“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” 

Friedrich Nietzsche

Well well well. Here’s my piece for the Letsdrawsherlock challenge of this month, focused on the missing scenes. 

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anonymous asked:

In TSOT, when John stood up and asked Sherlock "What do I do?" after he said "You keep me right", was John ready do bail on his own wedding if Sherlock had wished so? Because for me it seemed like it... am I interpreting this right? Thanks!

Hey Nonny!

You are absolutely interpreting that 100% correctly. John was willing to bail on his own reception for Sherlock. :D

Every time Sherlock and John hold hands

But seriously, every time they’ve held hands, Sherlock went marching off to his death less than 24 hours later:

ASiP: They shake hands in front of 221B. Later that night Sherlock climbs into a cab with a murderer and almost takes a pill that has a 50% chance of killing him.

TRF: They hold hands while running from the police. Later, Sherlock confronts Moriarty on the rooftop and would definitely have exchanged his life for John’s even if he didn’t have a plan in place to survive.

HLV: They shake hands before Sherlock boards the plane on a suicide mission. He wanted one last memory of John’s hand in his before he is killed in action (or by the drugs he took to numb the pain of leaving John behind again). 

TLD: Sherlock takes John’s hand then walks “right into hell” per Mary’s request. Whether he believes Mary’s claim that the only way to save John is to get John to save him, or if he thinks dying will be less painful than life without John, it comes to the same thing.

[update: I forgot this one the first time around until someone mentioned it in the comments. I think my subconscious was trying to forget this episode ever happened.]

TFP: Shortly after Sherlock takes John’s hand they move on to the “Your brother or your friend” part of Eurus’ game and Sherlock turns the gun on himself instead.


TSoT: They’re holding hands in this stag night pic. Soon after, Sherlock marches “into battle” (a.k.a. John’s wedding) which is a whole other kind of death.

I want to be up there with the two people that I love and care about most in the world. Mary Morstan … and … you. So, in fact you-you mean … Yes. I’m your best man… friend? Yeah, ’course you are. ’Course you’re my best friend.

anonymous asked:

About the wedding list stuff, the show goes out of its way to mention that Mary doesn't have many friends. Sherlock mentions that the bride's side is looking awfully thin and she laughs it off as "orphan's lot" and that she only has friends (which would be Janine and David, I guess). But who is John's family actually showed up to this wedding? His own sister didn't, his father didn't, his mom's dead. Shouldn't John's side be just as thin? The only family mentioned is John's cousin.

(referencing this post)

Hi Nonny!

Thank you for listing off all of the supposed guests! Yeah, it’s really suspicious, like who are all of these people? As I mentioned in the referenced post, I like to think that they’re all former clients of Mary’s, or members of the Moriarty Network that she blackmailed into coming. Maybe they’re members of the Met? Or people who work for Mycroft that Sherlock bribed? Maybe former clients of Sherlock’s? Mike’s not there either (who I headcanon didn’t go because he refused to see John marry someone else, after all the hard work he did in getting John and Sherlock together). *shrugs* LOL. It’s so curious.