tshirt design

Just had to share a design I recently finished up! I’ve actually had this design on the backburner for years, but got the drive to come back to finally finish it.  

It’s referencing the amazing youtube channel The Brain Scoop and a discussion on conservation efforts being spent towards marketable animals like pandas vs more environmentally necessary animals like unionid bivalves.


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Quick update - screenprinted some tees with my wolf eating the moon design! $20 each, some $15 misprints available. They’re pretty rough around the edges but I’m super proud of them. Since this is the first run, the supply is super limited so act fast if you want to snag one!

Grab one for yourself here: bit.ly/moonmouth


Bees! from bee and puppycat

the one on the left is from bee’s sweater and the one on the right is from the cook book (that i actually have its so adorable and i enjoy cooking from it <3) i actually had to draw these instead of editing them out cause i caaaaan

you can now get it on redbubble!



Typography design of quotes from the french cartoon Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

These are some of Cat Noir’s most lovable quotes that I specifically chose for the design to give the wearer the same charm as the tv character.

And these are some of Ladybug’s most powerful quotes that I chose specifically for the design to give the wearer the same sense of heroism as her.

You can buy this on tshirts and more here:



‘Lars Head’ by Type40Design
Inspired by recent Steven Universe episodes! / Imagined steven storing some of Lars fave things at his tree. • Buy this artwork on apparel, phone cases, home decor, and more.

Just finished uploading a new design to my RedBubble, please go take a look :D