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Qingdao (Day 2)

We woke up the next day to more miserable weather and rain (typical!), so we had to change our original plans of going hiking in the mountains. Instead, we decided to go check out the beer street and beer museum (anything to do with beer has got to be good, right?). As Qingdao was previously a German colony, its also got a strong connection to beer. Tsingtao beer is brewed in the city here, and is the number 1 beer in China - as well as being exported around the world. I also think its good beer, as beers go.

The beer museum was really fun, not least because our ticket also entitled us to two free glasses of beer each (and a bag of peanuts, but bleurgh, peanuts), but it was also interesting to walk around. The beer in the city apparently all comes from here, so its all fresh and very cheap (perhaps 50p for a jug of draught beer).

After looking around the museum, we checked out the ‘beer street’. I have to say, I thought the actual street was rather disappointing. Apart from a few beer themed ornaments, it was nothing but an ordinary street filled with the same generic restaurants selling beer and seafood - of course there’s nothing wrong with beer, but I thought it lacked a little in character and actual tourist value (especially as these restaurants exist all over Qingdao!).

We then went to the beach for another look around. Here we were coaxed into taking a boat ride to see Qingdao from the sea. It was fun to take the boat and see the city from the sea, but the really cold sea wind and cloudy weather ruined it a bit.

In the evening we walked around the city. We found a nice looking church, which we stopped and looked at. The area around it was nice too; it was all cobbled, giving the area a real European feel.

Qingdao was also filled with Japanese convenience stores, which was so nice for me to check out and reminisce about my days in Japan. They even had a lot of the same products that they have in Japan - of course this meant me buying a lot of tuna rice balls!

It was another fun day in Qingdao, but we hoped that our final day would have better weather!


A little bit of my summer, to make up for the hiatus.

  1. Zhou Zhuang 周庄, China
  2. Tsingdao Beer Festival, China
  3. Tram Station near Happy Valley Racecourse, Hong Kong
  4. Sam Shui Po 深水埗 street market, Hong Kong
  5. Somewhere along north coast of Taiwan
  6. Rainbow Village 彩虹村, Taichung 台中, Taiwan
  7. Hello Nico @ Legaci Mini, Taipei
  8. Ruifang 瑞芳 Train Station, Taiwan
  9. Releasing the lantern, Shifen 十分, Taiwan (If you’ve seen the movie You Are The Apple of My Eye 那些年我们一起追的女孩, this might be familiar ;)