tsu na



When Kuroo uses Yaku-san’s legs as a pillow
Yaku: Oi, Kuroo if you gonna sleep, go to the bed
Kuro: um
Yaku: Kuroo, you ….
Yaku: Listen other people word na— A…tsu!?
Yaku: Stop that Kuroo, dont drop your head more down
Kuro: um
Yaku: oi….? Oi! Do you sleep!
|power 1|
Yaku: damm, his power is strong! No my power is too weak….aaa enough!

NaLu First Kiss Fanfic

*Natsu climbs into Lucy’s room, Lucy still asleep. He sees her, slowly coming closer and leaning over her*

Natsu: She is still asleep? Man and I was wondering why she was not at the guild yet

*Lucy slowly opens her eyes*

Lucy: Na…tsu? *realizing how close his face is she kicks out in surprise, hitting his leg* WHAT YOU DOING H- *through her kick natsu lost balanced and he crashes on top of her, before they know it their lips touch. First they are surprised, their eyes wide open but shortly after, they slowly close their eyes, keeping their lips together. A minute later Lucy sits up, they look at each other and realized what they just did. Both look away, their cheeks turning red*

Natsu: I-I am sorry for coming into your room like this, I was worried when I didn’t see you at the guild

Lucy: I-It’s okay…

Natsu: L-lets not mention to the guild what just happened

Lucy: *mumbles* I-I kinda enjoyed it though

Natsu: What?


*Suddenly they hear a giggle, they turn their heads towards the window*

Happy: I saw everything. *He is holding his paws in front of his mouth, his cheeks puffing up and trying not to laugh*

Natsu and Lucy: HAPPY?!

*Happy slowly flies away*

Happy: I will tell everybody!

*Natsu and Lucy look at each other worried, Lucy gets dressed and they sprint towards the guild, hoping he won’t had enough time to tell most of the guild members what happened. As they open the door, they are meet with many smiling faces, Wendy slowly walks up to them*

Wendy: *blushes a little and smiles* C-congratulations natsu-san

Natsu: *Sweats and looks down on her* H-huh? I don’t know what you mean

Cana: Just like my cards predicted, you two got it on didn’t you?

Lucy: G-got it on? Me and him? I think you guys are j-joking around

Gray: No need to be shy, *gives a sly smile towards Natsu* we heard everything

Juvia: Juvia can not be beaten, Juvia will get her kiss! GRAY-SAMA *jumps at Gray*

Gray: O-OI! *steps to the side, Juvia flies by*  


Mirajane: You two make a cute couple too

Natsu and Lucy: WE ARE NOT A COUPLE

Erza: Although you say that, you guys kissed didn’t you? * With that Natsu grits his teeth in embarrassment*

Lucy: W-well…y-yes…but…

Erza: There is no need to deny your true feelings *walks up to Lucy* we two need to find you a good wedding dress.


Erza: Hmm and some delicious cake as well

Lucy: she won’t listen anymore *sweatdrop*

Cana: LET’S CELEBRATE FAIRY TAILS NEWEST COUPLE *jugs from a big barrel of booze* 

Lisanna: Elf-nii-chan, why are you crying?

Elfman: Because *sniffs* because I can’t believe they are getting married

Natsu: *a vein pops* WE AIN’T GETTING MARRIED *he starts a fight*

*Lucy keeps on watching Natsu, his chaotic and aggressive self, knowing how pure his heart is. She smiles and whispers*

Lucy: I love you Natsu

Wendy: hmm did you say something Lucy?

Lucy: H-huh? N-no

Levy: Are you sure *pokes her shoulder, grinning widely at her* I am sure I heard “Love” and “Natsu” coming out of your mouth. 

Lucy: *blushes strongly but keeps watching Natsu, Levy knew her point was proven and enjoys how her friend smile returns as she opens her mouth* I most likely did.

(First time writing a fanfic o.o man this sure seemed shorter in my head. Would you guys mind giving me some feedback :3 I hope you enjoyed this little story I randomly created)


(this is the most pointless thing ive ever done in my life)

(Italics is Callie, bold is Marie, both for duets)

(this is NOT a real language of any kind)

(Phonetic) Lyrics:

Yah, weh ni, wah day, mii-neh ka la ki deh, tsu ni, yu mii ah ker our song. Ki deh, tcha mii, yu ni ka leh keh la byeh-la onn yala onn anna deh weh yo wei-heh leh mii yu weh-neh nu.


Tchop meh ni bon, tsu-neh tsu-neh ta na nuu no ni, veh ni ka leh la mew. Tsa-nah yu no mi, da nah hi ket tsu na wah no ki, tsu yo ni-nei hanu mei, mei, mei!

Yah, weh ni, wah day, mii-neh ka la ki deh, tsu ni, yu mii ah ker our song. Ki deh, tcha mii, yu ni, ka leh keh la byeh-la onn yala onn anna deh weh yo wei-heh leh mii yu weh-neh, lah, mii-neh, tsu dah, mii deh ka la, hah lah, mii-neh, yu mii ah ker our song. Ki dah, tcha nii, yo mii-kah hah-lah onn yala onn anna deh weh yo lah-ha tso yu weh-neh mii!


Tchop meh ni bon, tsu-neh tsu-neh ta na nuu no ni, veh ni ka leh la mew. Tsa-nah yu no mi, da nah hi ket tsu na wah no ki, tsu yo ni-nei hanu mei, mei, mei!

Yah, weh ni, wah day, mii-neh ka la ki deh, tsu ni, yu mii ah ker our song. Ki deh, tcha mii, yu ni, ka leh keh la byeh-la onn yala onn anna deh weh yo wei-heh leh mii yu weh-neh, lah, mii-neh, tsu dah, mii deh ka la, hah lah, mii-neh, yu mii ah ker our song. Ki dah, tcha nii, yo mii-kah hah-lah onn yala onn anna deh weh yo lah-ha tso yu weh-neh mii!

(Fade out)

Today I ate some watermelon with onee-chan

Today is Suika no Hi (Watermelon Day)! From my understanding, it’s a bit of wordplay on 27 as it can be read as tsu(2)na(7), meaning rope, which the stripped pattern on watermelons appear to resemble.

Hopefully I’m not too off the mark on this, but do correct me if I’m wrong.


H-here! Have some Ladrien! *shoves it in your face in embarrassment *

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Song to listen to while reading: Human by Christina Perri. 

Natsu, no!’

‘Everyone get back!!’

‘Watch out!’

‘Lucy! Get away from him!’

Her fellow guild members voices were shouting … at her? Lucy struggled to sit herself up from the ground, her body was sour and her right arm and a deep cut on her forehead were oozing blood. She dazedly looked at her surroundings, her head pounding. The Fairy Tail guild members were backing away from something, and someone was calling her name.

W-What’s going on? What’s happening!?

She looked the other way and saw what was the cause of her friends’ gloomy, fearful faces. In the middle of a raging ball of fire, a furious being with sharp claws, two long horns on the top of his head and blazing red eyes, was shrieking. She started to slowly back away, until she noticed the messy pink hair and the all too familiar muffler.

“Na … tsu?” Lucy called out weakly, her throat burning.

“Lucy, get away from Natsu!” 

“Quick, Lu-Chan!”

But Lucy didn’t budge, instead she looked at the demon in front of her. There was no way that this could be Natsu, her Natsu. No … This was not their friend, it couldn’t be. He would never had caused this much damage on purpose if there wasn’t a fight- especially if it meant endangering the lives of his loved ones and innocent bystanders. No, this was not Natsu. It must be E.N.D, the inner demon he rushed into the guild to warn them about as soon as he found out about his true form.

“I’m not leaving him!” Lucy yelled back to the rest of the Fairy Tail mages. With her legs shaking uncontrollably, she stood up and staggered forward.

“Lucy! What’re you doing!?” She heard her friends’ protesting behind her, but she didn’t look back. Her eyes were focused on him.

“Get back!” Lucy shouted at them. “Fall back and evacuate the village, I’m not sure how this is going to turn out … Help the innocent villagers to safety!”


“No! Go! Quickly!” She demanded, fearing what could happen if they followed her. “And absolutely do not come back for me!”

After a few moments, she heard the shuffling feet of her friends, who she knew wasn’t excited about not helping to stand and fight. They couldn’t fight this one, though. Not this one. Not this time. Taking in a deep sigh, Lucy stepped forward, her legs still shaking but she was determined. She knew she had to try and get him back.

“Natsu?” She called out, ignoring the furious growls. “Natsu, I know you’re still in there.” But instead, she was only greeted by more growling.

She gulped nervously and ran forward, behind him. Ignoring the raging flames, she shrieked as they bit at her legs and back and jumped forward, wrapping her arms around his waist. 

“I know you’re still in there,” She sobbed into his back. “Please Natsu, come back.”

His vicious roars filled the air as she held onto him tightly. She knew he was still in there somewhere, there was a reason E.N.D wasn’t trying to attack her while she was holding his back.

“Natsu … Come back to the guild with me … Let’s go back. Together.” She felt her eyes begin to fill with tears. “I-I don’t want to leave you yet. I don’t want you go yet, either. I-I want to spend more time with you. Please …” She cried out, begging him.

As he continued roaring, Lucy recalled memories. Not just any random memories, these were memories of him, of them being together. Them laughing while sitting at a booth in the guild with their friends. Going on missions together. Natsu jumping through her apartment window whenever he pleased. Them riding a train or a boat and Natsu laying his head on her lap, feeling sick. 

Natsu …” She sobbed. “I know. I know you’re still there! Please! You have to fight this, not just for you … but for me, for everyone at home, at the guild. I-I don’t know what I would do without you. Please, come back. I want you … I need you! I cannot fight this never ending battle on my own!”

I want to see his smile again.

Who’s going to go on missions with me and Happy!?”

I want to hear his laugh.

Who’s going to barge into my home whenever you want to see me?”

I want to be with you again.

Who the hell is going to be my partner!?”

Dammit Natsu Dragneel, I need you!

Just please … please come back …” while her body racked with sobs and she spoke her speech, she didn’t notice the flames dying down or the roaring turning into growling. And then the growling turning into soft breathing.

“I love you Natsu …” She wailed into his back, shutting her eyes and refusing to open them as she cried, tightening her grip on his waist.\

She felt a warm hand touch her hands on his waist and her eyes popped open and looked up, her face still buried in his back. His pink hair … but … where are those horns? She gasped as she realized what had happened. 

“Lucy?” Her ears echoed with his sweet, strong voice.