Each of Us

“Death reasons with life
She gives you light
Pure silver eyes
Sharp senses
Baring you with her fruit

Purple tides cry
Tsk tsk her beauty is here
For you to see
For me to see
Yet eyes lay closed

She becomes two
Gleaming with snow
Caressing luscious green grass
Laughing yet saddens
Due to our degree of life

Butterflies swarm her ankles
Kissing each tenderly
Seven wonders of the world
Seven plus one
Fragile in existence

Winking into jasmine winds
Not hiding
Not fighting
She is for you
She is for me.” ~ Luna Rose

(Another poem because even though I think my poetry is ACTUAL trash everyone seems to enjoy it. 🌙🌹)

Yesterday was hella fun despite the fact that I couldn’t get any sleep the night before. Ang layo neto ha. Fuck. Abot kami 800 sa grab. Ouch. 

When we got to Red’s house, Elvin picked us up in his van and we stopped by a McDonald’s because Red was buying us meals. When we got to the venue, we were astonished. It was Elvin and Earl’s old house. And trust me, you’d feel like you were in Japan. It was an isolated area with 2 old Japanese houses. I wish I took more photos of it but I couldn’t for a bit. Anyway, not only was it aesthetically pleasing but I loved how it took you away from the concrete jungle. The shoot lasted for about 2 hours at least. It was super fun thought because everyone there was good company to be with. It was all laughs and all fun. Everyone’s real. No one’s being smug and shit. And after that, we went to Red’s house to finish Kat’s thesis. Pero dun na ako tinamaan ng antok. Legit ass. I was so close to crashing. Nakahiga lang ako di na ako makagalaw. When we got a grab, I dropped Red off at BDO that was near his place and I dropped Kat off at PWU and then I went home. 

When I got home, bagsak. I SWEAR I WAS SO FUCKING TIRED. I got home at around 4pm. I slept and woke up at 10pm. Then I slept at around 2:30 to 3am and then I woke up at 5:30 pm today. Ganda. Saya. HAHAHA