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Pin-up Prime

After hearing a lot about people freaking out about how Super Smash Brothers is including an alternate outfit for zero-suit Samus that is essentially a crop top and booty shorts, I remember the good ‘ol days where people loved Samus in her full suit. So to play on the effect that Samus is just as attractive in suit and out, I designed this 'pin-up’ version of Samus! 

You can find the design for sale on RedBubble here- Pin-up Prime


My 3 new Sailor Moon designs are up on my RedBubble Store for sale as Prints, Posters, T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Pillows, iPhone and iPad Cases!

You can find them at the following link:- http://bit.ly/WaVEsn

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Here’s the next shirt design! Stay tuned. I inked her traditionally and coloured her digitally. I also added a couple of other goods to the shop today.


I uploaded my Rick and Morty art pieces to the Creative Allies t-shirt design contest LAST MINUTE AAAAAAAAAAA!!! PLEASE VOTE FOR MEEEEE!!!

https://creativeallies.com/creations/d115 - Tiny Rick (updated design)

https://creativeallies.com/creations/1115 - Rick & Morty/Superjail