Head dipped so low his chin hit his chest, Javik sighed as he lifted a heavy hand lay it on hers. A trill ran up her back and over her crest at the contact. Carefully, Liara manoeuvred her grip to fit around his two fingers, and gave a comforting squeeze.

Already the shape of his melancholy sang alongside her own.

“Pah,” scorned Javik, studiously not meeting her eyes as his fingers curled around hers. “Now I cannot even remember her name!”

That Hunts on a Lonely Hill by Ninaunn

By far and large, That Hunts on a Lonely Hill is my favorite piece of Mass Effect fanfiction.  There are some close runners up but out of all of them this hits the spot for me like no other.  I continue to look forward to watching not only Javik and Liara develop as characters, and as a relationship, but the world that Ninaunn develops around them.  

The characters are on point, their issues never undervalued, and the breadth of the galaxy is so very real.

Seriously, read this fic if you haven’t.  You won’t regret it.

Since two people asked;

  • who cooks normally?: Liara, until they have children. Then Javik learns quickly how picky the kids can be (and once he served them fried Salarian Livers. Kids enjoyed them way too much, although Javik argues that it never happened. There was a report the same day about the Blasto Movies director “disappearing”)
  • how often do they fight?: Constantly, sometime its about Javik’s influence on the children, Liara refusing Javik to let the kids go Thresher Maw riding, (One of the kids begs to ride Kalros.) The fights aren’t really fights, more just Javik stirring Liara up because she bites.
  • what do they do when they’re away from each other?: 
    At first, Javik is more then happy, Liara doesnt like it. But the roles swap after they have kids, and then they barely leave each other once the kids are all grown up and trying to conquer the galaxy
  • nicknames for each other?: Javik calls Liara “Asari” when he gets angry at her for something.But nicknames are really non existent. Except for “King of the Protheans”, when Liara is being sarcastic
  • who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Liara, Javik uses the excuse: “After 50,000 years and the fall of my Empire, do you think I have anything on me?
  • who steals the covers at night?: Javik, King of the Protheans
  • what would they get each other for gifts?: Liara gets him ancient treasure, replicated things from his past and donuts (Javik loves them.) Javik doesnt know what to get her. He asked her Father once, she was no help. He got her drawing/writing equipment, as a joke. That didnt go down well.
  • who kissed who first?: Liara
  • who made the first move?: Shepard. They both agree that it was all Shepard’s fault 
  • who remembers things?: Liara, Javik denies everything. Never says sorry, never does anything wrong
  • who started the relationship?: Shepard
  • who cusses more?: Liara
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Javik usually tell her to get over it, but sometimes, when its genuine he tells her:


“Are you so blind in your infatuation with the commander,” his face merely a few inches away from hers, close enough to pick up her scent on her breath. “That you cannot see I only have eyes for you?!”


Actually finished it! Nobody can resist T'sovik.

*whispers* in case reya wants a high-res version she may contact me :x

Ugh so I should have done this sooner because today is Father’s Day, but I really want to draw Papa!Javik with some asari/Prothean babies. I know that if I start it today it won’t get done today, but oh well I suppose. My T'Sovik babies are Deanna and Troi, named in honor of Marina Sirtis who was both the voice actor of Liara’s mother, Matriarch Benezia, and Deanna Troi of Star Trek: TNG. (They don’t sound very much like asari names I suppose, especially Troi not ending in “a”, but there are a few like Morinth and Falere that don’t have “a” names.)

Papa!Javik is the best and T'Sovik needs more love. why isn’t this pairing more popular? sobs