Good morning, while we wait for the Sana + Isak scene, think about all those times Isak gets piggy back rides now.

First time happened after Even cooked and Isak was helping (read: sitting on the counter and directing the spices. bc hello? he is the master of spices) and then it was time to give Isak rewarding kisses for being such a good helper so Even was standing between his legs and then suddenly he turned around, put his hands under Isak’s knees and said

“Hop on!”

Then this one time when Isak was a grumpy, sleepy lump in bed, where it’s warm and soft and cozy and Even was in such a good mood (*sigh* those morning persons) he pampered Isak’s face with all those kisses and then pulled him into a sitting position, rubbed their noses together and then whispered against his mouth

“Come on, Baby Monkey” and turned around.

Or the time when Isak got really, really drunk on Mahdi’s birthday. He wanted to stay mainly sober but as those plans go one drunk Eva

(”Isakiyakiiii, here have a shot with meee!”)

and also one very interesting drinking game (Even now may or may not know his part in that awful Penetrator song) later, he was basically shitfaced. He and Jonas were sitting on the stairs, Even crouching down in front of them, when Even suggested they get home and

“Oh! Yesss, plissss….Evi, I don’t want to move though”

he slurred and really tried to keep his eyes opened but, boy, his lids were heavy.
His boyfriend with his amazing hair and his plaidshirt just grinned up at him and tipped his back, raising those fine, fine eyebrows (Isak may have sighed dreamily more than once while this interaction happened) in question.

Isak returned the grin and asked  “Monkey?” to which Even answered with a soft peck to his lips and murmured

“Yes, my Baby Monkey”

and turned around for Isak to hope on. Once on his back he made a salute gesture to the general direction of Jonas and smooched Even’s cheeks, one hand firmly in that soft hair of his boy (for direction purposed of course).

just my thoughts ‘cause my bff (who’s begun to be a bitch since she began to date this asshole) send me messages like “why u always alone ?” “try to find someone” “you will finish alone without anyone by your side”

and, well, i don’t think not being in a relationship at 19 will define the fact that i will never be :’) 

plus: i don’t need someone to love me, i don’t NEED a relationship, i just need someone to understand me, someone with i can joke on stupid things, with whom i can be childish H24. i actually need a real friend… (a second me ? :’)  )

‘cause, you know, there’s this thing : people always change, because they date someone, or because they become more like “i’m an adult now, i can’t do that anymore”. and all my friends began to be like that, and its scaring me, ‘cause i actually don’t want to be like that, loosing the child who’s in me, dating someone i don’t love ‘cause everybody else is doing so, stoping dreaming, or stoping acting crazy sometimes because there’re people around…. ‘cause i don’t care about what people think of me. but they do. and we don’t live in the same world anymore, ‘cause they’re becoming superficial and snob.

i forgot : THIS WORLD IS FUCKING FAKE. thank you.

and for all those who never date someone at 16 or 17 : don’t worry, you’re not missing something important :’)

sorry, just needed to write it down. (and sorry for the orthographe ) :)

  • Hwasa: Tell me your fantasies babe
  • Wheein: I wish I was a dragon
  • Hwasa: No I mean -
  • Wheein: But instead of fire I breathe jelly beans
  • Hook: I am going to climb up this beanstalk because I love Emma
  • Hook: I am going to climb onto this table because I love Emma
  • Hook: I am going to climb onto the roof because I love Emma
  • Hook: I am going to climb over this fallen tree because I love Emma
  • David: uh Killian I don't think you need to--
  • Hook: BECAUSE
  • David: let me guess, because you love--

ikilledtherpc’s alternate fc suggestions

Don’t like playing racists and abusers* but are somehow hard set in belief that Cold Sprouts (24) is the only waify brooding male faceclaim out there and feel like you have no choice but to play him because he’s ~just so perfect~ for your gary stu loner oc? Congrats, you’re incorrect and all of the above are better choices than him. Names below link to their gif hunt tags.

— AMADEUS SERAFINI (25) Kieran from Scream is a little more rugged with that I’m a 20-Something Playing A High Schooler Stubble, but he’s still a great alternative. His gifpacknetwork tag can be found here.

— DAVID LAMBERT (23) best known for playing Brandon on The Fosters. He has plenty of resources and his gifpacknetwork tag can be found here.

— RYAN POTTER (21) the ultimate Robin and the voice of Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6, Ryan has a killer instagram that’ll satisfy all your artsy needs.

ELIAS BENDER RØNNENFELT (25) lead singer of a Danish band called Iceage. He’s on thin ice (ba-dum-tsss) because I can almost see the racist in his eyes and I don’t trust him. Nevertheless he looks like a great alt. 

FRANCISCO LACHOWSKI (26) not as popular as he used to be but still a viable option for an alt! His gifpacknetwork tag can be found here.

*this isn’t an invitation for you to try and defend your white fave. act a fool on this post and you’ll catch a swift block, thanks.

anonymous asked:

How do you draw Dan? Sorry I have noo idea and I always draw an amazing Phil (badum tsss) but my Dan is always messed up, is there any advice you can give?

It’s the same advice I’d give for drawing anything - reference, break it down into basic shapes, fix as you go, THEN add details. Here’s a quick little drawing I did based on those steps, just for his head: 

It’s not perfect - I think I made his head too long and narrow, so I would probably fix that first, before I coloured it.