So um I know evereyone’s waiting on the new chapters of Waiting in the Quiet and The Silent Song but the exam coming up this week is really giving me a run for my money. So apologies for not churning out more content - I’ll have a nice weekend after this coming Friday to write. Thanks for your patience, everyone. <3

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Remember right after the rap battle when Virgil says “that was clearly just a copy of Epic Rap Battles of History,” and Logan responds with that adorable lil “Yes, I was going to point that out…. but I didn’t wanna miss this opportunity.” It makes sense now that I’ve noticed it, but I’d never followed Logan’s line of sight before. 

He looks at Virgil for all of one second in response. “Yes,”

Then halfway through the word “yes,” his gaze shifts and stays in one spot for the rest of the line: directly at Roman.

“I was going to point that out…”

“But I didn’t wanna miss this opportunity”

He’s so darn proud of himself, and whom is he looking to for validation? The Side that loves poetry as much as he does.

He could be smirking at Roman and flaunting the victory, but this… doesn’t really look like that? He just looks… happy. Happy that he decimated Roman in front of everyone, sure, but also happy that he can openly share an interest in something with one of the others. He’s looking right at Roman with glee for his love of poetry. Idk there are definitely other meanings to this but I’m drawing a blank. I just love seeing my boy so genuinely happy and getting to share that <3

“Welcome back to the family!!!”

Alright, so I was originally going to wait to post any new art of my OCs until all of the new references are finished, but I was able to commission the beautiful @ladykestrrel / @taylordraws a little while ago, and after a bit of a headache in regards to getting the finished reference sheets done, I was finally able to get her the sheets and the money necessary to make one of my dreams (getting art made for me by Taylor) a reality, and I can’t help but post it.

I guess I should take a minute to talk about the project these goobers are a part of, since Taylor said she was gonna reblog it, and that means some potential new eyes being cast upon my novel project’s characters! Yay!

That’s right, like Taylor, I’m working on a novel, though mines way different. It’s a sci-fi/adventure novel project, and the working title is “The Soundwave Saga.” You can read more about the project under the cut, since I don’t wanna text wall Taylor’s blog. Or any blog for that matter. Haha.

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CAN WE TALK ABOUT LOGAN in the Becoming a Cartoon video???

No really, listen up, it starts out cute but gets real

  • Was completely confused by the 3 “right brain” peeps imagining being cartoons, and just couldn’t comprehend interest in something that wasn’t real (um, who’s the one with the unicorn onesie and Sherlock cosplay?)
  • He didn’t like the whole idea of cartoons but didn’t insult Thomas, Roman, or Patton for liking them.
  • This glorious thing everyone seems to forget happened:

(Seriously, go watch that bit - he’s so loud XD)

  • As a cartoon he wants Thomas to make a video about singing and puppies
  • And THEN, when they get back, they all react to what happened:
  • He was genuinely happy about it - there wasn’t a trace of sarcasm or cynicism in him! His lil nerd heart was all aflutter 
  • And then he even ADMITS he’s changed his mind - Logan HATES admitting he was ever “wrong.” Look how he’s trying to hide how much he loved being a cartoon:


Good GOD I love that. He’s both acknowledging that fantasy worlds have value and that he enjoys them, and affirming in Thomas that the real world is just as full of beauty and excitement. In doing so, he’s even helping calm Virgil by quieting the fear he had of never being able to be part of those wonderful worlds. He’s using his rationale to remind us that a life full of amazement and wonder doesn’t just exist in cartoons - it’s right here in front of us. 


Seriously, Logan was already my favorite, but this video… damn.

BONUS, the iconic line:

The Summer Soldier (part 1)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader, Tony Stark x daughter!reader

Summary: Sometimes we can see our whole future, planned out by every second. Then the unexpected happens and we can’t seem to plan anything, it’s like everything we once knew just disappears in an instant. That’s what happened to (Y/n), who finds herself living with the father she never knew after her mother dies unexpectedly, in a car crash on her way home from work.

Warnings: Death, slight angst, mentions of a car crash, some language

A/N: I had this idea and I’m really excited for it, so hope you all enjoy! This will be a series.

A/N 2: This begins in AOU

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