Thank you everyone for bringing me all the way to 3000 followers! Not bad for 10 months of blogging. I’ve had a lot of fun on tumblr, and I felt like I’ve been overdue to make something to show a little appreciation to the blogs that I follow who have helped make my dash so enjoyable. So thank you to everyone I follow, and to all the artists and graphics makes and other bloggers who I don’t follow but whose work I still always love seeing! Thank you everyone for making the One Piece fandom here such a warm and incredible one!


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Yo, Krizzia here again to present you another follow forever because I just reached 4000+ followers! Seriously guys where are you all coming from ;u; Thank you, this is really really awesome! I love you all and stay awesome! (And also, bolded urls have a message :D)


ace-lu acegasm akagamis akahshi akirassendoh all–blue amaitsumi animeruinedme anna-hiwatari aokijikuzan bakankys baltigo bigmanken-san calgaras chillociraptor chizuyus colour-trap daikiaomines deathofabyss deer-head-xiris deinstastic dressrosas enkais fervorzealotsandtoys frozenchameleon fuckyeahonepiece furanky


haifa642 harpymonet hebihimes highwaytoraftel hisoka-tetsuya indycitator inuchi itachiuchihas kaldurrr keinai kiinjou kozatos harutenshi kuropiece lincov littletinydots luffylicious marincolosseo merrrys mihokus missallsundays mugib0y nelkk nightmare-luffy​ oizuumi okama—way onenakamapiece onepiecezombie ouka-shichibukai portgadace portgas-dee-ace punk-hazard-is-fucking-hot 


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All of us here at StrawHatCaps would like to thank every one of you for bringing us to over 1,000 followers! And of course, an extra thank you goes out to all our members, who have dedicated their time and effort into making this blog a success. Each is an One Piece graphic maker on their own blogs as well, so we would encourage everyone to check them out:

seikens // calgaras // chizuyus

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soo, this is a big, messy follow forever that is probably missing a bunch of people (sorry!) , but it’s my first and it’s about darn time i made one. as you may know, i’ve recently turned multfandom after being a one piece blog for a year and a half. as such, this is a very one piece-ish follow forever with a lot of op blogs (however if you aren’t into one piece and are on here it means you’re one of my first jojo mutuals and u cool so congrats read one piece). anyways, all these people are great and either make great art/graphics/stuff or are friends of mine, or are simply mutuals who i enjoy


5star-usopp | akagamis | akatsukii | anna-hiwatari | arriettiesarsmentae | artsycrapfromsai | bakaburg | bakankys | baltigo | blackbarbooks | calgaras | chizuyus | chokusenoni | chopper-hero | deer-head-xiris | deinstastic | dinosaurjockey | diomite | dressrosas | dressrouba


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with that done, i’m off to follow a bunch of blogs bc i haven’t done that in too long. thanks again everyone, and sorry it took so long to poop one of these things out! (also my insp blog is heckamehca if anyone is interested).

Yo, Krizzia here to present my 3rd follow forever to thank all of the fantastic blogs that keep my dashboard really wonderful! So you should totally check out their blogs because they reblog and make the best stuff and they’re really nice! Also, thank you for the 2000+ followers asdfghjkl I didn’t even expect to hit that count. It’s just really amazing! Thank you all!

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Happy Holidays,everyone!

Hello! I finally decided to make my first ever ff to show my appreciation to the blogs I adore deeply! Thank you for being so perfect, be it your edits or just the things you reblog! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ Sorry if I accidentally mistyped your url!

 I also decided to make this ff to thank my followers, since I recently reached 500+ followers! I’m really grateful to all of you, and thank you all so much! ❤ ❤

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hey cuties!

So I can absolutely not believe it’s been a year since I got started watching One Piece and I made this blog… it’s been a great year of (too many) feels, tears, laughs and anxious waits for the brand new chapters… not to mention all the amazing nakama I’ve made along the way 

all the blogs below are run by lovely people and have made my dash amazing day after day (and of course, have made my one piece tumblr experience wonderful). so thank you, ily!

(btw Paty, I remember you complaining about not enough Kid.. so I ended up choosing Kid as my ff theme)

bolded urls have messages :) sorry for anything misspelt!

a-f: akagamis, askrevolutionarykoala, baltigo, calgaras, chopper-hero, colour-trap, fromthescoutinglegion, furanky

g-o: greatsenpai, heart-nakama, jellybeans-and-satan, kikokus, luffylicious, maridoodles, nightmare-luffy, onenakamapiece, ouka-shichibukai

p-z: portgas-dee-ace, portgxs, punk-hazard-is-fucking-hot, ryuusouken, seikens, tsrawhats, unlimitedcruise, urekkmazino, usoapp, yonkos, zorosama 

ALSO TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH <3 don’t be shy to ever come talk to me! spread the nakama~

I know this is weird since I’m basically a pure One Piece blog but I may or may not be extremely happy that my otp finally got together…

Hey, cuties!

Times flies and I can’t believe another year has pretty much passed by already… But I wanted to thank you guys for another hella rad year - I met and befriended a lot of amazing people and discovered so much new stuff and blogs and it’s been great c: Looking forward to another good one and meeting more of you!!

But really, thanks to all of you for being the amazing, talented, lovely people you are, you make Tumblr an amazing website to be on! Especially to each and every one of you who follow me and put up with my crappy graphics and rants, it means a lot that y'all stilll follow me and I love you guys c;

You all deserve the best so I really hope all your dreams for the coming year come true! Happy holidays and have a kickass New Year’s!!

If I forgot you or mispelled your url, I’m literally so sorry, please forgive me (and tell me!!) ;-; 

So here we go: bolded are people I look up to/absolute faves, and then italics are for my people I consider my lovely friends c; 

a - h

akagamis | anna-hiwatari | ask-bonbonsaskrevolutionarykoalaasktherubberman | baltigo | calgaras | chopper-hero | codenamezimbabwe-art 

i - p

jellybeans-and-satan | kikokus | killuar | kyokaens | law–trafalgar | luffydraws | luffyliciousmmakotoz | maridoodles | nightmare-luffy onenakamapiece | ouka-shichibukai | poolnareff | portgas-dee-ace | precioushaise punk-hazard-is-fucking-hot 

q - z

ruffeh | ryuusouken | seikens shiroyoh | soongminho | stolenbymothersea | the-shitty-restaurant | torikagoh | toukaku-kiri | tsrawhats | unlimitedcruiseusoappyonkos | zoroszorosama