The Social Network ϟ One movie connects us all (01.10.2010)

Finally i finished it. It looks kinda okay in my computer and in my blog(that means without delay), let me know if there’re anything wrong;)

It’s already two in my time zone. Maybe I’ll liveblog TSN when i wake up. Hmmmmm, love you guys. THE TSN FANDOM IS THE MOST BRILLIANT ONE I’VE EVER BEEN.

TSNiversary (Starts October 1st)

To celebrate our Social Network One Year Anniversary (TSNiversary) We are going to be tagging posts with the tag #TSNiversary

There will also be sub tags you can use to narrow down your posts. *make sure you add TSNiversary as well*

Sub tags.

  • #TSNiversaryFic
  • #TSNiversaryArt
  • #TSNiversaryVid
  • #TSNiversaryMix
  • #TSNiversaryOther

*Please try not use the tag unless it is TSN/Jewnicorn related. (posting pics of you celebrating or something TSNiversary related is totally fine)*


It does start October 1st, but I know a lot of us are in different time zones.  So just start when it is the 1st for you.  (even sooner if you know somewhere in the world it is technically Oct 1st :P)


This is just for fun, there is no pressure to make or do anything. 

If you want to get a head start and start making stuff now that is perfectly fine.  Just wait to post them till it starts :)


YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE IN THIS FANDOM FOR A YEAR TO CELEBRATE!!  You could have joined yesterday and it will not matter! 


*TSNiversary will end November 1st. (after Halloween)*

Any questions?