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New Shirts Available!

Long time no see, long time no see! Not to worry, we haven’t disappeared - we’ve been planning BIG THINGS.

And to start us off - a whole set of new shirts (and soon phone covers as well!) designed by @topsdaydream! They’re available now at $14, thereafter increasing to $20. A bargain for the ability to easily tell your bias how much they mean to you!

For more info on how to submit fan art and apparel designs to us, please see here.

All shirts are $10 (link in bio) **********************************
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Redbubble has a 20% off everything sale going on for its birthday! It’s JUST today (Feb 2nd) and if you use the code CELEBR8.

They also have an on-going deal of a 50% discount on 6 small stickers.

AND I’ve just uploaded a new Primogs sticker sheet without the musical notes and updated the lesser panda sheet so that they work better on the ‘Small’ option!

So yeah, please check out my store~

(the images above are the previews of them in 'Small’ so the border will get thinner the bigger you make the sheet)

Money For Muffin - kitty surgery fund
Bringing awareness and representation to the trans community while simultaneously raising money for my cat's surgery expenses. Two birds with one ston...

(front of the shirt ^ )

(back of the shirt ^ )
Adult shirts start at $14.99 (USD)

It’s no secret the trans community is under-represented out in “the real world” once you leave Tumblr’s safe spaces. Solidarity is hard to find unless you talk about it, and that can be risky, for several reasons. Why not have a shirt that does the talking for you? I had been sitting on this design forever and didn’t know what to do with it. Do I just wear it for myself? Do I make a dozen and sell locally? I didn’t know how to execute the idea. Until now.

So. For those of you who aren’t aware, my cat recently had emergency surgery that ended up being ridiculously expensive. Over $2000 expensive. And I found a way to not only bring awareness and give representation to the trans community, but also to “give back” to you (the donors) – you get a cool shirt, and you’re helping an incredibly adorable cat and me. It’s a win/win all around.

We only got about 25% to our goal from the first fundraiser I launched, so we still need ~$1900.

Please, please share (even to FB!) and reblog, even if you can’t buy a shirt. Remy and I still really need your help. And I’m sure some of our transgender friends [and allies] wouldn’t mind happening upon a new shirt that they can wear with pride. :)

(And if you would rather just make a donation, you can message me for my PayPal email or click “first fundraiser” a couple lines above and it’ll take you to my YouCaring page.)

Thank you!

- Jen


Apologies in advance for the bombardment of my face, but I wanted to share my “Outfits of the Day” from AAS227 while we are still in the same month! 

Day 1:

As Emily posted earlier, the first day of the conference was T-shirt Tuesday and what better t-shirt to wear to an astronomer conference, than Pauline Acalin’s Lego design celebrating women in astronomy!  

I accessorized with one of my new favorite necklaces by Carey Borden (aka C.A.B. Fayre on Etsy). This laser cut Stargazer necklace is available in blue, pink, or purple. 

Lastly, I’m addicted to my Slow Factory silk bracelets. This one features a Hubble image of globular cluster IC 4499

Day 2 OOTD up next…

- Summer