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Nick, is there anyone you're dating currently? Anyone you'd like to date? (p.s. I'm the anon that was too shy to send you an ask before. I still really love your blog! ❤)

*Baddum TSSS!* ^

(I finally tackled the mother of all the questions! I apologize in advance if I missed your shipping related question, but there are more ideas, so they’ll be addressed soon. -admin)

Tu corazón te dice que sí, pero tu cabeza, más sensata, te dice que no. Y tu mente al final acaba engañada por lo que el corazón te dice que debes hacer, incluso cuando está equivocado.



I told him my name. Ohkay now what. He only knows I’m from chem class but I am in every class he’s in. God this boy. I told sheena now. My best friend. Who told me he’s number. And as expected. Sheena was asleep when I texted her. Tsss.

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Daniel stood there for a good while, looking over the other agent in front of him; the gears turning in his head for a solid minute until he managed to form a word.


Close enough. He couldn’t quite put his finger on what was wrong, but just something felt different about the other in front of him; something kinda… alien.

Sometimes I can’t believe that Andrea Brown left KEI-9, her dog-mech, on board the Normandy while it was in dry dock. It wasn’t even while Earth was attacked and she had no choices but to leave it, she had already left KEI-9 there while she was working as a contractor. EDI had to warn her, she didn’t even realize! So, no excuses!
Good for us because we get the dog-mech but no excuses! If KEI-9 was mine I would take it with me at the end of the day. Tsss.

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What did the blanket say when it fell off the bed? Oh sheet!!! *badum tsss*

What did marki say when she read this message?
W h y