Wonder Woman & Captain America Crossover Headcanon

Remember how MCU!tSteve says in First Avenger that his dad died because of mustard gas?

His dad was one of the soldiers who fought at Veld and stayed behind to make sure the village was safe, and it was Dr. Poison’s mustard gas that got him.

One of his army buddies who survived told little!Steve Rogers about the wonder woman who made it possible for them to take back Veld, and Steve grew up idolizing her.

The reason he immediately leaped at the chance to use a shield at his weapon of choice was because of the story of how his heroine used a shield to distract the German soldiers. 

When he saw the shield in the midst of Stark’s weapons – a round shield at that – he leapt at the chance to be like his role model.

That springboard move he had Natasha do in Avengers? He remembered the story of how his heroine used that move during the battle for Veld. 

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omg thank you for the stony recs. i stayed up really really late reading the lovecraft one. it was so good. do you have a stony fic rec post like you do for cherik?

I do now!

R.C.’S SUPER (soldier) AWESOME STEVE/TONY FIC REC LIST OF DOOM (but not, like, Dr. Doom)

Personal Favorite (I seriously read this like twice a month)

What Lies Beneath by asktheravens (warnings: Lovecraftian horror)

“Carlton’s last log entry just says, ‘I have to go home.  Mother is calling me.’  At about the same time, he made this recording.”  He pushed play, and Carlton’s last words came through the speakers.  The man, a fully trained agent of SHIELD, had sobbed in his last moments, and the sound crackled with his ragged breathing.  They listened in silence as he choked and gasped and called out one word, over and over again: Mother.  Near the end of the clip, he drew a long, shaky breath and must have rallied, for the last sounds from him were footsteps and the faint jingle of the handcuffs.  After that, he could be heard to mutter and sob, mother mother MOTHER in the distance, but the audio broke apart into the sinister hiss of the whisper repeating its terrible message.  The last few seconds were filled with a strange sound that reminded Tony of both an animal braying and a nasty chuckling laugh, and then the recorder shut off for good.

“What the hell did I just listen to?” Steve asked.

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Stony 35

(One trying to get the other off of drugs AU) @lenzr

“Get out of the way!!” Tony screamed, blaring the car horn. Steve’s hands are on resting on the hood of the car, drenched from head to toe from the heavy rain.

“Get out of the car or run me over!” Steve challenges. The rain clings to his lashes and falls into his eyes but still can’t damper the severity of the glare he has fixed on Tony through the windshield.

They’re yelling at one another. Words on top of words, both screaming to be heard. Steve is goading Tony, challenging him to run him over. Tony is threatening to hit Steve while simultaneously demanding him to move out of his way.

Out of frustration Tony slams his fists against the steering wheel, letting out an animalistic cry. He shifts gear and the car shoots out backswards, slamming into a tree. The driver side door opens and Steve yanks Tony out of the car and onto the muddy ground.Tony is flailing, struggling against Steve’s chest, babbling words of protest.

“Stop! Stop! Tony, stop!!”

The fight suddenly drains out of Tony’s body and he slumps back against Steve’s broad chest.

“Please”, he begs. “Let me go! I can’t…It hurts too much! Please, Steve! I’m dying! Steve!!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tony had finally managed to fall asleep. It was a fitful sleep: feverish, twitching, mumbling in his sleep, but at least now he was no longer trying to escape.

Steve placed a cool towel on his burning forehead , and made his way to the now knobless bathroom door; It had been removed to prevent Tony from being able to lock himself in and potentially harming himself. Steve peeled off his muddy clothing and stepped into the shower, closing his eyes and savoring the warm spray of water upon his skin.

Although Steve wasn’t the one personally suffering from drug withdrawals, looking after Tony still took its toll. From what he had read this was considered the peak of withdrawal, and it would eventually subside. He sure hoped it did, or he just may lose it himself.

Heroin was a bitch to get off of. It was like a psychotic girlfriend that refused to be broken up with. But if Tony truly wanted to be with Steve he’d have to dump his current lover.That was the ultimatum that Steve had given him: Quit drugs or he walked. Miraculously, Tony had chosen him. Whether Tony now regretted it or not was irrelevant. The much bigger picture was that Tony’s life was on the line. And he had begged Steve for help, and be dammed if Steve was going to allow Tony to helplessly be devoured. He loved Tony too much. He had to love him. Otherwise he wouldn’t be forcing himself to tag along in this hellish journey, helping fight a battle that wasn’t even his.

The cabin they were staying in belonged to Steve’s uncle. It was remote, and seemingly peaceful. The spot chosen to not only be Tony’s pergatory while he got clean, but Steve’s as well. Their relationship,everything they could be together, was suspended in mid air without any certainty of coming down. It all came down to how strong Tony’s will was against the binding grip the drugs have on him.

Before passing out, Tony had begged his forgiveness, but not before begging tSteve to put him out of his misery.

“You want to die? Stick another needle in your arm. Have them find your body in the gutter like a piece of crap.” Steve had snapped after the car incident. “Do you really want that, Tony? You want to die?”

“Don’t you fuckin get it!? I’m already dying!”

“No, Tony! That pain is you living.”

Steve slipped on some pajamas and slipped into bed beside Tony. Watching him sleep, Steve tried to pin point how this all started. How could that brilliant doe - eyed boy with the mischievous smirk and the smart-ass remarks, have sunken so low?

Maybe it was Steve’s fault for going away to college and not keeping in touch after Tony’s parents were killed. Maybe it was that he had originally turned a blind to just how increasingly bad Tony’s habit had become. Maybe it was the pressure of running a billion dollar company.

What really bothered Steve had spent so long denying his feelings for Tony all because of his own cowardice towards his own sexuality. And now the thought of being too late, of losing Tony forever to this addiction, was incomprehensible.

Maybe Steve was fighting his own battle after all against the drugs. It was selfish in a way, but when Steve really wanted something bad enough he did everything in his power to achieve it.

Steve wanted Tony.