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Qué piensas de las personas que dedican las mismas canciones a nuevos amores cuando ya se las habían dedicado a alguien del pasado?

Eso es ser mala gente AKDJDKDJSK habiendo 13783827383 canciones:s ¿Tienen que dedicar las mismas? Tsss

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I know that sans uses a guitar in your au but have you considered the TROMBONE

Aaaaaaayyyyy! Badum-tsss!
Its actually a ukulele. But yes sans DOES also play the tromBONE as well. ;D
Some characters can play more than one instrument too like:
Sans mains a cello but occasionally jams with his ukulele or bothers pap with incidental music on his trombone, or
Toriel has a collection of various types of flutes,
Or mettaton can rock both a keytar and an electric guitar,
Asgore plays a mean tuba while he isnt conducting and taught undyne how to play the piano, Frisk collects the abandoned instruments of dead children etc, ect…

Wake up Boys and Girls ! Nung mga panahong Kailangang kailangan mo sya, mega cry and crave for hug ka, wala sya. Tapos ngayong Masaya at nakamove on ka na, Babalik balik sya? Ayy di ka day care na matapos iwan may babalikan pa! Ligwak na agad yan! Tsss Throwback Feelings ganern? Walang Ganern.

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One of the girls that had her picture taken with Louis at Subway, said that "he walked like 3 blocks without his shoes", so that works well that he & H were together! ;)

BA dum tsss

Kahit kailan, hindi naging valid yung rasong: Wala kang time o busy ka para sa taong “Mahal mo".

Hindi mo lang talaga magawa, kasi hindi sya sayo ganon kahalaga tsss basic

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"Hey there Velvet..I wanted to let you know that to me, being a Faunus..well...I don't carrot all!" And the blonde would hand her classmates a package of freshly picked carrots!

          She bursts into giggles and relief washes over her face. Yang really had her going for a second that something was wrong.

          “Oh, thank you so much!” she chimes. Already her stomach is growling for the sweet vegetables. “Carrots are my favorite!”