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But fame of that nature, for a performer who had been plugging away at the margins for years, felt disorienting, and a little ephemeral.

“Guys, is this crazy?” he asked his agents about the possibility of moving on. “What if nobody wants me, and I don’t make any money anymore?”

“It all seems fleeting,” he said, somewhat sheepishly but with extreme geniality, of his current renown. “It feels that the reason people want me is not built on anything.”

In the audience were a few dozen theater students and working actors, all of whom had applied to the program to better learn the skills that Mr. Diggs has been cultivating his whole life. After a break, they reconvened to spiritedly go over projects they’d been working on. Mr. Diggs moved across the room, giving notes, offering support, watching the walls he’d been kicking down for years crumble in a hundred different directions. (x)

About Time [Bucky Barnes x OC]

A/N: A short drabble that came to me a few hours ago. I own nuthin’.

Warnings: Nahh… Just fluff.

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They were enjoying a small stroll through the city, the late lunch they just had settling comfortably in theirs stomachs. Silence was not unusual to them, but welcomed. After a hard days work, both merely needed the presence of each other to relax.

He kept glancing at her and she pretended not to notice. She was basically doing the same thing. And then, he broke the silence.

“You alright?” He asked.

Avery looked up, her eyebrows raised. “Huh?”

Bucky’s eyes left hers and glanced lower. Curious, she followed until her own gaze settled on her hands.

“Oh,” She blushed lightly, realizing she had been absently rubbing her left wrist. “I… I lost my watch a few weeks ago and I haven’t bought a new one.” She explained. “Feels kinda weird. Like I’m-”

“Naked.” He supplied and getting a tad redder, she nodded.

He smiled at her. “I know what you mean.”

“Yeah… I don’t even like it, you know! Too expensive and too flashy. No wonder it got stolen. But, I just got used to wearing it.”

She didn’t say anything else but Bucky understood. “Here!” He said as he pulled up his sleeve and began unbuckling his own watch.

Avery’s eyes widened. “What? No!” She grabbed his hands, both flesh and metal, effectively stopping him.

“Hey, it’s alright, I want to.” He tried to say but she wouldn’t have it.

“It’s very sweet of you, Bucky.” She stood in front of him and started buckling it back. “But, I don’t need one right this second.” She told him, stroking his knuckles with her thumb. “Besides, yours is too big for me, hon. I’m used to something smaller.”

She smiled and intertwined their fingers together. They walked side by side through Times Square. There were so many people and most of them were tourists. and where there are tourists, you can bet that there are vendors as well. Booths upon booths were erected as far as their eyes can see, selling I heart NY tshirts, caps and other knick knacks.

But those weren’t the ones that caught Bucky’s eyes. The one that did was selling cheap glittering watches by the road side. An idea popped into his head and he grinned.

“What?” She asked, instantly suspicious.

He let go of her hand and strode over to the booth. Avery frowned as she watched her boyfriend, fingering watches after watches until one caught his eyes. He pointed to it and pulled out a twenty from his pocket and paid the vendor. Then, he came back to her with the grin still splattered on his face.

“Tell me you didn’t just bought me a watch.”

“What?” Bucky shrugged, reaching for her left hand. “I can’t treat my girlfriend now and then?” He lifted it up and she rolled her eyes but didn’t make a move to stop him. He buckled the watch around her small wrist and adjusted it. “So, what do you think?”

It was a canvas-strapped watch, colourfully stripy in a sort of tribal way with a round face with a picture of the Statue of Liberty in the middle. It was comfortable and Avery couldn’t help the twitch in her lips as she regarded her gift.

She mock-sighed. “It’ll do.”

Bucky let out a laugh, hugging her to his side. “Good. I know it’s not much, but,”

“I like it, Buck. I’ll cherish it forever.” He smiled down at her and she rose on her tiptoes and pecked him on the lips. “Thank you.”

He kissed her forehead. “Anytime.”


Your wishes are my command~


+ Hanzo is the one who remembers. Birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, if Jesse or their mutual s/o told him something he’ll remember. He’s sends little texts to remind them, especially if their week as been hectic.

+ Jesse is the one who loves PDA. He’ll sneak up on either Hanzo or their s/o and hug, kiss, grope, whatever. No matter the reaction the big doof will just grin and say “I love you too <3″

+ Both men like their kisses though so s/o should try to give them a kiss often, whether it’s a quick peck or a full on smooch

+ A King bed will be needed, as Jesse will slowly move to either a diagonal position, or he’ll slowly start pushing his other two partners off the bed. Hanzo doesn’t take that though and will push him in his sleep, so let him sleep in the middle.

+ Hanzo is the one who’ll suggest going on dates first, but he’ll leave it up to Jesse or their s/o to come up with ideas or plan it. Though if there’s a place he really wants to go, he’ll just tell them that all three of them have a date coming up.

+ Jesse is the one who’ll bring home gifts from missions. Their place will be littered with random gifts, ranging from ‘I <3 NY’ tshirts to stone cravings from local villages. He’s got a good eye for art.

NSFW (with a bit of dom s/o):

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