Gaming ephemera: TSR author forms.  In 1991 I sent one proposal to Dungeon magazine and received a request to see the completed adventure.  Then life and stuff got in the way.  Today I’m rearranging some shelves and there under some issues of Dungeon I found my proposal and all my notes, including some dot-matrix printouts on tractor feed paper.  It’s 25 years overdue but I still like the idea so it’s on my desk again.

pyjamapocalypse  asked:

Hey. Okay so, Wondymoon made a post a few months ago or so about how everyone is converting his stuff to TS4. He doesn't want other people to do that, he's still active on TSR and is going to convert all of his stuff eventually himself. I noticed you just converted something of his, so I thought I'd tell you :)

thank you for making the warning with a nice way. Wondy is a friend of me, so if you see i share something from him that means i have permission. Also it was converted from mio-sims. I shared recolors


I’m making a very special announcement very soon, and to be able to do that in such a wonderful way, I’d like to dedicate this dress to my friend @lily-pierce. I consider you a true friend of mine and truly, truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

  • Mesh by sims2fanbg 
  • 24 colors
  • Handdrawn textures
  • CAS thumbnail 

—-DOWNLOAD—– (coming to TSR Jul 20th, 2016)

Chase Dress 

  • New item
  • Comes in 6 colors
  • All LOD’s and custom thumbnail
  • Please don’t claim as your own/re-upload elsewhere and if you use it, feel free to tag me #mxfsims or @mxfsims so I can check it out ^^

DOWNLOAD > simfileshare 


Credit to: @hallowsims, @theslyd, @leahlillith, @madlensims and all other creators I used content from <3

S4- LANA denim shorts

Okay so I made these shorts months ago and they’re actually super chill. They’re pefect for that laid-back summer vibe y’all tumblr girls are going for.

DOWNLOAD / Coming to TSR Tuesday July 12th, 2016. 


Sims in Paris Cupcake Shop Cafe (UPDATED)

This set has been updated to work with the new expansion pack (Dine out), so here are the changes that have been made to it:

  • Updated bump and specular maps.
  • Some of the meshes UV maps were re-done.
  • Textures have been updated to make them look better in game.
  • Footprint has been adjusted to fit the mesh.
  • Game catalog tags were updated and corrected.
  • I  have updated the podium to function as a host station.
  • I have included some add-ons made by me to the set.
  • The parasol’s footprint has been removed so they can be placed anywhere without interfering with sims, so they can be placed in the middle of the table or by the tables.

This set includes the following:

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Parasol
  • Stove
  • Cupcake Art I and II (add-ons): Available in black and white frames.
  • Cupcake shop sign (add-on)
  • Cupcake posters (add-ons)
  • Cupcake shop walls (add-on)
  • Food Table (deco)
  • “Open/Closed” reversible sign
  • “Please come in/Please get out” reversible sign"
  • Come in we’re awesome/Closed but still awesome" reversible sign
  • Cupcake shop podium (host station)
  • Cupcake shop menu

It may not look like much, but this set was a LOT of work to update! and I am so happy to be done with it…hopefully I won’t have to update again…or, will I? :O



Any issues please report them, I’ll be happy to fix them. Happy simming!