It’s Mike Falzone and Coffee Girl!!

What’s better than a photo shoot with Mike Falzone?  One that has Coffee Girl in it too, duh.  These two wonderful humans have been in Los Angeles the last week or so, and it’s been awesome!  They’re pretty much in demand all the time so I’m honored that they were able to find some time for us to do this shoot.  These two are way too much fun and I simply don’t want to give them back to Connecticut.  YOU HEAR THAT CONNECTICUT??  YOU CAN’T HAVE EM!  So there.

Psssst, I’ve seen Coffee Girl’s true face - I printed it out and put on it cardboard.  That’s just what she looks like, also she has really nice hair.  

Mike and Coffee Girl have a podcast now!!  CLICK THIS TO GET YOU SOME!





Meghan Tonjes is Awesome…And Her Little Dog Too

The continuation of this project I keep running my fingers about.  This time it’s a woman!  An extremely talented and beautiful woman called Meghan.  Also, there’s her dog Margot.  The day sort of became about Margot in a way.  Because are you kidding me?  She’s adorable and wants all the love you can give and then some.  She’s also big on naps, Margot that is.  Meghan and I had a lot of fun with this shoot.  She’s funny and charming.  She’s also very photogenic, and has a beautiful voice.  I was fortunate enough to hear some of it while I photographed her with her guitar.  If you don’t already know who she is you should:

Meghan Tonjes on YouTube

Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, More YouTube, DFTBA Artist Page, www.MeghanTonjes.com


Photos of Chris Thompson, also Eddie

Photographing Chris is so much fun.  He’s a sweet guy who’s funny and loves dogs.  We had a blast during our shoot.  He’s an overall great guy, and takes a lovely photo.  Also, he introduced me to Eddie, who is the most camera ready dog I’ve ever met.  If you’re ever locked out of a building he can get you in using keys, eventually. 

If you like things like talented vocals, awesome a cappella stuff, and laughter you need to find the subscribe button on both of his channels and follow him on Twitter and Instagram: