs into one it’s almost hard to look at. 

Resigned, Natsume stands and starts packing his bookbag. Tanuma lifts it out of his hands before he can string it over his shoulder, dark eyes equal parts gentle and steely, and looks ready to frogmarch Natsume down the hall if it comes to that, which is precisely what Nishimura was counting on. 

“This is bullying,” Natsume remarks dryly. His voice is hoarse and his eyes are overbright, but he still manages to sound cheeky. He’d manage to sound cheeky on his deathbed. Nishimura leans back in the chair he’d parked up by Natsume’s desk and beams at him, unrepentant.

“I’m comfortable with that. Maybe eventually you’ll learn to stay home and let your mom take care of you when you’re sick, and it won’t come to this anymore.”

Something self-conscious flits across Natsume’s expression, and if he wasn’t already flushed with fever, Nishimura would blame some of that high color in his cheeks on shame. 

It’s that, more than anything, that makes Nishimura lean over and catch him by the sleeve, tugging lightly. 

“We’re gonna take care of you whether you like it or not,” he says, not unkindly. “Just try to make it a little easier on everybody and let us. At least once in awhile. Okay?”

And Natsume softens. Smiles faintly when Tanuma puts a hand on his shoulder. Says, “Okay.”

He’s absent from school for the next two days. Kitamoto calls the house and Touko-san assures him Natsume’s doing much better after a visit to the doctor. Nishimura misses him, but he still considers it a win. 

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You've managed to send me off on a Natsume Yuujinchou kick - thank you so much! It's been so long and it makes me so happy. ♥️ But, uh. Do you have any suggestions for good fics for the series? I'm sorry, I just had to ask. Thanks.

^^ Yay, I’m glad!

I’d also mostly forgotten it for several years, but then s5 came out last fall and it got me really hyped to be back in the fandom, and now s6 is here less than half a year later and I’m just completely in love with the characters all over again, y’know?

Anyways, sorry, I don’t actually have very many recs, but there are a few must reads I can point you towards:

  • An Ordinary Session by volta_arovet is about a young boy who can see youkai, but is forced to see therapists because of his chronic “lying”. This is his first meeting with his newest therapist - Natsume Takashi.
  • Calling You Home by paperwar is a cute little fic about five scenes between Takashi and Shigeru.
  • Dear Beloved by SkyGem (because obligatory self plug ;) ) is a character death fic, so proceed with caution!
  • Little Lost Spirit by ncfan is a sad little one-shot from Touko’s pov about the first time she saw Natsume Takashi.
  • The Human Mask by harunekonya is absolutely amazing, and I’m pretty sure it’s the single most popular fic in the fandom. It’s a fic in which Natsume gets turned into a god. I absolutely adore it, but it unfortunately hasn’t been updated in almost a year T^T It has 182k words though!
  • Three for Family by NightsMistress is another one-shot from Touko’s pov about her thoughts on her foster son.
  • Unconventional Family by bleach-ed-na-tsu is only 3 chapters and hasn’t been updated in quite a while, but I rather enjoy it! It’s super cute and is about Natsume basically parenting the 4 youkai children that imprinted on him throughout the series (Tama, Kogitsune, Kirinoha, and Kai).

Ahhh, sorry, that’s all I have at the moment! I hope you like them though!

It’s a bit hard for me to find fics I like in this fandom because so many of them are NatorixNatsume, which is my notp, since I see them more as a sibling type relationship, so the ship is kinda squicky to me. TanumaxNatsume is another popular ship which I don’t particularly like, bu I’m more okay with this one. I mostly try and find non-pairing fics XD

Nyanko-senseixNatsume is one that I used to ship, and even have a fic for, but I find I don’t really like it much anymore.

I tend to hc Natsume as either aro or demiromantic these days.

KHR Gen Fanfiction Recommendations


Ayakashi – Kyogre

Kyoko – Discoabc

The Sea Lion – Echoing Fantasy

Definition of Family – Bleach-ed-Na-tsu

Vigilante Tendency – Kyogre

Phantom Thief Decimo – Kyogre

More Than No Good – KuraiArcoiris

Odd Pair – Kyogre

Blackbird – jadetiger27

Blazing Sky – MangaFreak15

The Truth of the Sky – LeoInuyuka

Left Us Falling – EpikalStorms

The Second Coming – Eevetta

Parallel axis of Sawada Tsunayoshi – Fantasy-Magician

In A Nutshell – Echoing Fantasy

Resolve – Autore Raita

When a Demon Comes to Call – cywscross

Unknown Sun – LadyKarma18

I Need Your Help – SkyGem

Watching Over Venus and Pluto – ChirpChirp1827 (a little 1827 but not the main focus)

To Be Different – rightforlife

Keeping Your Character – Insanity-Red

You’re a Father to Someone but That Isn’t Me – ChirpChirp1827

To That Faraway Sky – cywscross

The Varia, My Happiness, and Somehow Home – eeveepkmnfan

The Wrong Idea – SkyGem

The Clear Sky – Evangelical

6 Times the Guardians Came Back Injured – WaiiKitsune

Set the Skies Ablaze – cywscross (KHR x K-Project)

Nothing More – SkyGem

Blood of the Vongola – RenegadeWarrior

Fated Strings and Charming Things – Bleach-ed-Na-tsu

Receive When You Least Expect It – Autore Raita

Learning for Life – Santoka

Misfires, Mistakes and Misunderstandings – ravenromance27

Definitively, Decidedly Dangerous and Deadly – ravenromance27

When the Sky Comes Home – Heir to the Sky

A Switch in Time Saves Seven – Heir to the Sky

Remnants of a Death, Aftermath of a Death, and Revival of a Death – Heir to the Sky

The Rightful Sky – Heir to the Sky

A Necessary Reprieve – Lala to the power of 2

On Dead Ancestors and Predestined Fate – Hitokiri-san

Papà – JaxWin

Boarding House Rules – jellybeansprout

It’s a Mafia Life – Reidluver

Things Left Unsaid – Hitokiri-san

One Time Too Many – Kingyo

Please Forgive Us – SkyGem

Hacker – 18Tsunayoshi27

That Which Covers the Sky – vendette26

Now Who Was It? – SkyGem

Before and After – KuraiArcoiris

To Sentence the Sky – KuraiArcoiris

The Mafia Wants You! – SwordsMagican

yesterday’s tomorrow – misamiera

The Exigencies of Kokuyo – Fourteenpavanes

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Hello, can I ask something? I'm kind of new to KHR fandom (only been watching for a week but i already love it!), and I've noticed that people tag some of your ships as number, like 8059? And 8027? What does it mean and how did that happen? I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I wish to understand it :(

the number system is just shorthand based off the characters names in Japanese, for example, tsuna’s number is 27 because in Japanese, “tsu” means two, and “na” means seven so (tsu) (na) = 27
although there are a handful of characters that don’t have numbers and just instead have a letter like Reborn = R

Honestly I think the number system is super neat and once you have the hang of it (literally just remember? the numbers that correspond with the characters)

Also just for the sake of having it here’s a list of shorthands on the wiki 

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do you have xanxus fics to recc? running low on them

I actually don’t read many xanxus centric fics. Those that come to mind are: 

Xanxus’ Adventures in Parenthood Piracy  (InsaneScriptist )

KHR/One Piece Crossover

Xanxus could only blame the damn scientists for stranding him in an alternate dimension. However Xanxus could only blame himself for allowing that woman to foist her child onto him. Drabble fic. Slow build.

The Difference Between ( Bleach-ed-Na-tsu )

What if Xanxus wasn’t the reason for his brothers’ deaths and the cradle affair wasn’t exactly what it seemed. What if, instead, it was Iemitsu with all the power, over Nono and Vongola. What if Xanxus was trying to save his father and his famiglia? What if he started the coup to protect Vongola from the son of the man who was destroying it? AU. Varia!Centric. Rated for language.

Family First (wolfsrainrules)

It was when Xanxus saw Tsuna save his lightning cub, that Xanxus knew this young man would forever be about family before Famiglia.

It’s been a long while since Xanxus has felt hope.

Better Days (Hraap)

Xanxus knows what the weight of leadership feels like. He knows how it can settle like a cloak on a man’s shoulders, and raise him to new heights even as it drags him down into the abyss.

The weight of loyalty is new, but no less heavy on his shoulders. Tsunayoshi is young, yes, but he’s strong and he’s unyielding, and Xanxus is more than ready to fight for him.

hraap also has more over on tumblr too 

And in general, wolfsrainrules and bleach-ed Na-tsu have plenty of other works with Xanxus but not necessarily Xanxus centric. 

I feel like I should know more haha. But most that come to mind, Xanxus has a role in the fic, but it isn’t necessarily about him. 

((Why thank you, darling. :3c This is my first NSFW in a while,so I hope it’s good. ♥))

Tsunayoshi Sawada:
He felt what it was like to worry, and it left a bad taste in his mouth. A stirring pain in his stomach that made his heart twist with desire on a whim- plagued with a certain longing that twined his tongue to yours on a heated breath that drew those lips in closer when he imagined them plastered to someone else.

Tsuna couldn’t have that. He couldn’t see you with another man if it killed him- his hands groping skin that had yet to be exposed a little rougher than other nights he spent undressing you. Savouring his sweet treat with bliss as it was time his darker colours showed through that soft side he gave up so easily.

Lord, he never wanted to imagine again what it would be like to have someone else break and unwind you. To have that voice breathy and shattered when he plowed deeper inside of you and watched his own hips grind into you like a piston making those hips rise under him.

“Slow down-” You begged, but he was hardly listening through intense thoughts making his head spin at that very moment. All he wished to do was ravage you- make you wish you never spent a day with another man that wasn’t him as he made you finish hard and wrap those legs tight around his heavy lower half that pushed into you hard and left you panting for more. “Tsu-na-!”

“Yeah-” He voiced subconsciously, but his lips were just speaking out on their own when they moved. He was on cloud nine; still on the high of having your sleek skin slowly grinding against his when your head fell back into the pillows and your body went slack. “Oh g-god…”

His eyes felt heavy. The starry spiral of colour and dizziness flashing before his lids when he wanted to lie on top of you and just crash into the sheets. It was his best performance in bed ever, and it was driven by pure, hated, jealousy.

Kyoya Hibari:
Blackness. A solid shadow gripping your wrists and another that chewed your lip with rusty copper- razored bites making you quiver, but you wanted it all. You wanted the seething hatred built into jealous pits making him dread treating the one he should have found some care for like a dog begging on their pathetic knees.

There was no faith in the one he buried into the floor with a catch of his wrist and forced them down so unceremoniously. It was ugly jealousy- his brain running free with the ideas of disloyalty and disgusting lies that he wanted to burn to ash and cinders before he could have to face those pitiful eyes again when they couldn’t face him so low.

No when the mouth of yours couldn’t so much as speak around his cock. Tongue pressed flat under veins stroked with saline cum drizzling against your mouth and swollen lips so hotly where he wouldn’t look. 

He didn’t like sex much, but it was one thing when he held your mouth to his dick and made you choke him down a little rough as payment for all the deceit and treason he faced. His gruff moans worth every second of the idea that you were ever unfaithful to such a man capable of getting you off only with his heated voice flowing out whether he wanted it to or not.

“Watch your teeth.” he growled above you, fingers threading at your scalp deeper when he was close. The grip of his cum spreading down your tongue as your mouth bobbed down his shaft and gave him a taste of pleasure when you tried to slip away, but felt him shove you further along his cock just when he came. “I hate wasting my time with you.”

“I would never cheat on you.” You spoke, swallowing down the um he poured into your mouth grossly, and he winced at the way you dared speak to him again. “But if that’s what it takes to make you want me- then I’ll do it all over again.”

Dino Cavallone:
Dino was your boyfriend. He was your lover, your partner, your everything- but, when you were told your boss wanted to see you. It was chilling. A thrill shivering in your spine when talking to someone a little naughtily got you some wanted attention. Discipline, really, and it was worthy of licking your lips before he punished them in every rugged kiss.

It was worth knowing that you were covered in his every bruise and menacing love bites when you thought of all the reasons you ever thought of starting up trouble just to make this bad boy come out of his shell. 

Just one night where slow and steady wasn’t going to finish you before Dino did- and he was out for blood. No mercy, he wanted to hear you scream when he had a way of making that mouth suck in all the right places. His tongue so able to brush along the lips of your entrance heatedly- dragging further along to the clit he sucked like candy with a hum that left you shaking with wanton desire. 

“You will never find someone like me,” Dino whispered darkly. His body glowing with the touch of sweat he worked up just getting you hot. His muscle defined in the shade of his bedroom as you wanted so desperately with a smirk. 

His dirty, little girl who sat back all pretty and disheveled when he aimed to make you feel like there was only one man who could take care of you. And his name was Dino Cavallone. The name he wanted to hear you cry out when he fucked you- listening to ever sharp breath coming from the mere seconds he grazed hot kisses of passion to your neck and let you whine for him. 

“Tell me you want me,” He purred, hands falling along your sides to dig bruises into your skin where he marked you hard. “Say it.”

He had no reason to be jealous. There was no guy as perfect as him. No one with a face as flawless and eyes as beautiful as his when they streaked by your binds in a hasty chuckle prowling down over your back where his hard-on pressed down to the dip of your back on the slow rut of his body to yours from behind.

He could get off just rubbing along your perfect skin- swallowing with joy at the prey all tied up and gagged when he tapped the dimples in your skin and waited for you to plead for the forgiveness he had no reason to give, but loved to watch you suffer and try. 

But if you wanted it- you would be a good girl. You would sit in your ribbons and collars like a precious puppy willing to play and behave when he demanded it. 

“That’s a good girl,” Byakuran smiled, his fingers passing along the latex coating edging down your thighs carefully when he gave the band a little stroke teasingly and watched you squirm. “You’re a lot quieter when you aren’t flirting with my soldiers.”

No response, and your eyes trembled. His stare was just getting started- his mercy at its limits when he let his erection show through the bulge he gently stroked under his jeans tensely. He didn’t mind putting on a little show for you either, after all, who could you tell. It was just getting you hotter- endlessly making you wish you could touch the soft, sensitive flesh between your thighs…

“You won’t mind talking back to me that way, would you?” He requested, that voice dropping a few octaves when his face moved near to yours when a palm lifted your jaw. His fingers tugging slowly at the curve of your lips when he laughed. “Let’s hear you dirty talk me, sweetheart.”

There was no making it back to the bedroom; it was dominance he needed to assert, and there was no need for the comfort of sheets or the floor for what he could do to you. The riling growls and grunts of his voice making him sound agitated when he took you on his hips hard. His hands pinned to your sides hard when he rode you down on his cock fast- his breaths breezing by your neck when he heard those moans rolling down his own skin.

Backed against the door, Xanxus didn’t give a fuck if no one or everyone heard you riding him. He just wanted you to realize the way you made him so horny- the way he hated when you talked about some other asshole like he was the sexiest thing you’d laid eyes on when a true stud was right there before your very eyes and making you cum down his shaft like never before. 

He was perfect. Xanxus was the best lover without a doubt who hit the right spot on the first try- arching his back when you came down on him and cried out his name. “There-” You called out louder, hips falling against his cock- thighs aching from the roughness but still craving another round- or never wanting this one to end. “Oh god- there!”

He could only laugh. The scene you were causing making you seem so adorable- like a virgin having her first taste of real sex that was about to leave you so spent and drained you would regret mentioning that lackluster moron to your real lover. 

“Xan-xus,” Your breathy voice groaned out, and his lips tilted to yours in the moment. Hands gliding around your waist when he lowered you from his cock to the floor with a trembling shudder in his powerful muscles. “Take me home.”

He scoffed. “Why don’t you get your lover boy to do it for you." 




When Kuroo uses Yaku-san’s legs as a pillow
Yaku: Oi, Kuroo if you gonna sleep, go to the bed
Kuro: um
Yaku: Kuroo, you ….
Yaku: Listen other people word na— A…tsu!?
Yaku: Stop that Kuroo, dont drop your head more down
Kuro: um
Yaku: oi….? Oi! Do you sleep!
|power 1|
Yaku: damm, his power is strong! No my power is too weak….aaa enough!

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What do you think the STARISH boys would say to their S/O while they were almost asleep/ asleep. I always see guys saying cute things once their s/o is a asleep so I wondered what you thought *u*



“Goodnight… Na…tsu… ki…..” they murmured softly before falling asleep.

 Natsuki ran his fingers through their hair looking at them endearingly. “You’re the cutest when sleeping ___-chan. So cute, I can’t help myself…” he whispered softly while wrapping his arms around them.


Tokiya looked over his shoulder to find them in deep slumber He gently smiled as he found himself mesmerized by their sleeping face. Unable to resist, he leaned in to lightly kiss their forehead. “You never cease to reveal sides of me, that even I wasn’t aware of _____…” he said under his breath as his eyelids dropped into unconsciousness.


After he was done singing his song, he found his beloved in deep slumber, with their head resting on his lap. Cecile lightly caressed their cheek and drifted in for a quick kiss on the lips. “It’s no surprise that both the muses, and I alike, find you absolutely beautiful, my princess.” He whispered, sweeping in for one more kiss before he took a nap himself.


Ren wrapped his arms around them in a tight hug, giving them one last kiss before they nodded off to sleep. “Looks like my little lamb has surrendered to the big bad wolf”, he mused, with a small flirtatious smirk on his face. “Just kidding…. Rest well, lady.” His eyes softened as he too nodded into the unconscious.


As soon as they returned home from their long date, Otoya softly chuckled as he noticed them dozing off on the couch. “So cute!” He said under his breath looking for a blanket to place over them. “Nothing makes me happier than your smile” He said in a hushed tone before kissing their nose. He then placed the blanket over their curled up figure as a deep scarlet hue spread from their cheek to their ears.  “Goodnight ____.”


Syo left the couch to get more snacks and returns to seeing them fast asleep in front of a recorded episode of “The Prince of Fighting”, where the protagonist rescues the damsel in distress once again. Inspired by his hero, Syo lifted them up bridal style and carefully set them down on the bed.

“I’m here to rescue you princess; for I am your knight who is to protect you.”Syo’s face glistened with confidence as he recited one of his favorite lines, until he heard slight shuffling on the bed.

“Syo-kun… I’m awake enough to hear you.” They mumbled before they passed out again. Syo zoomed out of the room with his face bright red in embarrassment.

“You heard nothing!”


He knelt down on the floor to admire his love, peacefully resting on the futon. A tender smile formed on his lips as he held their hand, softly rubbing their thumb. “Being in your presence makes my heart overflow with emotions. You’re so beautiful _____.” He lifted their hand to warmly kiss their hand. “I love you.”

((This is the first time I’ve written a request for this many people so I hope you enjoy it! ^-^;;))

in every living thing

“In every living thing there is the desire for love.” ~ D. H. Lawrence

Nalu | Sculptor/Greek Myth AU
part 1/7 read: all

words: 1821
rating: T

This ficlet is based on the Greek myth of Pygmalion and Galatea, but… let’s say reinterpreted as a modern tale. ;) Originally I intended for it to be a oneshot but…. well. You know me. Anyways, hope you enjoy! :D
(I’ll hopefully update this fic every Sunday.)

The best artist has that thought alone which is contained within the marble shell; the sculptor’s hand can only break the spell to free the figures slumbering in the stone. -Michelangelo

sun i.

The marble glistened in the light that fell upon it like ripples dancing across water, sparkling and hypnotizing. It brought motion to an otherwise static object, making the curves and bends of the frozen body appear almost alive. Had the statue moved an arm, perhaps, any viewer might have found it almost natural until reason would have reminded them that stone was not supposed to move.

But alas, the statue stood still, as all statues do.

Lucy sighed as she forced her gaze away from her creation, carefully placing the chisel beside a hammer, brushes and various other instruments that already lay neatly arranged on the table.

She could barely grasp that what she was looking at had been created by her own two hands.

It seemed laughable, and she would have taken it for a joke had she not been there every step of the way. It was hard to explain, but it was as if her hands had been guided along the entire process, as if the stone had spoken to her in a way it never had before.

Surely, this exceeded her skill. She was good; she was not that good.

Though inexplicable as it was, it was the truth, right there in front of her. Set in stone.

Her perfect man.

A smile tugged at her lips, and Lucy couldn’t help but roll her eyes as the thought crossed her mind. At least this was one man who would not disappoint her expectations.

Taking a step towards him, she once again scrutinized his face, searching for any fault, any need for correction, any flaws in expression or anatomy.

She found none.

His unruly hair was fabricated in such a way that it seemed as if a gust of wind would be enough to tousle it gently. The curve of his full lips appeared almost soft, his strong nose was smooth and well-formed, his brows were furrowed as if in deep thought. The only thing he missed was life in his blank, pupil-less eyes, and yet… he managed to look almost longing, as he stood there confined on his socket.

Carefully, Lucy extended her hand to brush her fingertips along his cheek. The smooth marble was cold to the touch, and an irrational part of her felt disappointed.

Then her phone rang, and the spell was broken.

Keep reading

Well, this wasn’t exactly the greatest year I ever had. To be honest, this whole year just seemed like a never-ending spiral of chaos and madness, and everything seemed to transcend from bad to worse. However, despite all that, there were still many specks of light that helped to brighten the days. First, I want to thank all of you for staying by my side and for all the support you have given me throughout the year. I’m really glad to have befriend and gotten to know a lot of you, and I really hope that next year will lead us to a brighter future. I love you all and I hope you all have a happy new year~ ♡

# - G

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Goal: Tag nine people you want to get to know better

I was tagged by @renkocchi

Relationship status: I’m a single pringle

Favorite color: I dunno, I like all of them

Lipstick or chapstick: dude what’s the difference?

Last song I listened to: Disappear from Dear Even Hansen (it’s a great song, you should probably check it out)(the song and the musical)

Last movie I watched: Wonder Woman

Top 3 TV shows: Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, Danny Phantom, Detentionaire

Top 3 Characters: Randy Cunningham, Natsume Takashi, Sawada Tsunayoshi

Top 3 Ships: Tananatsu, Ectoham, Randicon

YIkes okay umm, I guess I’ll tag:

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any new recs for KHR, HP or crossovers of either? Also, I might be wrong but now that I think of it, since I've seen that same ask three time and so far no one's answered about it, I think that one NRT fic anon's looking for - the one with Tora, Bunshin and Kakashi making it a lesson that just might be HP crossover'd - has been deleted because of /blank/. That's why I think it can't be found. DZ2 deletes his fics because of /blank/ with no warning all the time.

Yeah, it probably has been deleted since I’ve had multiple people asking me if I know it. Anyway, here are some new recs. I haven’t read a lot of either fandom lately, and they’re not all ‘new’ as in recent, more ‘new’ as in I recently read them and they were awesome, so some of them might be a little older in terms of publishing date, and a few I may have rec’d before:


The Rebirth of Tsunayoshi Sawada - ShamelessDilettante

When Tsuna dies at a ripe old age, he finds himself waking again, back in middle school, a month before Reborn even arrives. Tsuna, in all the wry humour he has accumulated in his old life, decides that, what the hell, it’s his turn to fool around with Vongola this time. One-shot. No pairings.

Odd-Job Tsuna - Shameless Dilettante

Tsuna decides to get a job because he didn’t want to be indebted to his father. Somehow, this leads to even more jobs and friends popping up in unexpected places. Tsuna can only blame his inability to refuse requests, but he’ll never understand why he attracts trouble like a magnet. Includes: Many characters appearing randomly. Pre-Reborn.

High School Boss - 1arigato

After the Representative Battles of the Rainbow, Tsuna’s going to be Vongola Decimo in more than just name, and the world is going to realise that Vongola’s tenth generation is more than just a bunch of kids. All those rumours of their power? Not exaggerated ENOUGH, apparently. Rated T to be safe

The Summoning Pact - FruitPastilles

Tsuna wasn’t sure what would come out of this summoning lesson. He didn’t expect having powerful demons scrambling to contract to him, much less having them determined to be more than just contracts. Arcobaleno27

Vigilante Tendency - Kyogre

Complete, semi-AU. There’s such a thing as being too much like the 1st generation. Tsuna didn’t mean to start a vigilante group, but somehow it happened anyway. Well done, “Neo Primo,” well done.

Unbreakable Bond - Kyogre

Oneshot. Tsuna’s twin Ieyasu was brilliant, but there was always also something not quite right about him. It was as if a vital part of him was missing — a heart. (In short: Tsuna has a twin who’s a complete psychopath.)

Ayakashi - Kyogre

Complete, slight AU, gen. Flames and the Trinisette are far from the only secret power in the world. In which Tsuna is half-youkai, and his Guardians aren’t quite all human either. The mafia won’t know what hit them.

Phantom Thief Decimo - Kyogre

Complete. Phantom Thief Tsuna is hired to steal the Vongola Rings. No one expects the Sky Ring to mark him as a candidate for Decimo. No one is happy about it either. semi-AU Varia arc, gen.

In A Nutshell - Echoing Fantasy

Tsuna makes friends in the most unlikely of places.

The Secret’s In the Margins - Echoing Fantasy

College!AU. Tsuna shares Home Economics with a handsome teen named Reborn. At some point, he ends up crushing on the guy, but decides not to say anything. Unfortunately, those doodles in his notebook might just be the death of his silence yet. R27. Oneshot.

Paying the Price - Echoing Fantasy

Blood God AU. Kawahira refuses to let the Arcobaleno go free, even when presented with evidence that the system is no longer needed. Desperate to free those he loves, Tsuna turns to dark magics, and the gods that once lived thanks to the faith of the humans who summoned them. Light R27.

We’re Going Down - Echoing Fantasy

AU. Captured with a fever, Tsuna faces torture at the hands of his friends. Or are they? Dark. R27 fluff.

Heater - Echoing Fantasy

During those cold winter months, everyone suddenly finds an excuse to hang around Tsuna. Fluff.

The Sea Lion - Echoing Fantasy

It’s a bit of cautious planning that allows Iemitsu to send his son off when his own life is threatened. Tsuna ends up in the care and custody of one of the most terrifying groups imaginable, but they end up clicking rather well considering his agenda for the man who killed his father. Revenge is a dish best served cold, as they say. Varia!Tsuna, familial!Varia.

That Hitman, Serving - Echoing Fantasy

When rats are found within the Vongola’s information network, Tsuna sends for Reborn to take care of them. Oneshot.

Drink Me - Echoing Fantasy

Tsuna was used to his father drinking. And then over time, he got used to his mother drinking too. It was understandable, in a twisted sort of way. But he should have realized that when Reborn arrived, everything had to change. That included his mother’s drinking. It isn’t until he graduates that things come to a head, however. Angst, fatherly!Reborn.

The Night Life - Echoing Fantasy

AU. DJ!Tsuna. Reborn goes to hunt down a target and instead ends up meeting Boss, who does not like him. Oneshot. R27. Prompt by celapin on tumblr.

Faux - photojourney

The Tri-Ni-Set is scattered, its planet’s life balanced by the delicate fragments of a dance, a circle, a song. And as the vibrancy of the Arcobaleno wanes with each moon come, as cold stars and darkness make their descent, as the sky gathers its spirits and the earth seeks denouement and the ocean waves wash their children ashore—by some miracle, Jai wakes up. (GEN, OC-centric)

The Lies We Tell to Make the World a Better Place - Mizuki99

AU. In retrospect, Iemitsu had been a fool to think that there wouldn’t be any incidents that would relate back to his job as the External Advisor but the Ninth had been an even bigger fool to think that Tsunayoshi could be used as a pawn to further the Vongola politically.

Gamble - Mizuki99

“Some people can handle living in our world—others cannot.” . “Which is Tsunayoshi?” . “Well, we’ll just have to see, won’t we?”

The Epic Rivalry Between Sasagawa Kyoko and Sawada Tsunayoshi - Dandelion-san

Or the one where Tsuna can cook really, really, really well. (A crackish drabble-like series with no real plot. Canon AU, mostly gen)

Once Again - AmaHoshi

Even death couldn’t keep them apart. They were Vongala’s Tenth Generation. They are family. Reincarnation drabble fic with focus on 10th gen. The drabbles are loosely connected, and eventually will move towards a certain point. But mostly, they’re drabbles. Pairings come later, way later. 1827, 8059 As of 6/25/14, the chapters are being edited, slowly.

Vongola’s Real Sin - Bleach-ed-Na-tsu

Vongola was once great, it is still great but in a darker and more extreme way, but it was once the name of protection and glory and love and family. And Giotto could only cuss now because it was not anymore. He watched the sin pass from one boss to another…It was only when he met the burning resolve of Tsuna that Giotto realised where Vongola’s real sin lay. Full sum inside.

Barring Bookings, Bail and Bondage - ravenromance27

There are laws.There are people who follow the law; people that break the law and people who administer the law. There are Mafia. There are mafia men who follow the law; mafia men who break the law and mafia men who administer the law. Then there is the Vongola, who follow the law and break the law. And then there is Decimo’s Vongola-who defines their own law.


Shade - rayningnight

“I don’t exist, and I don’t care to, anyway.” The first time, Harry’s sure it’s just coincidence. The second time, Harry’s sure it — he — isn’t. And in the times that follow, Harry still doesn’t quite realize how befriending his mysterious guardian is going to reshape the world and beyond. Time/Dimension Travel. GEN.

Silver Tongue - Shadow Hidden By The Moon

Harry Potter was nothing like the world expected him to be. He’s slowly changing the game of how the world works; exposing secrets, lies, and plots no one wanted to know about but will have no choice but to accept and silently growing a following to right so many wrongs. Harry/Tom pairing. Ron and Dumble bashing. Rating changed to M because of future chapters.

The Price is Right - Hi Pot And News

AU Harry is more money-conscious when he arrives at Gringotts with Hagrid. He’s not going to let the wonder of magic take away his common sense and if he can get a good deal, he’s going to take it. Point of deviation: Harry’s primary school taught Home Economics.

October - The Carnivorous Muffin

It is not paradox to rewrite history, in the breath of a single moment a universe blooms into existence as another path fades from view, Tom Riddle meets an aberration on the train to Hogwarts and the rest is in flux. AU, time travel, Death!Harry, slash

Lady of the Dark - Straight-Outta-Hobbiton

Hermione’s had an epiphany; the boys are stupid. This epiphany leads to a lot of things, including an apparently natural makeover and the discovery that maybe the Dark’s not as bad as everyone says. True evil lies in the heart of the deceiver, and as far as she can tell, Lord Voldemort is an honest sort of man. Manipulative!Hermione, Dark!Hermione, Halfblood!Hermione

Stand Against the Moon - Batsutousai

Cursed against his will, Harry made the best of his life until he found himself, again, wandering in Death’s realm. When Death offers him a second chance, a chance to right the wrongs he’d been blind to for too long, he can’t possibly refuse.

akinohikari  asked:

(part 1) Tsuna, age 15, is walking back home from school when he sees something at a storefront from the corner of his eye and stops. It's a coffee mug, white with black letters, it looks normal except that the letters spell "Best Dad in the World" and Tsuna immediately thinks of giving it to Reborn. Then he shakes his head and walks away because why would he give it to Reborn of all people? But the next day he stops again in front of the shop, and the next, and the next, for a whole week

he stops in front of the shop and just stares at the cup for a minute before leaving. Eventually, as father’s day approaches, he impulse buys it. So father’s day comes and when Reborn comes down for breakfast, instead of his usual unadorned mug, there’s a new mug sitting on the table. He looks at Tsuna, who’s very carefully not looking at him and then at Nana, who is oblivious as usual.

He sits down, picks up the mug and his eyes widen as he reads the letters. He tilts his fedora down and looks at Tsuna, the boy keeps throwing hopeful glances in his direction but doesn’t say anything. Reborn drinks from the cup and pretends nothing is different, Tsuna is half relieved, half disappointed. But after finishing breakfast Reborn gets up and as he leaves he squeezes Tsuna’s shoulder before departing. Tsuna practically glows under the understated affection.

From then on, Reborn keeps doing little shows of affection. A little head pat here, a nod of approval there. Tsuna has never been happier.

OH MY GOD THAT IS FABULOUS!!!! I am completely, utterly in love with this headcanon. I support this 1000000000%!!!!!!!!! allthesamesky you have to see this!!!

anonymous asked:

💕 // doragunirx

Send 💕 and my muse will use The Love Calculator to see how compatible they are.  / accepting

Dr. Love thinks that a relationship between Lucy Hea.rtfilia and Na.tsu Dragne.el has a reasonable chance of working out, but on the other hand, it might not. Your relationship may suffer good and bad times. If things might not be working out as you would like them to, do not hesitate to talk about it with the person involved. Spend time together, talk with each other.

I wrote an E.N.D. thing!

I had to write this and get it out of my head! It’s not Beta’d, so please ignore the awful mistakes! This is about Lucy becoming E.N.D. and Natsu having to deal with it. 

let me know what you think? =]

Mard Geer, covered in a mixture of his own blood and the blood of the ever-persistent Fairy Tail mages that had refused to stop fighting him, finally collapsed to the floor.  “You may have beaten me, but it’s already too late…” He forced the words out of his mouth between bloodied coughs.

“You’re wrong.” Natsu smirked. “I ain’t no fire demon. Your plan didn’t work. E.N.D. didn’t possess me.”

“Impudent boy. Who e-ever said it was you?”


“I’m gonna leave you all behind if you don’t hurry your assess up!” He had yelled behind him. Finally, they had defeated the Nine Demon Gates. All that was left was the leader, the Demon King himself, Mard Geer.

“Natsu! We are running as fast as we can..!” He heard Lucy yell somewhere to his back left. Subconsciously he slowed down. If it had been anyone other than Luce, he probably would have sped up.

Tilting his face towards the ceiling, Natsu took a deep breath through his nose. Somehow he was right in his assumption that following the awful stench in the air would lead him to the Demon King.

“You sure this is the way, Hot head?” Gray antagonized. Not wanting to push him any farther than he had already been pushed, what with the loss of his Father and having to leave Juvia’s unconscious body with those of the Reijinshu, Natsu skipped on the insults.

“Yeah. I’m sure. I can smell it.”

“What makes you so sure that it’s him?” Erza questioned, coming up beside him.

“It smells like death.”

With that they all stopped abruptly in front of an ornately decorated door. Thinking of his injured friends and comrades Natsu wasted little time blowing the door off of the hinges with a Roar of the Fire Dragon.

“Natsu, Fairy Tail, so glad you could make it.” The Demon King purred. “I honestly have to say I’m disappointed. I didn’t expect to see so many of you left standing. Only one death this evening so far and it was of that traitor, Silver. He was weaker than I thought. What a disappointment.”

Natsu looked back at Gray who was clenching his fists at his sides and grinding his teeth. If he didn’t know any better, he could swear he saw tears welling in the corner of his eyes.

“For what you’ve put my friends through… You’re not worthy of the air you breathe. I will kill you…” Natsu growled.

“Even if you manage to carry out such a childish fairy tale, Natsu Dragneel, you’ll never be able to overcome Lord Zeref’s ultimate demon! E.N.D. is so powerful he had to seal it away in this very book so that it wouldn’t destroy him.”

Behind him Natsu heard Lucy gasp. Turning his head slightly to his side, he caught a glimpse of the Celestial Mage. Lucy had many facial expressions. He had seen them all. Everything from fear to bravery, hate to compassion, joy to terror. And right now, Lucy was scared. Natsu didn’t like when people upset his friends, Lucy in particular. Locking eyes with her, he grinned in an attempt to comfort his comrade.

“Don’t worry, Luce, I’m not afraid of a book.” He smirked, turning his full attention back to the Demon King. “You’ll have to do better than that.”

“E.N.D. is not a book, boy. It’s the most powerful being ever to exist. The book is only its temporary host. Once I let it out, it will possess a new, powerful, host and it will be unstoppable. It will make fire reign down on this land, taking every life with it.”

“Fire..?” Lucy whispered.

Mard Geer turned his attention to Lucy with a coy smile on his face, “That’s right, Lucy Heartfilia. E.N.D. is a fire demon. I’m sure you of all people know how dangerous they can be. Like their element, Fire mages tend to destroy everything in their path,” He looked at Lucy and licked his lips. The gesture almost sent Natsu over the edge, “And it’s all thanks to you, Natsu Dragneel, that E.N.D. will finally be set upon the world.”

“Natsu!” Lucy yelled, “You need to get that book away from him right now!”

Mard Geer laughed aloud. “You think you know what’s going on, don’t you, little girl? Think you’re so smart? You know nothing. Go back to relying on your pretty face because your brains won’t get you anywhere. You’re powerful for a Celestial mage, but you lack conviction. It doesn’t matter. You haven’t got much life left. E.N.D. will make you suffer, daughter of Layla. I guarantee you this.”

“If you think I’ll let you or anyone else harm one hair on her head…!” Natsu screamed as he went flying towards Mard Geer, the rest of the group following behind him.


Natsu snapped back to reality and looked down at Mard Geer who was laughing, looking somewhere past Natsu. Turning to see what he was looking at, Natsu saw Lucy bending down to pick up the book the Demon King had cast aside in battle.

Like some sick, twisted puzzle, the pieces started to fall in place.

“…it’s all thanks to you, Natsu Dragneel, that E.N.D. will finally be set upon the world.”

“…it will possess a new, powerful, host..”

“You’re powerful for a Celestial mage, but you lack conviction.”

“E.N.D. will make you suffer, daughter of Layla. I guarantee you this.”

And as if time slowed, Natsu watched her bend over and scoop up the leather bound demon. “LUCY, DON’T TOUCH THAT BOOK!” He screamed, but it was already done.

“Na…tsu…?” She looked up at him with the book already in her hands. First she started to shake, then her eyes got wide as she stared at the Dragon Slayer with panic. “What’s… happening to me..?” With those words the Celestial Mage fainted.

Running as fast as he could, Natsu reached the falling star just before she hit the ground. Not caring what could happen, he grabbed the book from her arms and violently threw it across the room.

“Lucy…! Lucy wake up!” He pleaded as he shook her.

“LUCY!!” Happy cried from across the room. He was currently wrapped up in Erza’s arms. Erza was doing her best to stay standing, but with all her injuries she was getting tired too quickly for her liking.

“Bastard…” Gray scoffed towards the dying Demon King, still laughing in a pool of his own blood. “What did you do to her?”

“I’ve simply p-perfected her. Given her the roll she was… born to play.”

“Lucy’s future isn’t mapped out. She chooses her own path.” Erza stated, clutching a sobbing Happy.

“You’re all such fools!” Mard Geer laughed, recovering his strength. “She is the daughter of Layla Heartfilia, the most powerful Celestial mage that was ever born!”

“Who cares who her mother was? What does that have to do with anything?” Gray questioned.

“Only one who is strong enough to open the portals to other worlds and call forth spirits, granting them physical bodies, is strong enough to host E.N.D.” Mard Geer spat, “The blood of her mother runs in her veins. I’ve been searching and waiting for Layla’s daughter for a long time. Finally I found her, of all places, laced in with the Fairy Tail guild. Her Father tried to keep her locked up and hidden from me, suppressing the growth of her magic, but a certain Salamander got in his way. So to that I say thank you, Natsu Dragneel. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible.”

The Demon King bowed his head at Natsu with a sick, twisted grin on his face. The dragon slayer in question was ignoring him, still clutching Lucy to his chest.  Even though she was unconscious, she had continued to shake violently. Her temperature was dropping fast.

“I still don’t understand what her Mother has to do with this. Aren’t there other powerful Celestial Mages out there? Why did it have to be Lucy?” Erza went on. Something still didn’t make sense.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Mard Geer looked astonished. “Layla Heartfilia gave up her life to try and destroy E.N.D., but in the end it possessed her, too. It took several dragons to finally kill her. Even then, E.N.D. wasn’t destroyed. It simply transferred back to its book host.”

“Igneel…” Natsu looked up.

“That’s right. Igneel, King of the Fire Dragons, helped Kill Layla Heartfilia.”

“Don’t tarnish Igneel’s name like that… He wouldn’t kill an innocent person.” Natsu growled.

“He had no other choice. He killed her, ultimately stopping E.N.D. for many years. It’s a shame that he’s not around to stop it again.”

Natsu went to spit a long line of obscenities at the now standing Demon King, but just as he was taking in a breath, Lucy clutched her head and started to scream.

“Lucy! Lucy what’s wrong?!” Natsu cried, forgetting all about Mard Geer. Her screams were those of utter agony. When she started to scratch at the sides of her head, Natsu pulled her bloodied hands to her lap, noticing that her fingernails had grown into sharp claws. As strong as he was, he was having trouble holding her down. “Lucy, stop it! Happy, go get Wendy right now!”

“Aye, Sir!” Somehow the Exceed managed to gather up the strength to equip his wings, flying at max speed out the door. If it was for Lucy, Happy would find the strength to push on.

“It’s too late. It’s already begun.” Mard Geer laughed manically. “E.N.D. cannot be stopped. It’s already taken Layla’s heir. Say goodbye while you still can, Natsu Dragneel, because soon you will die at that girls hands.”

“Natsu!” Gray bellowed from across the room, “What’s happening to her?”

Looking down at the screaming blonde, Natsu couldn’t believe his eyes. “She – She’s growing horns! And her nails have turned into claw– OOMF!!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Lucy had overpowered him and used her now free hands to punch him in the gut, sending him flying towards Gray. The moment he landed he got right back on his feet and moved towards the blonde once again.

“Get… away… from me…!” Lucy managed to pant as she stood up; hands going right back to the sides of her head.

“I’m not going anywhere, Lucy! I’m staying right here with Gray and Erza. It’s going to be okay. Happy is getting Wendy. Everything will be fine, I promise.” Natsu tried to reassure his friend as he continued to stagger back to her.

“Nat..su..” She whimpered.

“I’m right here, Lucy.” He said softly as he closed the distance between them, putting his arms around her in an embrace.


Eyes wide, Natsu pulled away from her, but it was too late. Screaming, Lucy threw her head back, arms shooting out. The earth started to tremble as an incredible amount of magic power was released from around her. The force of it threw Natsu back across the room, this time towards Erza, who had pushed her sword deep into the ground to prevent her from flying back as well.

Off in the distance, Mard Geer was laughing hysterically. “You think you can reason with a demon, Dragneel? That’s not your Lucy. That is E.N.D. That is the demon that will engulf the world in flames!”

Natsu, who couldn’t take his eyes off of Lucy, watched as she slowly turned her head towards the laughing Demon King. She scowled as she watched him, and started to gather up flames in her hand. Realizing what she was about to do, Natsu screamed. “Lucy! Don’t do it!”

Lucy, who was paying no attention to the pink haired boy in the corner, shot her flames in a condensed, laser like beam of raw magic power, straight into the throat of Mard Geer. “You’re annoying. Die,” Was all she said.

Staring at her in disbelief, Mard Geer fell to his knees. There was a gruesome gurgling noise as he tried to say something, but only blood escaped his lips. It took only seconds, but felt like an eternity for him to fall face first into the ground, dead.

“Luce… Lucy, no…” Natsu couldn’t believe his eyes. Lucy. His Lucy… had killed someone?

“Natsu… We can’t let her leave this room.” The shock was so great it was all Erza could do to whisper the words.

Natsu looked at Erza with a confused face. “What.. what are you saying..?”

“She’s saying we have to kill Lucy.” Gray, who had snuck over to them while Lucy was preoccupied watching Mard Geer die with a sick smile of satisfaction on her face, said the words without any inflection.

“NO!” Natsu screamed, “How could you say that? This is Lucy! This is our Lucy… She’s our comrade! I won’t let you…!” He got up and placed himself in front of Erza and Gray. “There has got to be another way!”

“Natsu. She’s on a power level that surpasses anything I’ve ever felt. Gildarts would be about as strong as a child compared to her… We have to do what is best for the Guild. For Earthland.” Erza started to cry. By the tone of her voice, it was easy to tell she was trying to convince herself more than the others.

“She’s still inside that thing!” Natsu pleaded. “Just let me try to prove it…”

“What if she kills you too? How are we supposed to tell the Guild that we lost you both? Don’t be selfish, Natsu!” Gray screamed. “You don’t get to leave us all behind!”

“I’m not going to leave Lucy behind either!” Natsu screamed back. The Ice Mage fell to his knees. So much had happened to him within the past 24 hours that it was a miracle he was still functioning.

Without asking for any more permission, Natsu turned and started walking to Lucy who, intern, was watching him closely. She cocked her head to one side as he got within fifteen feet of her.

Slowing down, Natsu reached out a hand. “Lucy? Do you know who I am?”

Staring him down with unfamiliar blue eyes, he dared to take another step. “You’re a dragon. I hate dragons.” She opened her eyes wide and Natsu could see that her pupils were slits. “Dragons. They think they’re so powerful.  You can’t stop me. Nothing can stop me. Not this time.”

“I don’t want to stop you, Lucy, I just want to talk.”

“Who is Lucy?” She asked.

Natsu couldn’t help but take a sharp breath inward. “Who is Lucy? Lucy is the most caring person I’ve ever met. She would do anything for the people she loves. She’s like a bright shooting star, casting light wherever she goes, no matter how dark it is.”

There was a small flash of brown in her eyes as a single tear slid down her cheek. She raised a clawed hand to her face, dabbing it up with her fingers and staring at it. “Natsu…”

“It’s me, Lucy. I promise I’ll get you out of this.” Natsu reached his hand out to the girl once more, “Come with me.”

Flashbacks of their first encounter sprung into Lucy’s mind. The charmed ring, the boat, the army coming, and finally, Natsu grabbing her arm and telling her to ‘Come with him.’

“Natsu, make it stop. It hurts so much. Please…” She gritted her teeth, which had sharp fangs in them. “I can’t make it stop.. I can’t hold it for long… Please kill me…”

Natsu’s eyes went wide. Closing the gap between them he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. “Don’t say that. Don’t give up yet!”

“I don’t want to.. Kill anyone else.. Please do it…You have to stop this thing for good!”

There was so much pain in her voice. “Even if I killed you it would just go back to the book. There would be no point. See? You gotta live. You’re Lucy.”

“I can.. open the gate to the spirit world. When I’m dying and it.. it leaves my body, I can trap it in the space between the realms… But it would take everything I have.. There’s no other way..”

Natsu couldn’t hold back his tears anymore. There was no way he could kill Lucy. But did he really have a choice? Looking back at Gray and Erza, he shut his eyes and nodded once. “Lucy.. are you sure it will work..? There’s no other way?” He sobbed.

Lucy opened her mouth to answer, but she shut it immediately. Natsu could feel her body tensing up. Placing his hands on her upper arms, he took a step back to look at her. “Lucy what’s happening..?!” There were large lacerations starting to appear all over her body, gushing blood. “Lucy!!”

“It’s.. It’s trying to get out… it knows I can kill it…!” She sobbed.

“Let it possess me! Lucy please! Please let it out! It’s killing you!” He begged as he fell down to his knees, pulling her with him.

“I’m the.. only one who can.. who can kill it, Natsu… Natsu you have to do it. You have to hurry, please!” She pleaded.

There was blood everywhere. Her blood. Lucy’s blood. “I’m going to die.. either way.. It might as well mean something.. Please, let me protect you this time.” With that, Lucy lifted her head and looked him in the eyes. Hers were flashing between brown and blue, her fangs were retracting and growing with each flash. He couldn’t watch this anymore. He couldn’t watch this girl who had been his partner, his own personal shooting star, suffer any longer.

Knowing there was nothing else he could do, the sobbing Dragon Slayer put a smile on his face and stared her in the eye. “I love you, Luce.”

“I.. love you t-too, Natsu.” The two of them laughed, smiling at each other.

With those final words, Natsu pulled his arm back and thrust his hand into her chest, literally breaking her heart along with his.

Despite all the pain she must have been in, Lucy held the smile on her face as she went limp in Natsu’s arms.

- E.N.D.