So this just happened a second ago:

I’m a black girl with natural hair. I had a customer come to my window and ask why I didn’t comb my hair. Actually his exact words were “you come to work without coming your hair? Tsk tsk tsk”
I said “excuse you?” And he has the audacity to repeat it exactly like that.
I asked him “was that an insult?”
“No, it wasn’t an insult”
“Well it didn’t sound like a compliment”
“It wasn’t a compliment”
“So you’re trying to insult me?”
He mumbled something but I just finished his transaction and walked away.

This is not the first time people have made inappropriate comments about my hair. I’ve had a few people call me “Buckwheat” or say I look like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket. I told myself that I’m not gonna be nice anymore. I’m tired of customers tbh

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:0 !! Hello Jin^^ I hope you and Namjoon and Admin are all doing well! Do you/Does anyone in the squad draw? (I want to make a blog for high school Jungkook now haha)

Hello! We are all doing well. Thank you! ❤️

Kookie loves to draw and takes several art classes at school!

He really is quite talented at it and will draw a lot with Jiminnie when they’re both over. But…..you’d think the boy would be more discreet about his choices for the main subject of his recent pieces….

Creepypasta #894: Evildoers, Ltd

Length: Long

Are you ready?

Marvelous! Jump in the car and we’ll get this internship started.

Don’t worry, the work isn’t very complicated. As long as you remember our guiding rule, you’ll have no trouble fitting into our organiza—

Did you just yawn?

Tsk, tsk.

Oh, I’m not offended. It is very late, and it’s not like I’m going to report you to HR or anything. But if you don’t mind some advice, I would suggest incorporating naps into your daily schedule. Most of our work occurs in the wee hours, and it wouldn’t do to become groggy.

Now then, before we call on our main client, I have to make a side trip to check on a personal project, okay? Thank you for being patient. Patience is very important in this line of work.

As I was saying, we have one rule that guides our actions. It’s slightly different than Google’s old motto, “Don’t be evil.” Instead, we say, “Don’t be more evil.”

It’s a pretty good rule, right? It’s all about balance. Strange to think, but rules are what lets us have fun. Just imagine playing Monopoly, only you let everyone move as many squares as they wish. That would be no fun at all.

Okay, this is Gina’s house. She’s my side project. I’ve been stopping by for months now, just waiting for…

Ah-ha! At last, her door isn’t locked. How wonderful.

Yes, I could’ve easily broken in, but that’s against the rules. Since Gina has left her door open, I don’t count this as breaking in, or even trespassing. I’m not a thief, just a friend returning something to her.

Shhh, this is her bedroom. And there she is, all snug as a bug. Even with her mouth hanging open like that, she’s very pretty. I find sleepers very relaxing to be around, don’t you? So peaceful to watch.

Goodness, look at the time. I should really get on with it. You may want to turn your head, this might be disturbing to some people.

No? Well, it’s good you have a strong stomach.

Let’s see, here in my pocket… yes, here it is.

Now I’m going to slowly…


Drop this…


Got it!

And look, she’s still sleeping peacefully.

She’ll probably be confused when she wakes up, but she shouldn’t have done what she did. There’s some dirt and gravel and maybe a little glass in it, but it’s her gum. I only returned it to her mouth. Gum should be disposed of properly—littering is against the rules.

Yes, I suppose it was only a small evil, but we balance evil wherever we see it, no matter how small.

Okay, let’s go. Gina has put us behind schedule, and I can’t wait for you to meet our main client. He’s in charge of chemical disposal where he works, you know. But he’s not as concerned about rules as we are.

Did you bring some thick galoshes, like I asked?

It might get messy.

Credits to: IPostAtMidnight

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Everytime I want to scroll down your page my tumblr app is crashing xD Is this a sign from God to stop sinning?

Maybe your daily sin limit has reached its peak? It must be, I cannot think of another reason. You dirty little you… tsk tsk c;