Do you know who I think is the ugliest girl in school?

That Hermione Granger

You know what I’d give her on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1… 1 would be the ugliest and then 10 is pretty…

I would give her

an 8

An 8.5

Or 9

Not over a 9.8

Because there is always room for improvement

Not everyone’s perfect like me

That’s why I am holding out for a 10

Because I’m worth it

1. Tümgeneral Aydoğan AYDIN
2. Alb. Oğuzhan KÜÇÜKDEMİR
3. Alb. Gökhan PEKER
4. Yb. Songül YAKUT
5. Bnb. Koray ONAY
6. Yzb. İlker ACAR
7. Yzb. Nuri ŞENER
8. Bşçvş. Mehmet ERDOĞAN
9. Uzm. Çvş. Zeki KOÇ  
10. Plt. Yzb. Serhat SIĞINAK
11. Plt. Ütgm. Abdülmuttalip KESİKBAŞ
12. Tek. Bşçvş. Fevzi KIRAL
13. P. Uzm. Çvş. Hakan İNCEKAL 

one of the best parts of today’s episode, and possibly the best highlight over all?

Casey Jones straight up murdering a man, and saying “Whoops.”

his whole expression, his tone of voice, my god.

I don’t know who animates for him specifically, but let’s give them a slow clap everyone. because this part right here, this split second scene? it gave me more emotional impact than any other portion of the episode, and actual chills down my spine.

Casey Jones attempted to kill a man, and probably didn’t feel anything but pure hate for him. god damn.