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Lost Track of Time

|| Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: You were mad, but he was out of patience 

Word Count: 1526

Warning: eh, not really a warning…that is unless you hate the F-bomb and other kinds of curse words.

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You were fuming. Here you were, dressed in a stunning gown that you knew he would love and holding a boxed Rolex that you were going to gift him. You had waited for him in the fancy 5-star restaurant where you had gotten a reservation, a reservation that took you at least eight months worth of pay to save up for. But here you were, back in your shared apartment at 1 am in the morning waiting for your boyfriend of two years to come home. Yes, he had stood you up.

You would have understood if he had called you or messaged you. Hell, you would have understood if he sent a freaking messenger pigeon to send you a letter telling you why he couldn’t make it. But guess what you didn’t receive? Any sort of indication from Jungkook on where he was or why he didn’t come. 

On the couch you fiddled around with your phone tossing it up and catching it over and over again, waiting for a phone call or text message from him. Instead of the blaring sound of your ringtone or a notification indicating a message, you heard something else: the opening of the front door. He was home. 

Jungkook crept in and quietly removed his shoes since he thought that you would be most likely to be asleep by now. That’s why he was so surprised to find you awake in the middle of the night sitting on the couch wearing a long gown. 

“Oh, jagi. I thought you were asleep.” You shook your head and scoffed in disbelief.

“Don’t tell me that you don’t know why I’m awake right now, Jeon Jungkook.” He shifted when he heard you refer to him by his full name. You never used his full name unless you were angry. 

If he wasn’t so tired he would have asked you what was wrong. If he wasn’t so tired he would be doing his aegyo to cheer you up. If he wasn’t so tired he wouldn’t be picking a fight with you. 

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A Perfectly Ordinary Visit

I once again bring another FMA fic!! This one was really personal to me, and I put so much thought and effort into it. I hope you all enjoy, it really means a lot!! 

Ships included: Royai and Edwin (Takes place after the Promised Day and Ed and Winry’s wedding)

It was safe to say that the years following the Promised Day were going surprisingly well. That is, until the brilliant idea to take a long awaited visit to the Elric-Rockbell’s house came into play. Roy wouldn’t have minded a bit of catching up, in fact, he was almost looking forward to seeing how everyone was holding up. No, the problem wasn’t the visit itself, it was what events would inevitably occur, especially after the occurrences in the office over time.

Roy and Riza, after much badgering by their team, were finally a public couple. It felt strange to be so open with their feelings, with everyone knowing the truth, but it just felt right. Roy knew they had been suspected from the beginning, and his offhanded comments regarding their relationship hadn’t helped. He could vividly remember the day Havoc approached him during a stressful work day, when he hadn’t thought once over his replies.

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A compilation of child Osomatsu from the 1966 Osomatsu-Kun. Out of all of the brothers, he was the most developed, seeing as he was literally the main character of the show. Unlike the other compilation videos, this one is a whopping 50 minutes due to how frequently Osomatsu appeared.

Also if you pay attention to the bottom corner, it will tell you which brothers are present in his scenes. The red flashing characters indicate when he’s speaking if there are other brothers present.

He was considered the “leader” and often told his brothers what to do (though they all found him to be pretty unreliable). He is shown to be the most hot-headed and mischievous, taking delight in pranking and messing with any person he comes across. He was also the “best fighter” of all of the brothers. He can be characterized by his midtone, raspy, excitable/animated voice. He and Choromatsu were often partners in crime.

Osomatsu - Karamatsu - Choromatsu - Ichimatsu - Jyushimatsu - Todomatsu

@scholarwarriorfather​: “What!? You lay a hand on her and I won’t hesitate to finish what I started. Secret love? Huh?”

“Oh I don’t need to but I’m sure he’s done more than just lay his hand on her by now. If she really cared, she would have told you about being harrassed but instead she remained silent on that. I wonder why? Clearly, she enjoys being chased. Then again, if a boy isn’t bad the girl won’t love him. And you’re just too good for her. She craves excitement but you can’t sate her on that so she looks elsewhere. This reminds me, I was walking by a few days ago and I heard some very… interesting sounds coming from your darling dearest and saw some very interesting activities going on between the two. Would you like to know~?”