Events from Kushiel’s Legacy - Meeting the Shahrizai (Kushiel’s Dart)

Melisande laughed, and her Shahrizai kin laughed with her, tall and beautiful, brothers and cousins alike. If I could not match the faces, I knew the names, all of them, from Delaunay’s long teaching: Tabor, Sacriphant, Persia, Marmion, Fanchone. All beautiful, but none to match her. “So you are her little friend,” Melisande mused, her gaze searching Hyacinthe’s face. “The one they call the Prince of Travellers. Well, and I have it on good authority, you have never been beyond the City walls. Still, if I cross your palm with gold, will you tell me of what will be, Tsingano?”

At that, the Shahrizai laughed again. I saw Hyacinthe’s back stiffen, but his face as he replied, I never saw. It mattered naught; I had heard it in his mother’s voice, and I heard it in his. “This I will tell you, Star of the Evening,” he said in a cold voice, bowing formally to her, the distant tone of the dromonde in his telling. “That which yields, is not always weak. Choose your victories wisely.”

(Maimie McCoy as Melisande Shahrizai, Luke Pasqualino as Hyacinthe)