Things I’m thinking about this morning: is it really possible that John got through his wedding without seeing Sherlock’s feelings for him? it was obvious to everyone else. Are John’s “Sherlock doesn’t feel things that way” blinders really that strong? Or did he notice and just push everything down out of duty to Mary and the baby? Subconsciously, perhaps? It was all so blatant. And he did get up and hug him and cry. So what do you think? Did John consciously realize Sherlock’s feelings for him at the wedding, as Sherlock realized his feelings for John?


One of the ways that Sherlock deduces that David still has romantic feelings for Mary is that in all his Facebook pictures of John and Mary, John is, ‘always partly or entirely excluded’.  This shows that he wants John, 'out of the picture’, so to speak.

Then we see director Colm McCarthy’s approach to framing his shots during the best man speech.  During Sherlock’s speech, Mary is, 'always partly or entirely excluded’, in any shot that also includes Sherlock.  Janine, a character we’ve only just met, and of much less importance to the proceedings, seems to have plenty of room to fit in shots that exclude Mary.

If excluding half of a couple is a sign that someone wants them to not be a couple, then, here, the show is explicitly telling us that John and Mary are not the right couple.  The compositions escalate from merely cutting Mary out to having Sherlock actually physically block her from the audience’s view.  We are meant to not see John in relation to Mary but Sherlock.  It’s always Sherlock.

(Thank you to obliquely-related for their comment that reminded me to write about this.)


Why they aren’t sitting in their chairs? in every scene with a client they are always sitting in their chairs. Sometimes Sherlock is walking around, but the scenes with the clients are always with  them in their chairs. Even in the infamous scene with Mary/A.G.R.A, John is very clear about their position regarding the clients.

JOHN: … the people who come in here with their stories. -the clients – that’s all you are now, Mary. You’re a client. This is where you sit and talk … (he gestures towards the armchairs) … and this is where we sit and listen, then we decide if we want you or not. (X)

So, why in this particular night, the last night together in their flat, they choose to change their places in front of a client?

They were very, very  drunk, they fell asleep in the  stairs, but that was not enough. They continued drinking, flirting playing games. When they were about to kiss Tessa comes along with a case, so John and Sherlock, decide “no, we won’t stay in our places, as we always do, this night is special, let’s stumble in our drunken state to the other side of the room and we sit on the couch.”  (please imagine them giggling, and joking with each other while they can’t even stand)

I think they main reason why they are sit in the couch while Tessa is telling them her story is because that night they aren’t the detective and his blogger. That night they are simply two men, two best friends, and sadly in love with each other, but they think their love is unrequited.

This night is their last chance to be together in a way, that maybe is impossible but they’ll try to make it happen. John was touching Sherlock the  whole night and Sherlock lost all his inhibitions. That’s why they are sitting together in the couch, because they can’t even think of being apart. They need to know, to feel the other at his side, even touch them.They are so desperately in love, so desperate to feel that the other is there, close to their hands. And at the same time exists an abyss between them. I just hope that someday they can build a bridge, and stop this madness.


“You know it won’t alter anything, right, me and Mary, getting married? We’ll still be doing all this.”
“Oh, good.”
“If you were worrying.”
“Wasn’t worried.”
“See, the thing about Mary – she has completely turned my life around; changed everything. But, for the record, over the last few years there are two people who have done that … and the other one is … a complete dickhead.”