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Doll face (Jimin the Tease)

*I don’t even know what to call this lol*

“Correct, Miss Y/N.” You smiled triumphantly and felt a pencil hit you in the head as your teacher turned around.

“Sorry, doll face. Didn’t see you there.” You rolled your eyes, him laughing at your annoyed look.

“It’s not funny.” Such an idiot. Tsk.

Park Jimin.

The school’s heartbreaker, and the King of getting into any girl to drop her skirt. He acted like he ruled the school with him and his friends.

You on the other hand was unimpressed by him, he only had his looks and his ability to dance. You weren’t going to deny him of both talents but it didn’t stop you from almost hating his guts.

To make matters worse, he has a cute baby face and you were unfortunately shorter than him, making him tease you for your height.

His friends were nicer to you, not joining with him sometimes when he picks on you. Or stopping other kids from picking on you. It was strange how they would only protect you from everyone else except Jimin.

“Tsk.” You turned back to the front and spent the rest of class, taking down notes. You answered more questions during class than your class’s genius, Namjoon.

He was part of Jimin’s group, oddly enough. He wouldn’t stray from doing his work but still managed to hang out with them. He’s the one that doesn’t put up with Jimin, making them bicker sometimes.

“Done.” He said, finishing the homework assigned 20 minutes ago. You had one question left from the homework before, someone snatched your book.

You could tell from the hand that grabbed your book and the body of the person that was Jimin, who strikes again.

“Hey, doll face. You mind if I borrow this?”

Another thing you’ve grown to dislike about him, he’d never call you by your name. Just ‘doll face’.

“Give it back, Jimin.”

“Talking back today, doll face? You usually glare at me.”

“Jimin, leave me-”

“Could you two stop flirting, I’m trying to study.” Namjoon said, annoyed by you two.  He turned back to reading his book, ignoring you two again.

You opened your mouth to snap at him when Jimin grabbed your hand and took you into a empty classroom. He pushed you in and locked the door, with his back against the door.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Jimin?”

“I love how feisty you are, doll face.”

“And can you quit calling me doll face, I’m not one of your little fuck toys.”

“No can do, doll face. And you’re much more than my little play thing.” He moved closer to you, making you move back.

“W-What are you doing-”

“Stuttering now, aren’t we?”

“Shut up-”

You hit a desk,and he prowled on you. You put your hands on his chest to stop him from leaning in.

“Don’t want to kiss me, doll?”

“I-I’m not going to kiss someone like you.”

“Is that so?” He pulled you by your collar, you were so close to his lips that you could feel his breath hitting your lips.

“You’re blushing, doll face.”

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  • me:*falls on my knees in front of asano* praise the lord god in heaven
  • karma:oh no no no
  • karma:*opens arms*
  • me:*automatically stands up and dives into them*
  • karma:*smirks*
  • asano:ohoho
  • asano:*makes the intimidating face*
  • me:
  • me:*goes over to him to hug him*
  • asano:hah yea
  • karma:tsk tsk tsk
  • karma:*pulls nagisa in*
  • me:*looks over to them*
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • karma:c'mere
  • me:???
  • me *looks over to asano*
  • me:*looks over to karma & nagisa*
  • me:?????????????????????

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Weed??? Tsk tsk tsk. Hugs not drugs Bri. Hugs not drugs. Or pugs not drugs. Don't get high when u can get pie. Read, no weed.

Originally posted by itsthegreenstuff

(I know someone is going to call me out for telling people that drugs are bad eventually but then saying this. Haha. But I would like to make it clear that PROMOTING drugs is what I’ll call people out for, doing drugs on your own time is totally none of my business. I used to hang out with herion addicts for a while. Shits nuts.)

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"I don't know who you are, but your face irritates me." Well, that much was certainly true. The same could be said about the majority of people that the spectre met, but this one in particular struck her a certain way - boisterous, maybe. Uncouth. She wasn't sure what was more off-putting, his demeanour or the axes he seemed to be hefting around.

“Tsk” Draven turned to the spectre “Don’t you see you’re talking to a god?” Draven smiled

A gift for you!

I don’t know if you can get this in your cell but here!

(You have beautiful eyes btw ;p)

Kuro: “…You think I can even see whatever it was you gave me? Tsk.”

[Mod] Ebon Moon: “…He’s thankful. Really.”

Kuro: “Like hell I am!”

[Mod] Ebon Moon: “That’s his way of saying ‘Thank you’.”

Kuro: “Like I’d ev-…”

[Mod] Ebon Moon: “That’s not how you make friends, Kuro.”

Kuro: FINE. …Thank you.”

Fanart By: @ask-leesie

Gray and Juvia have been together since the chapter he promised her his answer

Since chapter 453:

Gray and Juvia have not separated:

And that still remains the case in this current chapter :)

We’re back to comedic Gruvia and silly Juvia after quite a break from them. Which means drama is on the way in the very near future. But first, we need our comedy relief of course. 

Gray thought the sleeping bag would be too hot and therefore didn’t want to use it. Plus they are in public and we all know he’s different when he’s alone with Juvia. Gray, you’re going to run out of excuses eventually tsk tsk. It’s important to realize Gray didn’t reject the idea of sleeping with Juvia, but the idea of the bag itself, haha! ;)

So, Mashima is going with that comedy again, but look at Gray’s face. He’s not disgusted or appalled. His face has a softer expression than other times Juvia has shown him her ridiculous (but thoughtful) preparations. He’s also sweating again. :P 

Gruvion is back as Gray and Juvia make a badass entrance together to Lyon’s surprise lol. We probably can expect some more stuff to happen with them before they all go their separate ways as well.

 Lyon’s reaction to Juvia showcases he is obviously still into her, and got distracted by her lmao. I am looking forward to future shenanigans revolving around these three. 

It’s great how Mashima has kept Gray and Juvia together. Solidifying once again that his answer will indeed be positive. However, we must go through heartbreak, drama, and angst before we are rewarded. ;) Which brings me back to my original point. 

The fact that we just got some light-hearted comedy means things are about to get serious, because there’s always a balance when it comes to Gruvia. This chapter was the calm before the raging storm of feels that is about to hit us courtesy of some Gruvia angst destined to head our way. 

All in all, a really enjoyable chapter. Looking forward to what’s to come now that Gray, Juvia and Lyon are all finally in the same place. Will the comedy continue at first (will Lyon learn about Gray and Juvia having lived together and of Juvia’s new stripping habit?) or will we go straight into the serious business? Either way, I’m excited for what is to come. :)

Jimin grinning knowingly when he sees you wearing his clothes, but still asking you in an innocent voice “this looks familiar I wonder where you got it”