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TSPC: How can the sector work better together?

The Third Sector Partnership Council is made up of representatives of sector networks working across 25 areas of third sector activity along with three representatives from WCVA, and is key in allowing the sector to talk to and hear from Welsh Government. Suzanne Chisholm, WCVA Strategic Engagement Advisor, battled the bad weather to report back from this week’s TSPC networking event. 

Earlier this week, a band of brave and committed third sector people battled the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo to turn up at a Third Sector Partnership Council (TSPC) networking event in Llandrindod. WCVA organised the event at the request of representatives from the networks.

The aim of the day was to find ways in which 33 thousand third sector organisations across Wales could work better together   And if the noise level of the first session - ‘speed dating’, in which sector reps chatted to each other for three minutes before moving on - was anything to go by, there are lots of connections to be made and work to be done!

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