“Can’t and won’t are different things, you know.”

In that moment, she sounded exactly like her grandmother. The realization sent shivers down her spine, but Jieun held her ground. Her grandmother was an intelligent woman, but she was also one of the few people Jieun feared in the world. The old lady was scary when upset and, like her father, always knew how to strike fear into the hearts of men. But she supposed it wasn’t too terrible to be like her grandma. A wealthy woman with successful descendants, it was a life anyone could dream of. So, Jieun held her head up high and imagined one of her grandmother’s lectures. With her arms crossed over her chest, she glared at the male. He was a firefighter. Every day he put his life on the line to dive into burning buildings, but he struggled to do this simple thing?

“You face death every time you go to work, yet you’re backing down now? Tsk, tsk. Jieun sighed dramatically, shaking her head. “What would Hyoji think about this? You’re supposed to be a big, bad manly man. What kind of man can’t do this?”

Shin just smiled at her words, thinking there was no shame on admitting he hated doctors. One thing was facing death while running into a fire and a very different one was being stitched because you hit your head. He had all the right in the world to dislike what she had to do, and as a patient, well, wasn’t his right duty to complain a lot about it?

“Hey, I never worry about what others think of me” And why would he mind if his neighbor knew he hated stitches? “I hate this, I keep telling you it’s not too bad, the bleeding will stop and I’ll be fine. But you know, you should take this as training. I’m being annoying and complaining to do you a favor, so you know how to deal with terrible patients like me in the future. You should be thanking me” He concluded, feeling really proud of his words and how he had managed to turn the situation.

Do you know who I think is the ugliest girl in school?

That Hermione Granger

You know what I’d give her on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1… 1 would be the ugliest and then 10 is pretty…

I would give her

an 8

An 8.5

Or 9

Not over a 9.8

Because there is always room for improvement

Not everyone’s perfect like me

That’s why I am holding out for a 10

Because I’m worth it

Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously.
“The software is functioning as intended,” said Amber. “Wait,” I asked, “so it’s supposed to delete my personal files from my internal hard drive without asking my permission?” “Yes,” she replied. …

…I don’t use Apple Music – as with much else, our present broadband’s parameters won’t allow it – but if you do, you may want to read this. Unnerving.