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I’m officially commissioning my artwork! Here’s all you need to know:

If you’re looking to have a personalized, one of a kind background for your computer and/or phone, look no further. With the player/champion of your choice I’ll create a unique image just for you! Not just that, I’ll also be working Tumblr icons/headers! It can include anything you’d like: favorite player, favorite champion, summoner name, main role etc. ANYTHING you wish and all for a really low price!

Here’s the price list:

  • Computer Backgrounds: $10.00
  • Phone Wallpaper: $5.00
  • Tumblr icon: $2.00
  • Tumblr Header: $4.00
  • Tumblr Pack (icon & header): $10.00
  • Personalized Bundle (all included): $20.00


The only payment method that’s available to me is PayPal, so all payments must be done that way.

If you’re interested or have any questions feel free to contact me through here, or my email address (daredahi_lol@hotmail.com) if not, I’d appreciate it a lot if you click reblog to spread the word! <3

They all say that nothing ever changes,

through the new lines that are on their faces


My pencil drawing of @troyesivan