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1/2 I hate that before the shooting John seems to put mary and Sherlock in the same level "the two people I care and love the most" it makes me think that if Sherlock had confessed his feelings at that point John would had a hard time choosing between the two of them or he could not made a decision at all

2/2 like it was necessary for mary to be bad to tip the scales in Sherlock’s favor, don’t get me wrong I do think John loves Sherlock just not as much as Sherlock loves him, for Sherlock John is the most important thing in the world but for John it’s not like that and I confess it makes me hate him a little, I just can’t forgive him for not loving Sherlock enough, he deserves to be loved at its fullest, not sharing the only person he loves, even if it is with someone who never really existed

Hi Nonny!

I know it’s hard to believe, but Sherlock was always the one for John. What you are describing is the SURFACE reading of the narrative arc; that’s okay! The show is made to seem like that on initial viewing for those who don’t know that Johnlock is endgame. The trick to this series is to actually re-watch it several times and examine character nuances, learn about how they each think and read between the lines – the series is layer with TONNES of subtext (as Sherlock says in TAB, you must go deeper!). 

First of all, know that both characters love each other fiercely and have literally offered to die for one another. Secondly, know that John has tried on numerous occasions to push Sherlock into talking about progressing their relationship further, and whether or not Sherlock actually understood, was scared, or too drunk to realize, John has always loved Sherlock. Thirdly, please don’t hate John; he is a difficult character to understand, and on the surface, he seems to have changed in S3, when in actuality he REALLY has not at all. He’s the exact same person, just this time he’s viewed from Sherlock’s eyes. Plus, Mary is subtly purposely straining their relationship.

Already when Sherlock returned in TEH he was starting to stray back to him to the point that Mary forced a proposal from John to ensure she stayed with him. We are unsure as of yet as to why she is insisting on this, but I personally think it’s because he is her mission or she’s using him as protection. Either way, keeping John from Sherlock became a game to her.

I personally believe that John is with Mary because he feels he can’t have Sherlock. He only cares about her because she pulled him up from the dark despair he was in before Sherlock returned, and perhaps he feels like he owes her for that… especially since she also seemingly approves of Sherlock. Regardless if Mary was bad or not, I also think that if Sherlock confessed right then and there, John would have called off the wedding. 


Because of stag night. John spent the evening trying to get Sherlock to confess his feelings for John (and he in return was trying to do the same: “do PEOPLE like me”), trying to see if Sherlock cared for John at all in some way, but for whatever reason, it never happened. John doesn’t want to ruin the best friendship he’s ever had if it’s going to make things awkward with Sherlock. So he tries to weasel a confession from Sherlock. Poor Sherlock never actually understands until the reception that this is what was happening, and so now John is left with Mary and Sherlock is left alone.

The problem with these two is that they JUST WON’T ACTUALLY TALK TO EACH OTHER. They’re both so scared of ruining and losing what they have that they will just choose to dance around each other for all eternity.

Fortunately, Sherlock FINALLY got a clue in TAB and realized that John will always choose him, all he has to do is say the word. He realizes now that he has to let John know that he can love and feel and be there for John always. He has finally understood the error he has made. He knows he is better with John and I think he will fight for that.

Bah, I hope I explained this alright for you Nonny; John is a hard character for me to read, though I am learning slowly but surely. Anyone, please feel free to add onto this.